Mageplaza Quick Order - 3+ Case Studies on Actual Magento 2 Stores

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Let’s see how actual online stores improve B2B purchasing experience and boost sales with Quick Order extension by Mageplaza!

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Table of Contents

How brands leverage B2B purchasing experience with Quick Order extension?

Intuitive Quick Order page

Feature overview

With wholesale customers, it’s time-consuming when browsing for multiple products and adding them to cart on the website. Quick Order extension by Mageplaza provides an intuitive order form that combines essential steps involved in the shopping process: searching, importing and adding products to cart.

Examples from actual stores

This is the first example from Evert Hammink, a well-known truck and trailer parts provider based in the Netherlands. Selling products in a niche market has gained the brand a number of B2B loyal customers and that’s why it implements quick order.

Mageplaza quick order extension actual case studies
Quick Order on Evert Hammink website

The page makes it straightforward and smooth for wholesale shoppers to search and add multiple products to cart within a short period of time. Besides, the color of the order form is completely customized to the brand theme.

The second store nailing the game with our module is Soul Rider, a sports store covering its website with an energetic vibe, based in Italy. With the intention of delivering the most convenient wholesale shopping experiences, like Evert Hammink, it incorporates all Quick Order features into the shopping process and reduces many steps.

Mageplaza quick order extension actual case studies
Soul Rider

On the order form, buyers can flexibly select variants with child products, change the quantity or duplicate an item.

Mageplaza quick order extension duplicate items
Select variants and duplicate items

Another application of the extension is seen in the Growonix store that sells advanced water filter systems. To secure valuable B2B customer relationships and loyalty through hassle-free, a smooth purchasing process is significant. Here is how fast the order form looks on the website.

Mageplaza quick order extension real-world store

Last but not least, besides brands that keep all features of the module, here is a slightly different case. As one of the oldest canvas and embroidery sellers on the market, Canevas might well understand their customers and has made their Quick Order page neat and artistic. The brand has excluded the “Add multiple products” section and let customers focus on the instant search bar to add products.

Mageplaza quick order extension real-world store

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Feature overview

Advanced Instant Search is a search bar on top of the quick order page. This search engine instantly displays results corresponding with the search query of customers and automatically adds products clicked by customers to the order form. Searching can be performed through names or SKUs.

Examples from actual stores

Customers of Canevas might be pleased with the speed and accuracy of the search bar which takes no time to show the desirable products. Here are two ways of searching.

Mageplaza quick order extension real-world store
Search by product name - Canevas website - Quick Order extension by Mageplaza
Mageplaza quick order extension real-world store
Search by SKUs - Canevas website

Another example from Growonix. After typing a few characters, you can get the right result.

Mageplaza quick order extension real-world store
Search by names and SKUs - Growonix

Explore more solutions for B2B websites!

Add multiple products at once by SKUs or importing files

Feature overview

With bulk import feature, customers can add multiple products at once by listing SKUs or importing a csv file. Wholesale buyers frequently purchase different products each time they visit the website and that’s why they need a feature to help import multiple items in the quickest possible time.

Examples from actual stores

Mageplaza quick order extension add multiple products by skus or importing file
Add multiple products by SKUs on Soul Rider website

If a customer is outside and doesn’t have the laptop beside, he/she can still place a wholesale order with a phone by filling the “Enter multiple SKUs” field with, let’s say, a list sent by a colleague edited from a CSV file.

Mageplaza quick order extension add multiple products by skus or importing file
Import multiple products by csv files on Growonic website - Mageplaza Quick Order extension

In other situations, buyers can quickly import multiple products in a systematic way by uploading a csv file with a pre-defined template by Mageplaza.

Feature overview

Store admins can add the Quick Order link on any position on the website by two ways. The first method is to use the two default positions configured by Quick Order extension: top menu, next to search box or footer link. The second method is to place the link of the quick order page, for example,, on any desired position.

Examples from actual stores

Most stores place the Quick Order on top of the page to make it recognizable as well as time-saving for customers to access without scrolling through the website.

Mangeto quick order extension quick order link
Quick Order on top menu - Soul Rider Shop
Mangeto quick order extension quick order link
Quick Order button on Growonix
Mangeto quick order extension quick order link
Quick Order link on Canevas
Mangeto quick order extension quick order link
Quick Order embedded link in a block on the homepage - Evert Hammink

Other meaningful features of Quick Order extension by Mageplaza

Instant Search configuration

Auto search minimum character. Admins can set up the minimum number of characters that customers need to type in to receive the search results dropping down.

Limit search results. Choose the maximum results shown each time customers type a character.

Display product image. You can choose whether to show the small image along with the search results for better visualization or reduce the load work for the search engine.

Rest API

The extension allows stores to interact with the third parties through Rest API. It can be used for viewing information of products in orders as well as adding/deleting products to/from the quick order.


GraphQL is also supported for essential actions such as add products, get configurations, update products in quick orders.

View more details about Rest APIs and GraphQL of the extension here.

Final words

Quick ordering is an essential tactic for improving customer experience in wholesale websites. It makes the order process quicker, easier and more convenient. It’s time to pair your website with this effective ordering system and increase wholesale sales before other rivals do!

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