Magento 2 GitHub Login Extension

Magento 2 GitHub Login extension is designed for quick login to your Magento 2 store without procesing complex register steps

  • Quickly login, Popover login form
  • Fully support GitHub Login
  • Easy custom design fit with your store design
  • Increase signup rate up-to 30%



30-day Money Back


Lifetime Update


1-Year Support

Compatible with: CE 2.0.x - 2.1.x

GitHub Login requires that you create an external application linking your website to their API. Application id and secret (also sometimes referred as Consumer key and secret or Client id and secret) are what we call an application credentials. This application will link your website to GitHub API and these credentials are needed in order for GitHub users to access your website.

How does it work?

Instead of signing up a new account by Magento default, Magento 2 Social Login supports entirely the social buttons that are right on the login page. As soon as hitting the buttons, Social Login module will auto-take personal information from customer’s social account like email address and password if he has already logged in that social network. If not yet, the module only requires his email address and password to finish the step.

Support the following social networks

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Yahoo
  • Github
  • Foursquare
  • VK
magento 2 social login work

After the successful login, the customer can use the Magento and the Social account as one or separate them by editing the account information from his Magento account on your site.

How to configure GitHub Login

These credentials may also differ in format, name and content depending on the social network.

To enable authentication with this provider and to register a new GitHub API Application, follow the steps:

Step 1

First go to

Step 2

Fill out Application name, Homepage URL, Application description, Authorization callback URL.

app information

Step 3

Click Register application.

Step 4

Get Client ID and Client Secret from DashBoard App

client id and secret

Step 5

Copy and insert Client Id and Client Secret into API fields in Magento Admin.

copy and insert


  • assignment_ind
    Great work

    Posted by Mohammed Gomma. verified_user Verified Buyer
    It's very good extension and really very helpful, thanks for sharing it. I have comment to let the redirect url managed as I have a scenario when I need to do custom check on registered accounts for missing data or get extra details, I patched the core files to set. I did added custom customer attribute appears when register from customer account create but not appears and the popup. Our store https: Thanks in advance for your efforts

  • assignment_ind
    Mageplaza Social login

    Posted by Rakesh. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thanks to mageplaza for the free module provided,and its very easy to install and easy in customer end to use it..

  • assignment_ind
    Best in class extension

    Posted by Gaurav. verified_user Verified Buyer
    An excellent quality extension does its jib nicely.

  • assignment_ind
    Excellent extension with a minor glitch

    Posted by Gaurav. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This is an excellent extension I installed. There is small issue: the sign in or sign up page isn't mobile responsive. Thanks

  • assignment_ind
    Useful extension

    Posted by rakesh. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension is very useful. Thank you!

  • assignment_ind
    [email protected]

    Posted by vivek. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Good works! and keep it up. Thank you very much

  • assignment_ind
    Great Extension

    Posted by Binit. verified_user Verified Buyer
    All ajax based login register and verification. Easy to customize. It supports all 2.x version. Great extension, loving it. Thanks mageplaza.

  • assignment_ind
    It works

    Posted by Jason Santoso. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Was skeptical on how a free extension will perform for social login, but since it is free the only thing I can lose is time. So I downloaded and it installs perfectly, works seamlessly. Other company charge for this kind of functionality, so for those still considering, just download it right now.

  • assignment_ind
    Good job

    Posted by Cheryl . verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thanks a lot for the extension, my site traffic’s boosted a lot due to the social login. Besides, I didn’t have to forgot other vendor's modules for this one, as they are almost compatible.

  • assignment_ind
    Great Extension!

    Posted by arthurmf. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Excellent extension! Very easy to install and use with great documentations. Thanks for the tutorials too!

  • assignment_ind
    Very well and user friendly

    Posted by Sandy. verified_user Verified Buyer
    I am very thankful to Mageplaza. This extension is very usable and easily install on my site. and my customer easily use this extension. So I am soooooo happy with this extension. So once again, I thank you Mageplaza team.

  • assignment_ind
    Very good social media solution and great documentation

    Posted by Yasser. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension has a lot of documentation with easy way to set up very happy to use this product.

  • assignment_ind

    Posted by Innovaction. verified_user Verified Buyer
    The extension is easy to install and running well. I'm looking forward to getting more extensions from Mageplaza.

  • assignment_ind
    Increase customer accounts

    Posted by akim12. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Since sign up is much faster and easier, more and more people have decided to register at my website. This simple extension brings a great result!

  • assignment_ind
    Amazing extension

    Posted by Lois. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Extension is awesome, the support service is great and the team is friendly and productive. Thanks for your great support.

  • assignment_ind
    Free and great extension

    Posted by Benjamin Phung. verified_user Verified Buyer
    It is too great for a free extension! The social login extensions from other providers are never less than $199 which can’t be more superior than Mageplaza’s one. I am always your loyal customer!

  • assignment_ind
    The top-notch module for my store

    Posted by Jokovatina. verified_user Verified Buyer
    While the Social Login extension is sold with the price variable from $99-299$ in the Magento 2 market, Mageplaza offers a totally free Social login one. It was unbelievable for me at first. However, with many recommendations for Mageplaza social login module, I decided to test the extension first on the test site. The result was incredible. The module is not only easy to install but also can be configured effortlessly. Although Mageplaza doesn’t provide free technical support for free extension, they supply all users with the installation guide and user guide which are written clearly to follow and view. Hence, I can do all the configuration by myself. After all the testing work, I have integrated Social Login extension for my store. It is processing smoothly until now. Thank you, Mageplaza and I hope that you can bring more awesome extensions like this one to Magento merchants.

  • assignment_ind
    Perfect solution for Magento!

    Posted by Bhautik. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Excellent extension! Very easy to install and use with great documentations. Thanks for the tutorials too! Mageplaza extension is helpful for my website. It is working perfectly Other company charges for this kind of functionality, so for those still considering, just download it right now.

  • assignment_ind
    Awesome working plug-in!

    Posted by Binit. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension is easily customizable with good quality of code. It can extend the code easily and make your own requirement.Overall very good experience with this plug-in. I will suggest you use this module.

  • assignment_ind
    Very good extension!

    Posted by Tomnyson. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This is an amazing extension and best free extension you should use. I hight recommend about that. The social login rises user experience when they visit your website, don't need to fill too many information in the bored fill.

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