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How to integrate ActiveCampaign with Magento 2 By 2 Methods?

Summer Nguyen | 04-10-2024

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Magento serves as an open-source e-commerce platform, offering versatile solutions for online businesses. There are different ways to connect Magento with your ActiveCampaign account, depending on things like your ActiveCampaign plan and how your business operates. Selecting the most suitable integration method hinges on these considerations.

What is ActiveCampaign?

In essence, ActiveCampaign is a cloud-based platform merging email marketing, automation, and CRM tools to support business growth and success. It strives to streamline marketing and sales operations, enhance customer relationships, boost sales and revenue, and facilitate data-driven decision-making processes.

How Does The Integration Work?

This integration utilizes the ActiveCampaign plugin found in the Magento Marketplace. To set up this connection, you’ll need to access the Magento integration within your ActiveCampaign account and install the ActiveCampaign plugin. Follow the steps below to complete this process.


Synced Data:

Data is transferred from Magento to ActiveCampaign whenever a contact registers or updates their profile in Magento. Once activated, this integration will:

  • Manage contacts in ActiveCampaign
  • Handle customers in ActiveCampaign
  • Process orders in ActiveCampaign
  • Transfer abandoned cart data to ActiveCampaign

As data flows from Magento to ActiveCampaign, you can establish abandoned cart automation and other workflows to facilitate cross-selling and upselling of your products.

Sync Methods:

This integration initiates data synchronization through the following methods:

  • Real-time synchronization triggered by events in Magento (e.g., contact actions)
  • Periodic synchronization, which pushes unsynchronized data at regular intervals (every 5 minutes or according to a customized schedule)
  • Historical synchronization, conducted through the Magento plug-in

ActiveCampaign features for Magento

Enhance your e-commerce experience with the ActiveCampaign and Magento integration, offering a range of additional features such as:

Seamlessly connecting your Magento store to ActiveCampaign to establish automation triggers for abandoned carts, recapturing lost revenue, and expressing gratitude to customers upon purchases, thus expanding revenue opportunities.

Utilizing abandoned cart blocks in the campaign builder to effectively target customers who have not yet completed their purchases.

Enjoy the convenience of connecting multiple stores under a single ActiveCampaign account.

Syncing Magento Newsletter with ActiveCampaign contacts, ensuring efficient communication and management of your subscriber base.

How to integrate Magento with ActiveCampaign using ActiveCampaign plugin

Here’s how to set up the ActiveCampaign integration from your account:

  1. Access your ActiveCampaign account and click on Settings (gear icon)

  2. Within the Settings menu, select Integrations

  3. Click on the Add an integration button

  4. A modal window will pop up. Choose the Magento option from the list

  5. You’ll be directed to the Magento Marketplace in order to install the ActiveCampaign plugin

  6. After installing the plugin, proceed to configure it. Navigate to the configuration page in Magento by logging into your Admin panel and accessing Menu > Stores > Settings > Configuration > ActiveCampaign > Configuration

  7. Retrieve your API URL and Key from your ActiveCampaign account. Refer to the guide on how to obtain your ActiveCampaign API information

  8. Paste the ActiveCampaign API URL and Key into the Magento plugin

  9. Save your changes within Magento

Upon completion, the ActiveCampaign Magento plugin will be successfully installed. To confirm the connection, you can check the linked Magento integration on the Settings > Integrations page within your ActiveCampaign account.

How to integrate Magento with ActiveCampaign via Zapier


This option is available across all ActiveCampaign plans and requires accounts with ActiveCampaign, Magento, and Zapier.

Zapier, a widely-used third-party tool, facilitates seamless connections between ActiveCampaign and numerous other applications, enabling workflow automation. When you establish a connection between two apps via Zapier, you’re essentially creating a Zap.

Through this integration, you can link your ActiveCampaign account with Magento using ActiveCampaign either as a “trigger” or an “action” within Zapier. For instance, you could set up a Zap to create or update a contact in ActiveCampaign (“action”) whenever a new order is placed in Magento (“trigger”).


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