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Magento 2 New Products Slider Extension

Magento 2 New Products Slider module allows showing all hightlighted products on your store that match to customer’s expectation.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x - 2.2.x

Magento 2 New Products Slider by Mageplaza is the perfect option to show the latest products on the dynamic slider. This plugin inhering in Magento 2 Product Slider extension will make your product page more professional and attractive. Applying New Products Slider at your store means helping customers get the best collection of the newest products at the present instead of wandering the store. Making New Product Slider visible on your store is the great way to boost online sales by shortening the distance between customers and your goods.

New Products Slider

How does it work

When you enable Magento 2 New Products Slider module and create the slider in the configuration, the list of your New products will slide out in the lively and attractive way on the storefront with the animation effects you have chosen before. Continue with the settings, you can set the number of the products displaying on the slider. Along with product image, your clients can also see the price information, rating for the product and even Add to Cart button to proceed to the checkout whenever they need.

How to use

We will show you how to use insert Product Slider in CMS page, Static Block, XML File, XML Data, .phtml file.

CMS Page, CMS Static Block

{ {block class="Mageplaza\Productslider\Block\NewProducts" template="Mageplaza_Productslider::productslider.phtml" products_count="8" heading="New Products" description="Here is your new products description"} }

You can paste the above block of snippet into CMS page such as Home page or specific CMS page or any CMS static block in Magento 2.

XML File , XML Data

<block class="Mageplaza\Productslider\Block\NewProducts" name="product.slider.  newproduct" template="productslider.phtml">
    <argument name="products_count" xsi:type="number">8</argument>
    <argument name="margin" xsi:type="string">5</argument>
    <argument name="heading" xsi:type="string">New Products</argument>
    <argument name="description" xsi:type="string">Here is your new products   description </argument>

Open layout file such as category_catalog_view.xml or XML Data and insert the above block of code, then all categories page will be added the product slider with 8 new products.

.phtml file

<?php echo $block->getLayout()->createBlock('Mageplaza\Productslider\Block\NewProducts')->setTemplate('productslider.phtml')->toHtml();?>

Open a .phtml file and insert where you want to display the product slider.


  • assignment_ind
    Great extension

    Posted by Sandeep. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension is very helpful for me. It has solved my major problem regarding the product display on the slider. Now it is working great on Magento 2.2.6. I really recommend it to anybody looking for a function like this.

  • assignment_ind
    Good extension

    Posted by Markus. verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension is very fast and simple to use. I am pleased with most extensions I have purchased and downloaded from Mageplaza. The extension works perfectly with the Infortis Ultimo Theme. This extension improves my rate store and attracts more customers.

  • assignment_ind
    Very useful product

    Posted by Naveen. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thank you so much. This product helps me to add product slider on any CMS page. It is working great with all owl carousel's attributes. Also, it is easy to add with custom modifications.

  • assignment_ind
    Thanks to Curtis from Mageplaza team

    Posted by Brigitte Velten. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Dear Curtis, Thank you so much for your excellent and professional support. The support team in Mageplaza is outstanding. I am very satisfied with the product slider, I am sure it will improve our website's user experience. Regards, Brigitte

  • assignment_ind
    Swatch option not displaying

    Posted by Subin. verified_user Verified Buyer
    It's not Displaying Configurable product Swatch option.

  • assignment_ind
    Solved the problem straight away

    Posted by James. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Solved the problem straight away

  • assignment_ind
    Great Extension

    Posted by Robert. verified_user Verified Buyer
    One of the best extension I used for product slider with a vast range of options. Works great on Magento 2.2.2. I really recommend it to those looking for a function like this.

  • assignment_ind
    So much useful

    Posted by mehdi paryabi. verified_user Verified Buyer
    The extension is so useful, strong programming let you show your products efficiently, thanks for your great production, I have a drone online store and i can sell more now

  • assignment_ind
    Extension excellent!

    Posted by Mohamed . verified_user Verified Buyer
    Works very efficiently, and very easy. I'm happy with this extension and other I had purchased it. Best extensions are given by Mageplaza. The extension works perfectly with the default theme. This extension improves my rate store and attracts more customer.

  • assignment_ind
    Thank you very much

    Posted by Himanshigupta. verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thank you very much. Your support service is very good. And the extension is working nice. I'm happy with your work.

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