Magento 2 SEO Extensions in 2020

The Best 11 Magento 2 SEO extensions from hundreds of the SEO extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your SEO does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best SEO list is ranked and result in 2020, the price from $0 to $299. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

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mageplaza seo ultimate Magento 2

Here is a list of Best SEO for Magento 2:

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


SEO by Mageplaza

  • Stop duplicating content issues
  • Structured data is added automatically
  • Dynamic and variety metadata template rules
  • Use Hreflang tags easily
  • Wonderful SEO report feature
  • Breadcrumbs is friendly for site
  • Smart Page Analysis
  • Improved HTML/XML Sitemaps feature
  • Support Crosslinks
  • Assist multi stores and multi languages

SEO extension from Mageplaza includes various outstanding features. It helps improve your site's rankings over 32%, increase the traffics for the site over 198%. Especially, this extension helps reduce 100% the duplicate content issues. Besides that, when you install SEO extension, you don't need to do any code modifications. It is also extremely friendly with your store and helps do SEO better.

SEO reviewed by Mageplaza

Magento 2 SEO reviewed by Mageplaza

SEO by Magento 2 SEO review by Mageplaza

  • Create completely site maps
  • Create relevant meta easily
  • Make short friendly URLs
  • Product reviews are SEO-friendly
  • Rapidly export/import product

To bring your Magento store frienfly interface as well as make the search optimization process reach a new level, SEO Toolkit is a fantastic extension for you. Use SEO Toolkit to increase the traffics and have the high rankings.

mageworx logo


SEO by Mageworx

  • Resolve the problems of duplicate content
  • Advanced crawling and indexing
  • Cross links
  • Optimize meta data with variety templates
  • Expanded Rich Snippets
  • Hreflang tags support
  • Optimized page
  • Redirects
  • Advanced Breadcrumbs
  • Support Layered Navigation to do SEO
  • HTML/XML sitemaps

SEO extension from Mageworx is so wonderful. It solves all duplicate content issues for your site as well as make friendly for search engine and users.

mirasvit logo


SEO by Mirasvit

  • Rich Snippets and Open Graph installation is flexible
  • Relational tags are set up easily
  • Cross Links is automatic
  • Sitemap of store can customize
  • SEO Templates and Interface is friendly
  • Redirects intelligently
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap is optimzed
  • Advanced and flexible SEO Rules

This extension is so great for every online store. With SEO extension, you don't need to add any code modifications. Interface of your store is still friendly with the shoppers.

fmeextensions logo


SEO by Fmeextensions

  • Adds extended Google rich snippet tags
  • Handle Content Language Duplicates with Hreflang Tags
  • Add No Index No Follow Tags to Any Page
  • Add Canonical Tags to Prevent Duplication
  • Auto-create SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords
  • Generate SEO Optimized Alt Tags for Product Images
  • Build XML & HTML Sitemaps for Store

Ultimate SEO optimizer is an all-in-one SEO toolkit to significantly reduce your optimization workload & cost. It is a combination of 7 powerful SEO extensions that automates the process of creating SEO Meta tags, Image alt tags, canonical tags, Rich snippets, sitemap, NoIndex NoFollow tags, & Multilingual Hreflang tags.

creare logo


SEO by Creare

  • Avoid duplicate content issues
  • SEO checklist quickly
  • Improved structured data
  • Variety SEO templates
  • Integrated with Google Service

SEO extension includes many wonderful features for your store. It not only helps prevent the duplicate content problem, but also improves your online store become friendly with both search engines and the users.


Best Magento SEO extension:

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
aheadworks logo


SEO by Aheadworks

  • Prevent crawling more information pages
  • Divide sitemap into smaller files
  • Be careful so that search engines can find your pages

With SEO extension, it will help improve your online store better. Besides that, it brings for your customers the interesting user experiences as well as make the shoppers be satisfied when purchasing.

magestore logo


SEO by Magestore

  • Prevent crawling more information pages
  • Divide sitemap into smaller files
  • Be careful so that search engines can find your pages

With SEO extension, it will help improve your online store better. Besides that, it brings for your customers the interesting user experiences as well as make the shoppers be satisfied when purchasing.

mageworx logo


SEO by Mageworx

  • Advoid duplicate content problem
  • Optimized Meta data
  • Category pages is improved
  • Product reviews pages in SEO is better
  • SEO Layer Navigation pages improves better
  • Advanced Rich Snippets in Magento
  • Good Redirects
  • Improved Breadcrumbs SEO
  • Multi languages and stores with Hreflang meta
  • HTML/XML sitemap is expanded

SEO extension from Mageworx in Magento 1 is a perfect solution for your e-commerce store. It help the search optimization process be quick and increase the traffics significantly.

magikcommerce logo


SEO by Magikcommerce

  • Variety templates for category product & tags
  • Keep away from Duplicate Content
  • Advanced sitemap includes HTML/XML
  • SEO reports feature
  • Improved Robots.txt editor feature

Magikcommerce provides a perfect extension for your Magento store. It boosts your store in the rankings and increases the traffic for your site. A friendly site will attract many customers visit, from that, your store will be more appreciated by search engines.

mirasvit logo


SEO by Mirasvit

  • Optimized keywords
  • Optimized friendly URL
  • Canonical meta for each store
  • Optimized sitemap
  • Internal Links is automatic
  • Compatible with many differrent extensions

SEO extension provides your store have frienfly interface for the customers as well as improve the search engine result ranking on Google, Bing, etc.


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These 11 SEO are ranked based on following criterias:

  • Rating review on Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace and vendor's website.
  • The price, features.
  • The vendor's reputation and Search Engine Ranking.
  • Social media metrix such as Facebook, Twiiter, Google+.
  • Mageplaza team and expert review.

Top 11 SEO Vendors

Thank to every vendor that has made this Top 11 SEO list! This is the most comprehensive list of best SEO on the internet and we are honoured to have you as part of this!

We would like to give the best commendation for all of vendors who have done the number one of SEO brief! It is appreciated to be the most awesome and exhaustive result from searching on Google. We are pretty proud of your appearance of this task. Many thanks for your benefaction to our lives!

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