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Harper Updated: May 05, 2022


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We received lots of requests from online merchants about extra features and extension compatibilities to optimize their Magento 2 stores. Hence, not only do we research to release new solutions, but we also focus on upgrading the current modules to ensure the best user experience as possible.

Here are updates that will be launched in the upcoming time. If you want to have any other features added or customization for any module, feel free to request that on each product page.

Table of Contents

1. Call For Price (Updated)

What is the Call For Price extension for?

Call For Price hides the price and replaces the add to cart button as other messages to encourage shoppers’ interactions with the store. What’s more, online merchants are allowed to set visibility for each customer group, and set certain rule to automatically display the call for price action. After that, they will be able to track the request status via a report in the backend. If you want to keep your price competitive and communicate directly with your customers, this extension is for you.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Config field address to call for price form: Add extra fields such as address, company, state, country,..
  • Support Upload Image
  • Attach a document
  • Best time to contact
  • By product price: Min price, Max Price: Apply call for price for products within the price range

Call for Price

Call for Price Extension for Magento 2

Hide price & Push customers reach out to you Learn more

2. Reward Points

What is the Reward Points extension for?

Reward Points in Magento 2 is a flexible reward system for you to create loyalty schemes. You can set up different rewards based on their purchases or other behaviours such as account registration, reviews and ratings, newsletter subscription, social sharing, etc. Other configuration ranges from point spending and earning rules as well to selling products by points. Thanks to this solution, customer retention becomes much easier.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Lifetime amount
  • Disable point earning for orders with applied points
  • Enable reward points notification: Show the reward points notifications to Guest when they checkout

3. Extra Fee

What is the Extra Fee extension for?

If you are looking for a solution to impose extra charges for additional services, Extra Fee module by Mageplaza is highly recommended. The fees will be applied based on conditions set in the backend and can be calculated in 3 ways: fixed amount for each item, fixed amount for each cart, or percentage of cart total. While stores are able to offer more services such as gift wrapping, quick delivery, or insurance service, customers can be aware of the exact extra amount they have to pay. Hence, this is a win-win situation for both parties.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Advanced Condition
  • Customer attributes conditions
  • Fee Calculation Applicability Condition
  • Display Product Fees on Product Page
    • Product Fees Position


Mageplaza Extra Fee Extension for Magento 2

Flexibly add unlimited extra fees on the checkout page Learn more

4. Product Feed (Updated)

What is the Product Feed extension for?

Want to showcase your products on multiple shopping channels? Product Feed will help you to do so without effort. Google Shopping, Bing, Facebook, and more - everything is possible using ready feed templates. Admins are enabled to upload product feed quickly via SFTP or FTP. Also, in the latest update, now you can also track the revenue of each feed via detailed reports. This approach will definitely reduce your workload and bring higher efficiency.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Delivery
    • HTTP Server Post to URL
    • Webservice/API/GraphQl

5. Gift Card

What is the Gift Card extension for?

Sending gift cards to your loved ones has become a new trend when finding gifts for someone is too difficult. Start offering your customers gift cards by using Mageplaza Gift Card extension. Not only can admins create custom designs via drag and drop, but shoppers can also personalize each card with flexible designs, entered amount, messages, and delivery date. After that, the usage and delivery are diverse to choose from.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Manage Gift Code - comment
  • Check Gift Card Code Status in the frontend (product view page)

Gift Card

Gift Card Extension for Magento 2

Create, design & sell gift card products on your web store Learn more

6. Free Gifts

What is the Free Gifts extension for?

A popular promotion can be offering gifts to your customers to promote specific items or motivate more purchases. With Free Gifts for Magento 2, certain rules based on product attributes or cart attributes can be configured, as well as the gift can be set as free, or discounted by percentage or fixed price. Besides the automatic gift application, customers can manually select gifts, and in the case of configurable gifts, they can even select attributes.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Automatically display free gifts with a limited quantity: No requirements to buy the product)
  • Show promo for each product right on the category page: Customers will be redirected to the free gifts page
  • Free Gift Minicart: Show an extra cart to track how many products and gifts are there.

7. Layered Navigation

What is the Layered Navigation extension for?

Boost your SEO performance by enhancing shoppers’ experience in the product search process. The default Magento 2 only gives limited options to filter search results, but there is higher demand than that. In Layered Navigation by Mageplaza, extra filtering options will be provided, including an in-stock filter, new products, sales, rating filter, or price sliders. A Shop by Brand page is also available for the Ultimate version to promote featured brands easily.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Push out-of-stock products to the bottom of categories

8. Shop By Brand

What is the Shop By Brand extension for?

Customers tend to choose brands that sound familiar to them, so if you are a retailer of many brands, it is essential to take advantage of this fact to boost sales. Shop By Brand extension can help by creating a separate brand page that has an instant search box, filtered by alphabet brand list, and configured featured brands. Once customers go to this page, they are able to explore more brands and give quicker purchase decisions.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Add brands list widget
  • Compatible with Layered Navigation (Standard, Pro, Ultimate): show the layered navigation filter on the brand page.

Shop By Brand

Mageplaza Shop By Brand Extension for Magento 2

Enable customers to buy from their favorite brands effortlessly Learn more

These feature updates are upon our plan in the meantime, so please keep updated by following this blog post. We will update as soon as there are any changes or if each update is released. If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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