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Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions 2019

The Best 11 Magento 2 Extra Fee extensions from hundreds of the Extra Fee extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Extra Fee does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Extra Fee list is ranked and result in 2019, the price from $23 to $249. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Extra Fee for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Extra Fee by Mageplaza

  • Support various extra fee types diplaying on Shopping Cart page
  • Allow applying extra fee by multiple-conditions
  • Offer three fee types: fixed amount per item, fixed amount per taotal cart, percentage amount per total cart
  • Enable showing extra fee on Order/Credit Memo/Shipment, Email/PDF, Backend and Frontend

Mageplaza Extra Fee extension for Magento 2 allows online stores to add some fees for certain services such as gift wrapping, fast delivery and display them on the storefront. This brings the flexibility and more profitability for store owners by offering better services to customers during their purchasing

mageants logo


Extra Fee by Mageants

  • Auto-apply the price on all products
  • Easily manage the admin panel
  • Apply product, category, shipping, and order fee on the products
  • Flexibly levy fees
  • Easily change the fee standards

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension comes with an automated design which is very helpful and productive for all types of e-com sellers. It applies different types of fees including product, category and shipping fees on the orders of all your customers. All you need to do is specify the requirements once during the setup of the extension. Thereafter, it will apply all the charges precisely on customers.

magearray logo


Extra Fee by Magearray

  • Create an unlimited number of extra fees
  • Charge extra fee (fixed/percentage amount)
  • Add categories or product-based additional fees
  • Manage charges on the product page, cart page, and checkout page
  • Add the extra fee on the percentage based
  • Apply extra fees to an individual product
  • Apply multiple fees on a single product

Extra Fee module helps the admin charge the administration fees and the customers can see them during the checkout process. Besides, the admin can also add the additional fee on category based or product based on the cart page.

mageworx logo


Extra Fees by Mageworx

  • Easily add an unlimited number of extra fees
  • Support shipping and payment fees
  • Make your fees visible to specific customer groups or Store Views
  • Disable or hide extra fees based on product/service fee conditions
  • Select an input type for a new fee: dropdown, radio button, checkbox
  • Choose between a fixed/ percentage price type
  • Manage tax settings
  • Specify a fee name/ description/ position on the cart page

Extra Fees extension for Magento 2 can add an unlimited number of services to product/service pages. Also, adding extra fees will let you share your shipping and payment processing expenses with your store customers.

milople logo


Extra Fee by Milople

  • Charge additional fees, including gift wrap, rush delivery, insurance, signature fee, etc.
  • Calculate fee by percentage value of the order amount and fixed amount
  • Support simple, configurable, bundle, downloadable, virtual, and group products
  • Modify the label as wish

With the Extra Fee Extension for Magento 2 by Milople, you will be able to generate extra fees for any additional services you need. Moreover, the admin can specify which product price should be set as a base for percent fee calculation or fixed amount.

shreejiinfosys logo


Extra Fee by Shreejiinfosys

  • Enable/disable extra fee
  • Select custom label for extra fee
  • Add any extra charge

Developed by Shreeji Infosys, Extra Fee extension for Magento 2 is very easy to add any extra charge (fix amount and percentage of subtotal). For all additional options that are selected, extra fee will automatically be added to the order total.

Extra Fee reviewed by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Extra Fee reviewed by Mageplaza

Extra Fee by Magento 2 Extra Fee review by Mageplaza

  • Create as many extra fees as you need
  • Place fee blocks on cart and checkout pages
  • Assign fees for any shipping/payment method
  • Run flexible conditions for payment fees
  • Choose between fixed price and percent fee types
  • API support

The Magento 2 Extra Fee module lets you add a block with multiple additional fees to checkout and cart pages. Set specific fee options as default and choose whether to create percent or fixed fee types. The module also allows generating Magento extra fees based on payment and shipping methods.


Extra Fee for Magento 1

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
Extra Fee reviewed by Mageplaza

Extra Fee reviewed by Mageplaza

Extra Fee by Extra Fee review by Mageplaza

  • Generate an unlimited number of fees
  • Assign extra fees to any shipping or payment method
  • Show fees options on cart and checkout pages
  • Determine fees display with conditions
  • Offer 3 input types (dropdown, checkbox, radio buttons)

Extra Fee module enables you to generate an unlimited number of fees for any service you need. Add Magento extra fee to checkout or cart pages to make customers select necessary services with the corresponding tax before completing the purchase.

mageworx logo


Multi Fees by Mageworx

  • Create and measure additional product fees
  • Create fees based on the specific conditions or their combinations
  • Select an input type position and a price type
  • Choose placement of Multi Fees block
  • Select a specific shipping method
  • Create, assign and hide payment fees
  • Display additional fees with tax classes

With the Magento Extra Fee extension, you can easily add multi fees and specify the block’s position on the cart/checkout page. You will be able to add advanced product fee price types, set fees for any default and custom-created shipping and payment method, and get your tax classes defined depending on a product fee.

magikcommerce logo


Extra Fee by Magikcommerce

  • Get products right away by using rush orders
  • Configure additional fees based on shipping methods
  • Create extra fee by fixed amount and percentages
  • Flexibly display fee blocks
  • Display all the extra fees and additional charges on all checkout and cart pages
  • Calculate extra fees by taxation, shipping, and other conditions
  • Create and apply multi fees and additional charges
  • Choose to display fees in dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes

Magento Extra Fee extension helps store owners create extra fees and additional charges for premium services and options just in few clicks. Display these extra charges on product, listing, checkout and cart pages to encourage customers to opt for them and grow revenue on every order.

milople logo


Extra Fee by Milople

  • Provide customers with additional paid services
  • Select to make fees mandatory or optional for customers
  • Change the label with calculation settings
  • Set distinct value for each type of fee
  • Determine your own label for custom fee

Magento 2 Extra Fee extension helps to add multiple extra fee blocks to ‘checkout’ and ‘cart’ pages to let store visitors choose the necessary fee options before purchasing. Moreover, you can create percent-based or fixed price fees, choose different input types, and display additional info for each extra fee block.


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Top 11 Extra Fee Vendors

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