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How to add reviews to Shopify quickly and easily

In a competitive e-commerce world, making customers happy and earning their trust is super important for businesses to do well. That’s why adding product reviews to your Shopify store can make a big difference. When customers can share their thoughts about what they bought, it helps other shoppers make smart choices and brings lots of good things to your business.

So, in this article, we’re going to learn how to add reviews to your Shopify store quickly and easily.

Why Should You Add Product Reviews?

Well, before deep diving into how to add reviews to Shopify, let’s go over some reasons why we should do this:

  • Increase conversion opportunities: Customers often have more confidence in a product when they read reviews from previous users. Reviews help them have a direct view of the product, thereby making more accurate purchasing decisions. Positive reviews also contribute to increased conversion opportunities and increased sales.
  • Enhanced search capabilities: Customer reviews also help your products be found more easily on search engines. Because the keywords in the evaluated fields can help your products stand out on the page’s search results.
  • Building customer trust: Customers feel more confident when they see positive product reviews. On the contrary, when there are no reviews, they may feel skeptical about the product quality. Having multiple values also helps you build customer trust in your brand and products.
  • Improvement products: Customer reviews provide valuable information about a product, helping you better understand users’ strengths, weaknesses, and desires for improvement. Those architectural ideas can help you improve your products and services in a positive way, while increasing customer satisfaction.
how to add reviews to shopify

How to add reviews to Shopify: 3 Common Way

In fact, there is more than one way to add reviews to Shopify. In this guide, we will suggest the three most popular ways, including:

  • Leverage Shopify Admin
  • Use Shopify Product review app
  • Import existing reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, or eBay

Let’s dig into each way!

Leverage Shopify Admin

Adding reviews to your Shopify product pages can be done easily through your Shopify site admin. Here are detailed instructions:

  • Go to your Shopify admin: Log in to your Shopify admin and select Online Store.
  • Select Theme: In the Online Store page, click Themes section to access the theme settings.
  • Customize current theme: Select Customize the theme you are using.


  • Instructions to the product page: Find and edit the product page template you want to add reviews to.
  • Add block/section: Choose where you want to place the review section on the product page and add a new block or section.

  • Select Apps and Reviews: In the menu, scroll down and select App Section, then click Reviews.

Select Apps and Reviews

  • Move and save: Move the review to the desired location on the page and press Save to apply the changes.

By doing so, you can easily add a review section to your product page on Shopify by leveraging Shopify admin. Now discover the next method.

Using Shopify Product Review App

There are several Shopify Review Apps in the market, you can read this list of Shopify Product Reviews Apps in 2024 here, including Opinew Product Reviews, Ali Reviews, HelpfulCrowd, and Easy Google Customer Reviews, and choose the most suitable one. Now, we will take the Opinew Product Reviews app as an example.

Using Shopify Product Review App

 – Install the Opinew Product Reviews app from the Shopify app store.

 – Follow the installation instructions to customize the app’s appearance and functionality to suit your store.

 – When finished, customers can easily leave a review by clicking the “Write a Review” button at the bottom of the product page.

So you have more product reviews on Shopify! If you need more apps that suit your specific needs, check out the suggestions list on Shopify’s main site to find the best apps for your store.

Import existing reviews from AliExpress, Amazon or eBay 

An effective and saving-time way to add product reviews on your store website is to import reviews from other sources such as AliExpress, Amazon or eBay. To do this, you need to install the Opinew Product Review app and follow these steps:

 – Step 1: Open the “Import reviews” tab in Opinew’s dashboard.

 – Step 2: Choose the import source, including AliExpress, Amazon or eBay.

 – Step 3: Enter the URL of the website containing the review.

 – Step 4: Select the Shopify product you want to receive reviews for.

 – Step 5: Determine the number of reviews you want to import.

 – Step 6: Click “Import” to complete the process.

Step 6

Tips on Managing Product Reviews

Tips on Managing Product Reviews

Encouraging reviews

For customers to evaluate your products, you need a complete tracking process and digital consideration. One important way to do this is to encourage satisfied customers to post quality reviews of your products.

