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Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions Extensions 2018

The Best 10 Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions extensions from hundreds of the Shipping Restrictions extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Shipping Restrictions does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Shipping Restrictions list is ranked and result in 2018, the price from $39 to $299. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageworx logo


Shipping Restrictions by Mageworx

  • Unique restrictions for shipping carriers, methods and rates
  • Support adding custom Shipping Carriers/ Methods
  • Configurable Shipping Rates
  • Support advanced shipping rules and restrictions

This Mageworx extensions is the best tool that every Magento 2 shop owner should use. It provides a huge numbers of solutions so that customers can have the most suitable shipping methods, which is really important to improve online store’s effectiveness.

mconnectmedia logo


Shipping Restrictions by Mconnectmedia

  • Blocks separate shipping methods or whole carriers
  • Set restrictions for unique customer groups, infor and attributes
  • Restrict shipping with coupon and promo codes
  • Add Custom messages for each shipping method restriction rule
  • Set restrictions to any shipping method for admin panel order process

Supported by Mconnect Media, this shipping restrictions extension is a perfect tool for those shop owners who want their customers to have the best shipping experiences. The extension allow you create a large number of shipping rules with various limitation criteria based on customers, cart and product attributes.

meetanshi logo


Shipping Restrictions by Meetanshi

  • Restrict payment methods based on product attributes, customer groups, shipping address and store views
  • Set payment limitations based on destinations, country, region or zip codes
  • Support using customer attributes to restrict payment methods
  • Multi- store support

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions extension by Meetanshi brings various flexible payment conditions and gives you the opportunity to manage access to so many payment methods. This tool is not only improves whole payment system in Magento 2 stores but also create good conditions for customers to get better experiences.

webtexsoftware logo


Shipping Restrictions by Webtexsoftware

  • Create shipping rules and restrictions based on customer’s unique shipping info
  • Provide customers with more shipping options
  • Easily modify shipping rates with good bargains with all of them
  • Support shoppers effortlessly and quickly in selecting their location
  • Multi-store support

Restrict shipping methods utilizing different products, cart, and customer attributes in order to make your shipping procedure both legitimate and cost-effective. This extension will allow restricting only unnecessary shipping methods instead of blocking all of them which keeps customer’s shipping experience comfortable and fast.

amasty logo


Shipping Restrictions by Amasty

  • Support shop owners in blocking certain methods of the shipping carrier
  • Use customer’s shipping info, customer groups and store views as a restriction base
  • Restrict shipping by various product attributes and order information
  • Support shipping with coupon

Developed by Amasty, Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions is an useful tool which enables you to give your customers the best shipping experiences by providing them with variety of shipping options based on their unique locations and choices. It makes the shopping process so much faster and comfortable than traditional one.


Shipping Restrictions for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
amasty logo


Shipping Restrictions by Amasty

  • Support block whole carriers or specific shipping methods
  • Set limited shipping based on product and customer attributes
  • Set restrictions based on country, state, other shipping data
  • Use coupons to trigger rules application
  • Restrict methods for customer groups and store views

Due to a highly adjustable Shipping Restrictions module, every online Magento shop owners can use a large number of criteria to set the limitation to shipping methods based on a variety of product attributes and customers’ behaviour. It helps them not only avoid illegal delivery process but also create productive shipping systems

fmeaddons logo


Shipping Restrictions by Fmeaddons

  • Support shipping restrictions based on the shipping carriers, stores, customer groups, and product attributes by using shopping cart price rules
  • Block shipping for any country
  • Apply rule according to the customers’ behavior
  • Easy to install and set up

Sometimes, it’s not legal to ship your products to some other country, or regions because of the differences of law. In that situations, you need to make sure that the shipping options are suitable by using shipping restrictions extension. This one by FMEAddons gives you a great opportunity to choose the best delivery options by supporting so many functional features.

magebright logo


Shipping Restrictions by Magebright

  • Set restrictions based on country, state, other shipping data
  • Use product attributes,customer attributes for creating shipping restriction rules
  • Support shipping method for particular customer groups
  • Support shipping restriction rule for admin

Are you trying to find a tool to upgrade your Magento with custom delivery limitations? Shipping restrictions extension by Magebright can help you with this. By supporting restrictions based on various attributes, it can create an amazing environment for customers to have the best shipping experiences and also help the store boost sales much faster.

mage-people logo


Shipping Restrictions by Mage-people

  • Support shipping restriction based on individual product
  • Set shipping restriction based on individual category
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multi-store support

In some situations, you need to restrict some shipping options for legitimate reasons. In this situation, shipping restrictions extension will turn into a flawless answer for your business needs. Magento Shipping Restrictions extension allows you to apply Shipping restrictions based on a variety of products attributions, customer groups and so on. This is definitely a tool that every shop owner should use.

magesales logo


Shipping Restrictions by Magesales

  • Help shop owners to create legal and productive shipping systems
  • Block shipping carriers or some methods of shipping carriers
  • Limit shipping based on product attributes and order info
  • Create shipping restrictions based on Magento shipping weight, order total, address line, zip code, region, etc
  • Free lifetime support and upgrade

Developed by Magesales, shipping restrictions extension is one of the best ways to create a more productive shipping system which is good for all online store. This extension allow you to create a large number of shipping rules with various limitation criteria based on customers, cart and product attributes.


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