Quick Flush Cache for Magento 2


Magento 2 Quick Flush Cache is the solution to save a lot of time flushing cache at the admin backend. With Quick Flush Cache, clearing cache becomes easily with the automatic process or ajax flushing on the current page


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Quick Flush Cache

Quick Flush Cache for Magento 2

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Quick Flush Cache for Magento 2

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Problems & Solutions

When you make an action at the backend such as saving any update, Magento requires you to go to the Cache Management page to refresh cache types. Each time this wastes you quite much time to:

  • Open Cache Management page (2 minutes)
  • Click on Flush Magento Cache
  • Wait for flushing
  • Back to the last page which was redirected before.

The waiting time is estimated at around 5 minutes for each turn. Moreover, you have to repeat this task flow many times. This is really time-consuming for admins.

Quick Flush Cache is developed to solve the cache flush concern. With the module, store admins can manually or automatically flush cache without any redirection.

The current page is kept constant and the store admins can avoid redirection per each flush time thanks to the support of AJAX and Auto mode.

Manually flush cache with Ajax

In manual mode, Quick Flush Cache module allows store admin to clean cache without being redirected to another page.

Because Ajax is supported, the cache is flushed after one click while you keep staying on the current page.

Automatically flush cache

In the automatic mode, the cache is automatically flushed right when the page is reloaded.

For example, when the store admin saves any updated, the page is refreshed and the cache is flushed at the same time.

The store admin does not need to click on any button. All flushing process is activated automatically.

Quick reindex with Ajax

Quick Flush Cache also allows stores to reindex easily.

When you get a notification that one or more indexers are invalid, you can do reindexing immediately by clicking on the Reindex Now button. This process is practiced without any redirection,

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04 February 2021

Works perfectly

As advertised, it can be used to remove cache automatically, such a wonderful feature. It works perfectly on my store and I wish I have installed it sooner. Thank you.

Vanya -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021

Can't believe it

The cache are flushed automatically, what is better than that!!! I do not have to do anything and guess what, it's even free! Can't believe it. Wish you all the best Mageplaza

Megan -Verified Purchase
18 December 2019


You did it! You are the greatest of the greatest! You have known Zen! May God extend your days! Nothing beats with this miracle!

Aartis -Verified Purchase

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