  • Ensure proper timing: Don’t ask customers for reviews via email before the order is delivered. This can make customers feel uncomfortable. Increase the wait time slightly to ensure they receive the product.
  • Consider the time required: Some customers may take some time to experience the product before making a review. Customize the process depending on product attributes.
  • Be patient but not annoying: Don’t send too many emails asking for reviews, but don’t be too sporadic either. If there are delivery issues, please consider manually canceling email automation.
  • Comply with the law: Laws and regulations regarding product reviews are very important. Please ensure that you join these rules and provide the necessary disclaimers.

Bad reviews

Usually bad reviews are an inevitable part of doing business. Here are some tips for handling these negative reviews intelligently.

  • Failure to recognize personalization: Frequent negative reviews reflect personal experiences and have their own customer reasons. Please avoid taking these reviews personally and focus on solving the problem.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Personally reaching out to negative customers is the best start. Listen to them, understand the problem and try to solve it positively.
  • Delete or modify review: If the issue has been resolved, you can delete or modify the review.
  • Respond publicly: Respond to reviews in a positive and friendly manner on the Shopify Product Reviews app, suggesting solutions and outcomes.
  • Request to modify review: Ask the customer if they can modify the review after the issue has been resolved.

In some matters, you may need to remove the entire review, including:

  • Customers have never used the product.
  • Reviews do not contain accurate information or use inappropriate language.
  • Reviews contain personal content.

Make sure to always tip your regulations and master lists when dealing with review products.

Less than perfect reviews

There are times when some store owners rate any review that doesn’t reach 5 stars as “not good”. But in reality, this is not accurate and can turn these reviews into a good thing for your business.

Why not always 5 stars:

  • Customers understand: Most customers understand that no product is perfect, so a 5-star review never reflects a perfect light. Some customers even consider a 4.5-star rating to be more sincere because it reflects more reality.
  • Feedback needed: Imperfect reviewers open the door to gathering feedback to improve future products and provide better customer experiences.
  • Expand product descriptions: In some cases, reviews are also part of the product description, providing more detailed information to customers and helping them make informed purchasing decisions. more information.

A bad review should be considered a failure, it is an opportunity to improve and develop. Please welcome feedback from customers and use it to improve product quality and their experience.

Reviews in real life

Let’s look at a specific example of using Product Reviews on Shopify – when you visit an Out of the Sandbox store. The free Shopify Product Review app is a logical tool to have during your analysis because you can see that the process has been done without having to add any coding or custom tweaks with this application.

Additionally, when using Out of the Sandbox, comments on the topic are always appreciated. This provides us with a treasure trove of feedback and experiences from the customer’s perspective. Furthermore, this is also one of the top searches, especially for stores using our theme.

To review Shopify themes, simply select one of your favorites when you visit our main page. Then just scroll down to the reviews section and share your feedback.

Best Practices for Adding Reviews to Shopify?

Adding reviews to your Shopify store can significantly enhance credibility, trustworthiness, and ultimately, sales. Here are some best practices to follow:

  • Choose a trustworthy application: Search and select applications with a high level of reliability on the Shopify application. Choose apps that have good reviews and features that suit your specific needs.
  • Encourage reviews from customers who have purchased the product: Enable customers to actually buy and use the product before they are encouraged to leave a review. This enhances the authenticity and reliability of the assessed value.
  • Create an easy review process: Make sure the price review process on your product page is simple and straightforward. Customers are just one click away from leaving a review.
  • Send reminder email: After customers make a purchase, send them a reminder email to review the price. Include a direct link to the review page for their convenience.
  • Encourage honest reviews: Favor fake or dishonest reviews by offering incentives or giveaways. Ensure that every value is homemade and sincere by customers.
  • Check browser and display value using: Check browser prices to remove inappropriate content, but avoid removing extreme review criteria unless they violate store rules. Show value by featuring prominently on product pages.
  • Price feedback: Interact with customers by responding to their reviews. Thank you for your positive feedback and professionally addressing concerns from negative reviews.
  • Use Rich Snippets: Implement structured data markup to allow search engines to display review prices similar to products in search results.
  • Regular updates: Always update and implement new reviews to ensure freshness and continuous feedback from customers.

By applying these methods, you can leverage the power of your customers to build trust and credibility, increase conversion rates, and enhance the shopping experience on your Shopify store.


In summary, adding product reviews to your Shopify store isn’t just a good idea – it’s really important in today’s online world. By listening to what customers have to say, you can boost sales, get noticed more online, build trust with shoppers, and find new ways to advertise. So, listen up to your customers’ voices and use their feedback to help your business grow. Good luck!

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