Magento 2 Metadata template rules

In SEO, Metadata is a critical factor that effects directly to the SEO performance and drives the customers from the search engines. However, setting up the Metadata always is a process which takes much time and effort. That’s the reason why Mageplaza released the Metadata Template Rules to help the customers to boost their SEO performance outstandingly.

Metadata is what will be shown on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when the user searches for. This Metadata will help to show the website description in a more convenient and readable way. Taking control of the Metadata is one of the simplest ways to boost the SEO performance of any website.

How the feature works

The Meta Data can be applied to 4 kinds of page:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Pages
  • Layered Navigation

For more details, the rules allow to set:

  • Meta Title Template
  • Meta Description Template
  • Meta Keywords Template

For example, if you set a rule for the Product pages with the Meta Title Template like the form:

{{name}} {{color}} [{{manufacturer}}||{{brand}}] [for||for only] [{{price}}|{{special_price}}] in {{category_name}} category

The Meta Title will be shown for the product Atlas as:

Atlas Fitness Tank White Adidas for special price $49 in Tanks category.

You can learn more the Rule Syntax by going to there.


Effortless configuration

You don’t need to take much effort while setting the Meta Data Rules. On the configuration page, Mageplaza already set up the feature fields in the logical way to serve the user easily using only by choosing the options.

Save time

Moreover, for each rule, the user can choose to apply the rule to large numbers of web pages. For example applying for all the products page or for all the Categories pages. Instead of wasting time to set up the Metadata for each page, the rule is able to help you to save much time, avoid the mistake but still bring back a wonderful result.

Besides, for the future using, based on your purpose using such as changing for the new promotion campaign, you only need to change the settings on the existing rules or create the new rules for a bunch of products. It’s undoubted that you will be appreciated by having the advantageous Metadata template rule feature.

Increase the Click-through rate (CTR)

Comparing to the others, the website which had the Metadata is shown on the SERPs always grab more attention as well as gain more trust from the searchers. As a result, it leads to the higher CTR which plays an important part for the growing of any business.

Boost the Site ranking

Metadata always plays an important role in SEO and can directly influence to the site ranking. It can say that Metadata is used to communicate between the website and the search engines. By setting up the good Metadata and as well as optimizing those, the crawlers can easier to understand the site and no wonder the ranking will increase significantly.


Head forward to Mageplaza > SEO: Configuration > SEO Rules in order to take the basic control for Rules generally.


When you create a new rule:


A new rule information page appears. Fill all required information which are divided into 4 parts at the sidebar, please follow those explanation for each field

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