Magento 2 Apply Coupon by a link

After creating and sending your coupons with the Mageplaza Magento 2 Generate & Import Coupon extension, all that’s left is for the customer to actually use it. Yet, this very last step could sometimes not go as smooth as you expected. Maybe the customers get lost in shopping and forget about the coupon, or they don’t feel like dealing with a long, complicated string of code. Anyhow, difficulty in applying coupon is one of the factors that cause a long and complex checkout process, which in turn is the second most popular reason for cart abandonment during checkout.

Why not take an extra step and allow the customers to conveniently go shopping at your store with the coupon code already filled in? The Coupon Link Builder was developed to address such needs. From it, you can get a URL that the customers can just click on to go back to your site with the code is already applied in advance.

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Where is the Coupon Link Builder

From your backend, look at the admin panel and go to Stores > Configuration > Mageplaza > Better Coupon. You would find the Builder under there.

Here we will take a look at the fields from top to bottom

  • First is the “Url”. You enter the link to your shop (or the part you want the coupon to apply)
  • Below we have “URL style” with two options for the URL that will be generated. If it is “Hash” then it will look like If it is “Parameter”, it will look like
  • In the third field, we got “Prefix”. This small text will be added to the URL and it’s a good place to insert some information about the link, making it more user-friendly. For example, you can add “20%discount” so the customers can know how much they get off with just a glance.
  • At the bottom is the “Coupon” field where you put in the coupon code you created from the Generator.
  • Finally, click Generate and voila! the link is created below.

With the URL in your hand, you can send it to the customer who now can easily go shopping at your store without worrying about the code.

Here we will see how it is like from a customer’s eyes. After the customers click on the link, they will be redirected to the store where they can browse for items just like usual. When they are ready to checkout, the code will be filled in the coupon section in advance and all that’s left is to apply it. The process is shown below in this gif:

Pre-applied coupon link in action

Coupon is a great motivation tool, but the actual process of discounting must be facilitated in every possible way for it to be truly effective. This feature is really handy for the users and is a nice way to show how much thought you give to creating the best customer experience.

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