Magento 2 Gift Wrap Extensions 2019

The Best 14 Magento 2 Gift Wrap extensions from hundreds of the Gift Wrap extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Gift Wrap does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Gift Wrap list is ranked and result in 2019, the price from $0 to $199. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Gift Wrap for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Gift Wrap by Mageplaza

  • Suggest gift wrapping on various pages
  • Display lively gift wrap through pop-up
  • Allow wrap products together or separately
  • Enable adding greeting cards along with the gift
  • Offer two options: Fixed wrap fee or by the quantity

Magento 2 Gift Wrap extension by Mageplaza allows customers to wrap their orders as lovely gifts and also add meaningful messages to send to their loved ones. Using this module, the shopping experience of customers would be enhanced considerably, especially on special occasions.

mageplaza logo


Gift Wrap by Mageplaza

  • Simple configuration
  • Calculate Gift fee per order or item
  • Set gift wrap fee
  • Compatible with One Step Checkout

The Magento 2 Gift Wrap feature in One Step Checkout has been upgraded to a whole new level. For more details, store owners can decide to count the gift wrap fee by the item of setting for the whole order. According to what your products are, the gift wrap fee can be adjusted for your need. More interestingly, buyers can even leave a gift message right on the checkout page.

magechoice logo


Gift Wrap by Magechoice

  • Add Gift Wrapping on the checkout process
  • Gift message
  • Friendly for user

Bring the excitement to the recipient is the goal that gift wrap direction. Hence, Gift Wrap extension provides a lot of options to select gift wrappers, gift card and cute message from the shoppers to their family, friends or someone they love. Moreover, you can enable/disable this extension easily from the Admin sidebar.

magedelight logo


Gift Wrap by Magedelight

  • Offers 2 options to wrap: single product or wrap all products in one package
  • Allows multiple or general image for wrapping papers
  • A gift wrapping paper options on product or shopping cart page
  • Add gift message severally for customer’s family or friends
  • Insert personal information for each wrapper
  • Offers reactive to design

Magento 2 gift wrap extension gives your shoppers many choices the gift wraps great on the product page or shopping cart page for their product and offers to add the gift personal message for recipient before shipping.

mspconcepts logo


Gift Wrap by Mspconcepts

  • Enable/disable Gift Wrap module from admin
  • Supports a large of the gift wrap templates and Message card from admin sidebar
  • Admin can set out the cost of gift wrap and message card
  • Shoppers can add the wrapper on both product page and checkout page
  • Set up and configure easily

Gift Wrap extension brings your shoppers the convenience when they choose the gift wrapper and add the message card to their family or their friends. It has a lot of pretty templates of the wrappers and message card which suitable for shoppers’ s products. Payments can be made in one payment deal and admin can manage the cost of gift wrap and message card.

fmeextensions logo


Gift Wrap by Fmeextensions

  • Choose the gift wrap option in shopping cart page or product page
  • Shoppers can select any gifts that are wrapped
  • Add the special message in the gift wrap
  • Permit shopper insert infinite wrap paper
  • Set the cost of every gift wrap
  • Configure this extension easily by choosing Enable/Disable in Admin panel

Magento 2 Gift Wrap by Fmeextensions lets you offer gift wrapping on store products. Also, it support adding an unlimited number of wrap designs and classify them into a variety of gift wrap types. This is a premium extension, fully loaded with features. Its 100% open source with free lifetime upgrades and it meets complete Magento standards.


Gift Wrap for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
vnecoms logo


Gift Wrap by Vnecoms

  • Choose the gift wrap option in shopping cart page or product page
  • Shoppers can select any gifts that are wrapped
  • Add the special message in the gift wrap
  • Permit shopper insert infinite wrap paper
  • Set the cost of every gift wrap
  • Configure this extension easily by choosing Enable/Disable in Admin panel

As the admin, you can decide this extension to enable or disable easily in your store. By display the “Gift wrap” label on the product page, your customers can create gift package, choose which wrappers can be displayed to wrap their gifts. Moreover, shoppers can add their message before shipping.

aheadworks logo


Gift Wrap by Aheadworks

  • Add the gift wrap on the checkout process or product pages
  • Select to wrap the gift by singly or pooled items in a package
  • Set out the cost for each wrapped gift
  • Allows shoppers to add their message in their products before delivery

While the Gift Wrap extension is running into your store, your clients can select this feature on the product pages or checkout page and they can wrap their products and insert their message for someone that they love for any occasion.

aitoc logo


Gift Wrap by Aitoc

  • Pricing for each gift wrap or shipping in your store
  • Set a constant fee and add to the checkout process
  • Insert the name of shopper and depiction for your extra service
  • Works without fault with one-page payment mode and default payment mode of a Magento site
  • Supports multiple languages

Magento Extra Fee extension help you to set the choice of gift wrap, the shipping payment or something that related to your store and set the price for it depends on your needs which shoppers are able to select the options in the checkout process.

Gift Wrap reviewed by Mageplaza

Gift Wrap reviewed by Mageplaza

Gift Wrap by Gift Wrap review by Mageplaza

  • Customers can add the gift wrap on the shopping cart or checkout process
  • Displays the list of packaging on pop over the window
  • Wraps each product or all items in one box
  • Provides full of order emails and PDF documents

Gift Wrap extension attracts shoppers to be able to decorate products as soon as ordered. The shopper can select a wrap which suitable with their gift and write a special message in the card to send the recipient.

cmsideas logo


Gift Wrap by Cmsideas

  • Easy to configure your user guide to your client in admin panel
  • Direct gift wrap paper and card templates simply
  • Allows customers select wrapper, insert gift card and send a special message to the recipient
  • Customers can see the list of paper templates, the cost of gift wrap and the preview of their message before delivery
  • The more options for customers in the shopping cart page like: preview, edit or delete the gift wrapping

To attract the customers to your store, you must have more and more useful features on your website. That is the reason why your website needs Magento Gift Wrap extension. This extension offers a wide range of choices for customer choose their gift wrapper and add their message to the receiver.

fmeaddons logo


Gift Wrap by Fmeaddons

  • Allow to select wrapper, insert gift card and add the cute message in the gift box
  • Support a lot of products to wrap in the checkout process
  • Add or subtract tax on the deal
  • Offer infinite templates and completely customizable

FME Gift Wrap Magento extension permits your shoppers to make a purchase on your store, select gift wrapper and write lovely words for the recipient. Your shoppers can choose gift wrapping right on the product page, hence, they can know more information tax or price of gift wrapping.

global-ecommerce-services logo


Gift Wrap by Global-ecommerce-services

  • The name, image and the cost of each Gift wrap can be set up from admin panel
  • Offers insert selected products to be useful for gift wrapping
  • Fit all mobile devices
  • Supports to select Gift wrapping in shopping cart page
  • Provides a gift wrap or a lot of gift wrap selections according to the customer demands

On special occasions, instead of making the purchase in the usual way, customers want their products to be special to send their friends, relatives or someone they love. With Gift Wrap extension, your customers can select the gift wrapper and add their personal message like “ Merry Christmas to Tom”.

softprodigy logo


Gift Wrap by Softprodigy

  • Provides the options to gift wrapping when customers buy the product in your store
  • The price of each gift wrap depends on the types of gift wrap
  • Offers a lot of choices for customers to select the gift wraps suitable with their product
  • Customers can preview the gift wrap before delivery
  • Compatible with any mobile devices
  • Easy to use by using Magento® Core Libraries

“Gift Wrap extension” offers a lot of gift wraps for your customers when they make a purchase on your website. As the admin, you can configure of gift wraps templates and set the cost of gift wraps in your website.


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