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The Best 15 Magento 2 Shop By Brand extensions from hundreds of the Shop By Brand extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Shop By Brand does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Shop By Brand list is ranked and result in 2019, the price from $0 to $179. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Magnificent way to perform all your brands

Mageplaza shop by brands Magento 2

Shop By Brand for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Shop By Brand by Mageplaza

  • Create unlimited brands with names, logos.
  • Support featured brands.
  • All brands page and brand's page including all products.
  • Compatible with Layered Navigation
  • Instant Search brands
  • Import brands

Magento 2 Shop by Brand extension brings a wholly new level of looking up products for visitors - Shop by brand! Your visitors will be given a chance to look for the brand they like easily as well as experience unique attractive brand page.

magedelight logo


Shop By Brand by Magedelight

  • Display brands separately like Main Menu
  • Promote attribute landing pages
  • Give suggestions to filter such as first word, name or features
  • Import-export brand by using .csv files

By Shop By Brand in Magento, shoppers can filter what products which have the brand, carriers, etc they prefer on the menu of your store.

aitoc logo


Shop By Brand by Aitoc

  • Navigate products by brands or service providers
  • Display logo of brands on pages and the sidebar
  • Managing brand pages easily
  • Customers can approach products by sizes, colors, and other attributes products besides brands

The owners of a store can become brand managers who will create their own brand pages. Through it, the buyers easily find out the expected brands among thousands of brands in the stores.

appjetty logo


Shop By Brand by Appjetty

  • Suggested products on the top link and top menu
  • Enable to find products by features, logos or specific brand page with all the brands in your store.
  • Supporting more items in the same brands

The Advance Shop by Brand extension have the difference in suggesting brands on the top menu, and finding with other layered navigation on the brand listing page. It also filters products by brands, highlight features, and brands logo. Besides, there are many options to find out brands by searching alphabetical order or displaying suggested products from the same brand.

magebay logo


Shop By Brand by Magebay

  • Listing automatically Brands
  • Drop-down brand options on Main Menu
  • Building a new page with list of all Brands adding logos, URLs to brands
  • Showcase Featured Brands on the Brands page
  • SEO-Friendly Brand
  • Editing WYSIWYG
  • Supporting multiple stores

This extension help your buyers to search the brands, manufacturers or any attribute in your store. The managers can create the list of category-like pages for the brands.

fmeextensions logo


Shop By Brand by Fmeextensions

  • A Dedicated Brands Listings Page
  • Brand Detail Page Featuring Products
  • Highlight Top Brands In A Featured Slider
  • Add Alphabetical Filters to Brand Listing Page
  • Add Link to Both Header & Foots

Add attractive brands pages to your Magento store with Shop by brand extension by FME. Display featured slider on your brands page and store home page as well. Let shoppers filter products by brands to easily locate their desired product easily. Display brand log on product pages.

magenest logo


Shop By Brand by Magenest

  • Add brands along with icons, photos and description
  • Pre-designed modern template for brand pages
  • Add products and categories to brands easily
  • Multiple layout options for the brand listing page
  • Brand data can be imported using .CSV and .XML files

Create brand pages for your eCommerce store using our modern brand page template that lets you add brand logos, banners, description, and products

magezon logo


Shop By Brand by Magezon

  • Display brand listing page
  • Display brand detailed page
  • Filter Products By Brand
  • Display Brand Logo and Related Products on Product Pages
  • Show Featured Brands Block Flexibly with Brand Widget

Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension lets your customers find products of their favorite brands in the fastest way. A whole new shopping experience.

aheadworks logo


Shop By Brand by Aheadworks

  • Motivate the sale with brands on products
  • Introduce features of different brands
  • Display these features on the Brands page
  • Promote other sales related products,
  • Adding a widget with the brand logo and description

It is easy for you to satisfy your customers with brand pages by Shop by Brand Magento 2 extension. The collection of brands including descriptions, logos on the top of the page will promote best-selling products and customer satisfaction.


Shop By Brand for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
plumrocket logo


Shop By Brand by Plumrocket

  • Enable to display different brand features
  • Open codes
  • Display brand information on a category page or private sales

The extension of Shop by Brand provides you further information for the customer about features such as manufacture, category page. There is available brands list including logos, descriptions, URLs of brands, etc.

aheadworks logo


Shop By Brand by Aheadworks

  • Adding Brands in the layered navigation
  • Create a Brands menu
  • Showcase Brands up-to-date generation
  • Restrict which brands in the sidebar
  • Display the related brand's product
  • Support the Main product types
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Editing WYSIWYG

The Shop By Brand extension will help you cooperate with the manufacturer and set up new brands and connect products to customers. This extension run like a filter which is convenient for layered navigation. By displaying brand logos of the manufacturer, we can push up customer loyalty, of course, the sale of the store will be increased, too.

aitoc logo


Shop By Brand by Aitoc

  • Creating brand catalog
  • Building up custom page with all the brands
  • Displaying Featured Brands on the page
  • SEO-Friendly with brands and setup of admins

To support customers the products on your stores, adding extension with brand navigation is necessary. They can find out what products that belong to brand and save time a lot.

Shop By Brand reviewed by Mageplaza

Shop By Brand reviewed by Mageplaza

Shop By Brand by Shop By Brand review by Mageplaza

  • Display different brands on a Sidebar, Menu, and Top links
  • The List of brands given on Slider and a Search area
  • Using CSV files can export or import Brands
  • SEO-Friendly URLs

Because of Shop by Brand in Magento extension, Admin can easily plus a sidebar with names and logos of brands. Moreover, customers can find expected brands just by several clicks as well as be given many suggestions about related or top products brand on the search box.

emizentech logo


Shop By Brand by Emizentech

  • Brand sidebar
  • Filter by alphabetical word
  • Filter by features of brands

In your shop, there are many brands so it will take a lot of time for customers to find the brand they like. Shop by Brand can solve this problem, moreover, buyers even could filter products by alphabetic suggestions, features of desired brands. Therefore, you can support customers to buy more and more.

fishpig logo


Shop By Brand by Fishpig

  • Set up brand page quickly
  • Show all products assigned to that attribute
  • Custom SEO- URLs
  • Integrate with another layered navigation and Google XML sitemap

Among Magento extensions, Shop-By-Brand extension makes difference and be effective with brand loyal customers. It allows them to choose the expected products by any attribute such as colors or size.


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