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How to use CartaSi Payment in Magento 2 stores

Summer Nguyen | 07-09-2019

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Do you really want to be successful with your e-commerce businesses on the Italian market? How can you reach the majority of customers using Italia Banks and related services? In this blog, we would be glad to introduce the most commonly used and trusted payment gateway for Italian: CartaSi. Integrating this payment into your Magento 2 store is so simple now with CartaSi Payment from Mageplaza which ensures that your Italian customers can pay using a familiar and secure payment method.

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Facts you may not know about CartaSi Payment

In Italia, there are around 17.7 million consumers regularly buying products and services online. In addition, for businesses outside Italia, you should understand that Italian also conduct international shopping up to 41% of the total buyer number. Hence, there is no doubt that this is a very potential and profitable market for every e-store all over the world. This buying demand leads online businesses to find a good payment method which can serve customers best.

CartaSi logo

Among all the provider should be recommended, CartaSi is one of the most well-known and popular used payment methods in Italy. It now is the leader in electronic money in Italy with over 2 billion transactions and a total of 13 million credit cards in circulation. It is undeniable that CartaSi is a powerful payment method that will enforce your webshop to attract Italian online consumers.

Facts about CartaSi Payment

Some highlight features that e-stores should keep in mind:

  • Most used payment method in Italy, with 13 Million issued cards.
  • Very swift payment processing
  • Safe and reliable with 3D Secure, minimizing chance on chargebacks.
  • Refunding possibility
  • Bring more convenience for both customers and e-commerce stores

How to integrate CartaSi in your Magento stores

In order to integrate CartaSi on your checkout page, please download the module here. Then you can follow these detailed instructions to install the module manually or via composer.

After having CartaSi extension installed on your Magento system, please follow the user guide here to configure the module and ready to let CartaSi work on your checkout page.

Important features supported by CartaSi extension

Another payment option in checkout

If your stores are serving a large number of consumers worldwide, CartaSi will become a great extra option for Italian buyers. With the friendly interface and various cart types supported, users from all over the world can have a more convenient and secure payment in their shopping journey.

Another Payment Option in Checkout

Multiple cart types can be applied

More options in Cart types to your customers bring more chance to increase successful payments and your sales. With CartaSi, various commonly used carts can be accepted and process the payment with ease. Some typical carts can be mentioned are VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners, and American Express.

CartaSi available when order amount meets conditions

The most interesting feature of CartaSi extension is allowing admin to limit the Orders can be applied for this payment by Order Value. There, Order Value can be Maximum amount or Minimum amount depending on store purpose. Following this, only order meets the conditions at the backend can see CartaSi payment at checkout and apply it. The rest does not satisfy the limit cannot see CartaSi and must use the other payment methods. This feature is built for motivating customers to boost their purchase so that they can use their favored banking service via CartaSi.

Limit Order Amount

Highly secure customer information

Unlike some payment method which can be used right on the checkout page of any store site, CartaSi totally redirects users to it’s hosted home page. By this, customers can conduct payment separately on a trusted and professional payment gateway. After filling all cart information at CartaSi Page, customers can be directed back to their buying channel and finish the purchase process.

No sensitive data stored

Full functions of CartaSi extension

For store admins

  • Activate/Deactivate the module
  • Choose to run the module on Testing/Production environment
  • Enter URL to redirect customers to when using CartaSi payment
  • Fill in the information of Merchant Alias and MAC Calculation Secret Key
  • Check the function of CartaSi by “Get Test URL” button

General Setting

  • Set the title for CartaSi payment at the checkout page
  • Choose order status which can be processed by CartaSi: Processing or Suspected Fraud
  • Set payment captured method: Authorize and Capture (Payment will be Capture immediately after the Customer place order successfully)
  • Set payment to be captured when Authorize (Payment will only be captured when admin creates an Invoice for Customer’s order)
  • Support ten languages which can be shown on CartaSi page
  • Choose the applicable countries for CartaSi
  • Set the smallest order amount allowed to be paid via CartaSi
  • Set the highest order amount can be paid using CartaSi
  • Support debug mode to save payment information in Magento web server
  • Set the displaying order of payment methods

For customers

  • Have another trusted choice for their checkout
  • Be able to enter one among various types of payment cards
  • Experience a great payment and shopping process

Final thoughts

By providing you with this local online payment method, it enables you to serve Italian online consumers in an easy way. CartaSi extension from Mageplaza brings another payment gateway facilitating e-commerce stores in the Italian market. CartaSi supports the most common payment cards, which creates the most convenience for customers.

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