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How Much Does A Magento Progressive Web App Cost?

Guest | 09-15-2022

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Magento Progressive Web App Cost

As more people use smartphones to shop, Progressive Web App (PWA) comes as a solution to make a Magento website more mobile-friendly. But before being persuaded by its benefits, many merchants want to know: “How much does a Magento Progressive Web App cost?”. There’s no exact answer to this, as the price can vary depending on their requirements and the PWA provider, but you can read this article to get a grasp on what options are available for your online store.

Table of Contents

Free To Low Magento PWA Cost

With various outstanding features of a Magento PWA, you might think that it has an expensive cost. However, there are still many free or cheap PWAs.

free to low magento pwa cost
Free To Low Magento PWA Cost

In terms of Notion, an open-source theme includes a publicly accessible code. You can search for one on Google, download and then install it on your website. However, these themes usually have only basic designs. Furthermore, you also need to watch out for the shortage of functions and core features, as they’ll affect your store performance.

So, who are the free Magento PWA themes for? Initially, developers might be the most suitable people for this theme. If you are a developer and want to test PWA technology, it’s an ideal option. Besides, those who are technology experts can customize products to follow their needs.

Another possible customer who’d purchase this type of theme is those who will provide a custom theme service to their clients, meaning they also can configure the free theme. For other cases, if you are an end client and want to customize a free theme, you likely need to hire developers from the theme provider so they can do the task for you. Be aware that the installation and customization cost for adjusting a free theme then can be relatively exorbitant. So you’ll need to be more careful when considering buying a free theme.

Using Magento 2 PWA Extensions (<$300)

Apart from the free Magento PWA theme, this is probably the cheapest option to purchase.

Regarding features, Magento 2 PWA Extensions also have some common PWA features like the “add-to-home-screen” button or push notification. However, it doesn’t include full functions of PWA like background sync, offline usage, etc.

Apart from that, some extension code that doesn’t follow the Magento standard can lead to complicated code conflicts after updating. Moreover, this solution also can result in slow loading and unsmooth performance.

Nevertheless, note that the cost does not include the installation fee and you will still need help from experts.

Medium Magento PWA Cost ($300 – $3,000)

If you wish for a better-functioning PWA, it’s also possible to consider themes with medium cost.

Paid/Premium Magento PWA themes

Medium-priced Magento PWA themes offer more benefits to merchants. They usually come with attractive and complete designs, core features of Magento and PWA, essential e-commerce functions, not to mention inclusive services like installation, updates, and support.

paid magento 2 pwa themes
Paid/Medium Magento PWA Themes

The cost for a theme like this often ranges from $300 to $3,000. But note that the average price doesn’t include the customization fee. The charge of customizing themes is conditional upon the rate of developers and the complexity of the requirements. All in all, a paid/premium theme would be a better option for end clients and merchants. After purchasing the theme, they will be offered services such as free installation, support, and updates in the long term.

High Magento PWA Cost (>$5,000)

For a complicated PWA development project, which needs a custom PWA built from scratch, the Magento Progressive Web App cost may exceed $5,000. But of course, with that price, you’ll get a lot more than with a low or medium-price theme.

Using custom PWA development services

The main difference between this type of PWA service and others is that the custom PWA can be developed to meet all your requirements in design, functions, etc… Of course, the development process will be much longer as everything is built from scratch. It will be a perfect option for companies that require complex functions, having generous budgets and time to give the best and the most impressive experience to their customers.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Magento Progressive Web App cost may go from $0 to over $5,000. A free or low-cost PWA theme is suitable for people who want to experience or learn about the features of PWA. Meanwhile, merchants can take advantage of the medium-cost theme. In terms of the highest cost range theme, it can satisfy Magento stores requiring uniqueness like multi-vendor marketplace or B2B.

Hopefully, this article has answered your questions about Magento Progressive Web App development cost and you can now decide which type of PWA – a ready-made theme or a custom one will help nourish your e-commerce business.

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