Magento 2 Help Desk extension

Magento 2 Help Desk extension helps e-commerce stores build an expert customer support system to serve your clients comprehensively. With the top-notch customer service, your store brand will be more and more reliable to the shoppers.

In reality, 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them according to 2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Survey of BizzReport. Moreover, a good customer service can effectively raise your customer’s loyalty for your store. Hence, customer service is one of the important elements that determine your success.

To bring your store the most pleasure as well as dedicated customer service, Help Desk extension is designed with a variety of powerful features and friendly interface for both store admin and customers to use. From now on, you can certainly assist your shoppers every time and everywhere.

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The Professional Customer Support Solution

In Magento 2 Help Desk extension, about two-third of all steps to solve a ticket completely are done automatically. All customers have to do are submit the contact form and reply the support team question about their queries while all store support team has to do are receiving the ticket, analyzing the problem, and contacting the clients.

In fact, the whole communicating, as well as caring processes, are handled by the professional Help Desk extension. There will be no information which possibly gets lost. There will be also no customer who may be annoyed with the poor customer service. There are only Help Desk extension, your support team, and your happy customers.


Clear Contact Form

Help Desk extension for Magento 2 provides your shoppers with obvious and intuitive contact form for submitting their request with ease.

Multiple Email Gateways

Any email sent to an address used as an email gateway for the extension will be automatically converted into a ticket. Besides, store admin is also able to create multiple email gateways to accommodate different departments.

Complete Ticket Administration

Store owners now can manage all tickets effortlessly with the ticket page which includes entire information about the ticket (status, priority, agent, etc.), a chat area, and auxiliary information about the client, his past orders, and past tickets. In the admin interface, you can create unlimited departments to assign the ticket or assign the ticket to a specified agent.

Ticket’s Priority

The Priority and Department for the new ticket can be chosen by customers if you turn these options on while setting up the extension or be set later by the store admin in the backend.

Communication options

With the Help Desk extension, your shoppers can enclose attachments, system messages, internal notes, and add CC recipients with the ticket.

Out-of-the-box Automations

The automation feature in Help Desk extension allows store admin to generate your own automation by specifying a combination of trigger events, event conditions, and extension actions. Hence, your ticket processing will be faster as many of steps are taken care by automatic performance.

Coupon Codes

It is a great convenience when you can create and send coupon codes to your clients right inside the ticket page.

Ticket History

Help Desk extension for Magento 2 gives both store admin and customers to view ticket history in the different mode. As the result, the ticket can be tracked easily.

Follow Up Message

Each ticket will be configured with follow up email message or not according to the admin settings. The email notification is not only used to remind customers to update their ticket status but also note the store admin to check the client’s issues.

Anti-SPAM Configuration

The Anti-SPAM feature from Help Desk extension will protect your system from all junk inquiries which are totally harmful to your business. Particularly, the SPAM filters which are configured by store admin with spam patterns will detect and block all disturbing messages.

Full Feature List

Main Features

For Customer

  • Easily create support ticket in the pop-up form or on the Contact Us page
  • View tickets history for all the tickets created
  • Upload attachment with support ticket
  • Reopen any closed ticket
  • Be notified by email with every conversation
  • Create ticket from “My Orders” page in any particular order
  • Post reply into the ticket directly from the email
  • Guest user can create support ticket without getting registered
  • Create ticket automatically by sending email on specific email (eg: [email protected])
  • Assign the ticket to the relevant department.

For Store Admin

  • Manage tickets from Magento admin panel
  • Create unlimited department
  • Set default assignee for any department
  • Set the priority of the ticket
  • Set super admins, admins, and assignees
  • Super admin can assign ticket to another admin or support person
  • Every conversation will be notified by email to all admin
  • Be notified by email when customer create new ticket
  • Create new support ticket for any customer
  • Create automation in backend (auto-reply, auto-close or auto-open ticket, etc)
  • Automatic close ticket after specified days when there is no reply from customer
  • Super admin can start internal official discussion with any other admin
  • Create templates with predefined text which can be used to load common content
  • use WYSIWYG editor to create personalized replies
  • Create post support surveys for customers
  • view advanced reports to evaluate support team achievements
  • Create Follow Up emails
  • Customize fields in contact form
  • Create SPAM patterns
  • Create multiple email gateways
  • Create coupon codes and send to the clients
  • View ticket history.