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Mageplaza Rewards Program

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    High discount rates

    Enjoy up to 25% off and ongoing campaign discounts.

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    Lifetime order calculation

    Loyalty benefits grow life time - no reset or expiration.

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    Bonus gifts

    Receive extra points, gifts, and exclusive offers.

Mageplaza Rewards Program

Earn more points

Monetize website traffic

Extension reviews

Get 5 points for every review (min 30 words) on your purchased extensions.

High commission rates

Trustpilot reviews

Earn 15 points for each Trustpilot review with your purchased extensions.

Lifetime affiliate levels

Special events

Get reward points on special occasions.

Lifetime affiliate levels

Level up

Earn reward points when achieving a higher level.

Use your points

Points spending

Points spending

Spend up to 50% on both extensions & subscriptions.

Order points

Order points

Order points expire 180 days from the date earned.

Review points

Review points

Review points expire 90 days from the date earned.

Terms and conditions

  • Points are valid only at Mageplaza.

  • Points have no cash value and can't be transferred.

  • Benefits based on your tier include discounts, reward points, gifts, and priority support.

  • 1 point equals $1; other currencies are automatically converted.

  • Benefits are added to My Rewards 7 days after each successful order.

  • Mageplaza reserves the right to modify or terminate the program.

  • Full Terms and Conditions here.

Premium offers await you!

Earn up to 30% off and highest priority support on every order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon joining, you can receive a range of benefits: discounts, reward points, subscription gifts, and priority support (all based on your tier)

Each point is equal $1, if you purchase with another currency, the amount spent is automatically converted to US Dollars, and the Mageplaza Points are transferred to your account will be based on the resulting value.

We offer two types of points: one for placing orders and another for leaving extension reviews.
  • Order points: Expire 180 days from the date earned.
  • Review points: Expire 90 days from the date earned.

Your Mageplaza points are only applicable when purchasing extensions or subscriptions. You can not use points to purchase products/services outside the extensions group.

No, you can not exchange your Mageplaza points into cash or credit in part or full.

Your points and order amounts will be added to My Rewards 7 days after each order is completed. Any rewards, if applicable, will be reflected after this 7-day period.

No, you can not transfer your Mageplaza points to another account.

Yes, you can benefit from incentives offered by both Mageplaza Rewards and ongoing sales campaigns.

No, it is free to participate in Mageplaza Rewards.

You can check your point balance here.