Magento 2 Google reCaptcha Extensions in 2024

The Best 7 Magento 2 Google reCaptcha extensions from hundreds of the Google reCaptcha extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking, which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, and social metrics. The below extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Google reCaptcha does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Google reCaptcha list is ranked and evaluated in 2024, the price from $0 to $65. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

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Get Free Google reCaptcha for Magento 2!

Here is a list of Best Google reCaptcha for Magento 2:

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Google reCaptcha by Mageplaza

  • Visible and invisible captcha supported
  • Allow adding invisible reCaptcha to any forms on store
  • Support multiple pages
  • Work well with all Mageplaza plugins

Thanks to Google Recaptcha extension from Mageplaza, your e-commerce store can avoid spams and frauds effectively. Besides that, this module also enables adding invisible reCaptcha to any forms on your store, which can enhance the user experience as well as the conversion rates dramatically.

magecomp logo


Google reCaptcha by Magecomp

  • Allow choosing between light and dark theme
  • Easy to enable ReCaptcha on Contact us page
  • Ability to enable ReCaptcha on Product Review
  • Work with Non-JavaScript browser well

Developed by MageComp, Google ReCaptcha for Magento 2 is a great tool that helps prevent the spam from your website. With this Captcha, you can verify that you are a human just with one click. It's a must-have extension in your e-commerce store.

amasty logo


Google reCaptcha by Amasty

  • Allow managing all ReCaptcha settings in one page
  • 3 forms from the box supported
  • Unrequired coding skills
  • Allow appearing the ReCaptcha in case of suspicious requirements

It's time to free your customers from solving the quizzes as well as 'I am not a robot' box. Using Magento 2 Google ReCaptcha, you can protect your site as well as improve the customer experiences on your website quickly. Now install Free Google Invisible ReCaptcha and feel it!

azaleasoft logo


Google reCaptcha by Azaleasoft

  • Easy to add Google ReCaptcha to Register form
  • Allow adding Google ReCaptcha to Review form
  • Enable enabling the ReCaptcha to Login form page
  • Intuitive interface

The privacy is the most important factor for every e-commerce site. There are many fake registrations, unrelated ads that fill up via the spam. It's time for you to choose Magento 2 Google ReCaptcha that developed by Azaleasoft. This extension is very easy to use and configure.

mageants logo


Google reCaptcha by Mageants

  • Customize the reCAPTCHA based on your needs
  • Easy to use
  • Improves store security
  • Reduce human efforts used to protect from spam
  • Enable or disable reCAPTCHA

Magento 2 Google reCAPTCHA helps store owners to protect their store from spammers and bots without annoying your store's customers. This extension ensures that a human being interacts with your website rather than a bot and improves the store’s security.

magesales logo


Google reCaptcha by Magesales

  • Allow preventing the unwanted spams from the site
  • Enable reducing the fake emails accessing your site
  • Easy to enable as well as configure this extension
  • Friendly interface included

Google ReCaptcha extension for Magento 2 by Magesales is a great solution that comes with many benefits for your e-commerce store. It protects your stores from the spam and creates the trust for your customers. Besides that, it also helps improve the user experience dramatically. Don't miss a great chance and choose it today!

ulmod logo


Google reCaptcha by Ulmod

  • Support 6 forms for your website
  • Easy to configure and manage all Captcha settings from the admin panel
  • No coding skill requirement
  • Responsive to any device

Magento 2 ReCaptcha extension developed by Ulmod is an ideal tool to protects your website from the spam. It's time to eliminate all unwanted users or bots from your website. Thanks to this extension, you can enhance the user experience and create the security for your customers when they access your site.


Google reCaptcha for Magento Store

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
Google reCaptcha reviewed by Mageplaza

Google reCaptcha reviewed by Mageplaza

Google reCaptcha by Google reCaptcha review by Mageplaza

  • Easy to manage all captcha settings
  • Easily make the changes without the coding require
  • Include the latest security technologies
  • Include 3 secured forms in the box

Thanks to Magento Google Invisible ReCaptcha, it allows you to add the Google Recaptcha to any page on your website such as contact form, register form or review form. Using the module, you can prevent the spam from your site without the coding request. The security is a vital element for every online store.

magecomp logo


Google reCaptcha by Magecomp

  • Easy to choose Light or Dark theme for the ReCaptcha
  • Friendly interface
  • Ability to enable the Recaptcha on Review form
  • Allow enabling the ReCaptcha on Register form
  • Easy to enable the ReCaptcha on Contact form as well as Checkout page

MageComp has developed Magento Google ReCaptcha module that allows your customers to fill out forms in your store quickly and easily. Using this great extension, you can improve the user experience as well as stop the spam from the website.

yireo logo


Google reCaptcha by Yireo

  • Allow protecting all your forms from the spam
  • Easily extend and set up
  • Automatic language supported
  • Ability to disable when the customer logins

It's so stupid if you don't use reCaptcha for your website. Because if you don't integrate this module, your site will be abused. It's time for you to choose ReCaptcha, it is user-friendly and very easy to use. Developed by Yireo, Google ReCaptcha for Magento 2 will help stop the spam from the store as well as enhance the user experience. Why not choose it now?


More Reviews from Mageplaza

These 7 Google reCaptcha modules are ranked based on following criteria:

  • Rating review on Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace and vendor's website.
  • The price and features.
  • The vendor's reputation and Search Engine Ranking.
  • Social media metrics such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  • Mageplaza team and expert review.

Top 7 Magento 2 Google reCaptcha Vendors

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