Magento 2 Security Extensions in 2024

The Best 11 Magento 2 Security extensions from hundreds of the Security extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking, which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, and social metrics. The below extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Security does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Security list is ranked and evaluated in 2024, the price from $69 to $239. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

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Here is a list of Best Security for Magento 2:

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Security by Mageplaza

  • Ability to send warning emails to selected email addresses
  • Include warning email templates
  • Enable detecting logins from blacklist IPs
  • Offer the ability to see login details
  • Easy to track and record login details from the backend

The security issue is one of the leading important problems for every online shop owner. The e-commerce stores own tons of vital information that easily be ideal prey for bad hackers. To help the store owners address this problem, Mageplaza has released Magento 2 Security Module offering the ability to detect IP addresses that attack your store. Thanks to this module, it can prevent all attacks from blackhat hackers.

mageplaza logo


Security by Mageplaza

  • Allow display automatically all warnings of possible security risks thanks to Security Checklist
  • Enable admins to set a limit on the number of failed login attempts
  • Let admins track and record all logins in a log along with its information
  • Easy to block or allow a range of IP addresses in the backend
  • Include warning email templates

Your e-commerce store contains all information about your customers. They are so important to every store owner. Once you are attacked, your customers will no longer trust with your store and they will leave as well as proceed to purchase the product from the opponent's store. That is why you need Security by for Magento 2 store. This tool helps stop break-in attempts to your online store from hackers. Thanks to an effective warning system, all valued information will be totally secured.

mageplaza logo


Required Login by Mageplaza

  • Clients are required to sign in before accessing pages
  • Required-login setting can be applied to multiple pages
  • Redirecting function takes guests to specific pages on purpose
  • Turn on/off account creation function to restrict access
  • Work well with Social Login and OneStepCheckout extensions

Mageplaza Required Login for Magento 2 is an optimal security tool for online stores. Via this module, shopkeepers easily control foot traffic to particular pages and allow only registered users to view information. The Required Login extension not only creates an access management network but also builds a security system to store sites.

magedelight logo


Security by Magedelight

  • Be able to support Accept.js
  • Help check out easily and quickly
  • Allow adding, modifying and deleting saved cards
  • Enable saving payment methods of the customers securely
  • Fully support refund

With this tool, admins can manage the store easily as it will help ensure fast and reliable transaction data transfer. Besides that, it also makes your customers satisfied about the service of your shop.

wyomind logo


Security by Wyomind

  • Allow stopping your website from being attacked brutally with Watchlog
  • Be able to track the traffic on your admin panel
  • Enable following each connection attempt
  • Able to determine a history lifetime in many days
  • Ability to attack brute with large scale

Security extension in Magento 2 helps prevent your site from being attacked for the purpose of accessing your backoffice. Select this tool for your website to immediately stop these unwarranted attacks.

xtento logo


Security by Xtento

  • Be able to login into admin panel securely
  • Allow preventing your site from brute attacks
  • Easy to track the traffic on the site
  • Able to check a history lifetime in lots of days
  • Be compatible with third-party extensions

Magento 2 Security extension is a must-have tool for your store. It allows you to protect the site in the palm of your hand without unwanted attacks. With 2 authentic steps, you can rest assured to manage the store effectively.

astra logo


Security by Astra

  • Monitors and blocks cyber threats like XSS, SQLi, Bad Bots, malicious file upload, credit card stealing script (Malware attacks) & 100+ security issues in real-time
  • One-click malware scan & removal with guaranteed malware removal
  • Daily Malware scan & Blacklist check
  • IP & Country blocking, magento admin login protection, store health check by just a click
  • Sends you daily threat reports

Besides this, Astra also facilitates Magento Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing, Security Audits, GDPR compliance, among various other things. If you are looking for a solution that covers you 360 degrees, you better go for Astra Security Suite - A suite to take care of all your cyber security woes.

firebearstudio logo


Security by Firebearstudio

  • Import and export jobs scheduled with cron
  • Support REST and SOAp APIs to connect external software
  • Support XML with XSLT, Json, XLSX, ODS, CSV files, zip and tar archives
  • Map files separators, entity attributes, increase and decrease prices

Magento 2 Admin Security extension by Firebear Studio is an effective tool for security. The extension helps you avoid the leak of important information about your eCommerce store.

neklo logo


Security by Neklo

  • Strengthen password with digit and case requirements
  • Set minimum password length
  • Se the valid time for customers' passwords
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication
  • Enable automatic scanning viruses, malware, and missing security patches

Magento 2 Security by Neklo is an intuitive extension for your Magento 2 store. The module enrich your store's security, minimize the possibility of cyber-attacks and various exploit threats. It provides you with many customizable configurations to improve the safety of your customers and stores.

webkul logo


Security by Webkul

  • Support 2-factor authentication
  • Restrict data acess through IP/country ban
  • Maintain logs of users through Brute Force Log
  • Support automatic report on Abuse IPDB or brute log-in

Magento 2 Security by Webkul protects your website's security from malicious cyber-crimes. The extension will ensure there is no IP spoofing or brute force attacks on your Magento website. Besides the backend, you can also restrict the frontend customers logins by email validating and 2-factor authentication.

amasty logo


Security by Amasty

  • It includes secure two-step authentication
  • It helps protect against spyware
  • You can add IP's on the white list
  • Each user can be established authentication code

To prevent your website from being a threat, it is time to get the Security extension for your store. It allows you to protect your business data and manage it easily.


Top Security for Magento stores

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
magefence logo


Security by Magefence

  • Allow checking your security in Magento
  • Be able to examine your site for malware
  • Enable protecting your store from brutal attacks
  • Able to ban undesired visitors from accessing your site

If you are looking for an extension to protect your store from unwanted attacks, it’s time to purchase the Security extension from MageFence to get the perfect security package for your store.

magentools logo


Security by Magentools

  • Be able to prevent your site from hackers
  • Help secure your website and customers data
  • Be compatible with other extensions
  • Support 100% open source

This extension allows you to scan and check for all the vulnerabilities in your website to make sure that nobody can exploit your information on the web. Protecting your site from attacks is a very important job for every shop owner.

templates-master logo


Security by Templates-master

  • Allow improving your security with two authentication factors
  • Be able to control all accessing from external
  • Help check IP address of users easily
  • Enable stopping customer data from being attacked

Protecting customer data and website data is an essential task for every shop owner. If you make customers frustrated about the security service at your store, that means reducing the store's sales. Therefore, Security extension is a great choice to solve all the problems.

wyomind logo


Security by Wyomind

  • Help stop your website from being attacked brutally with Watchlog
  • Allow keeping track of the traffic easily
  • Help track each connection attempt
  • Allow determining a history lifetime in many days
  • Be able to attack large scale brute

To protect your website from external attacks, the Security extension is a perfect choice. It helps you determine why an attack occurrs and how to resolve it.

xtento logo


Security by Xtento

  • Contain secure two-step authentication
  • Allow protecting your site from unwanted attacks
  • Be able to set authentication code on your site
  • Help check your security easily on the site

If you are afraid of the data of the customer as well as the store that is attached. Do not be afraid! Security extension will help you solve all your worries. It can protect your data safely.

Security reviewed by Mageplaza

Security reviewed by Mageplaza

Security by Security review by Mageplaza

  • Help login securely into admin panel
  • Be able to protect against connection
  • Allow protecting against spyware
  • Include IP address
  • Contain diverse authentication conditions

With this tool, you can easily protect your store against threats such as insecure connections, loss of network data, etc. Using Security extension to increase security, as well as to help administrators manage the site more secure.


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