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Upcoming New Feature Updates by Mageplaza - April 2022

Summer Nguyen | 04-12-2022

Upcoming New Feature Updates by Mageplaza - April 2022 Upcoming New Feature Updates by Mageplaza - April 2022

The Most Popular Extension Builder for Magento 2

With a big catalog of 224+ extensions for your online store

As you can see, a fresh new image of Mageplaza has been launched, and we are trying our best to accomplish missions we addressed, which is “to create a wide variety of well-coded, fully-featured & innovative extensions with the most dedicated and sustainable support”. Therefore, in the upcoming time, we will keep you updated with our new feature updates plan, so that if you need any other features or customization, you can request that easily on each product page.

Now, let’s scroll down for new features and compatibility we plan to release soon.

upcomming feature of mageplaza extension

1. Product Labels (Updated)

What is the Product Labels extension for?

Product Labels attaches eye-catching labels to products to drive more customers’ attention. Online stores are able to select ready-to-use labels, or design labels as they wish. These labels are applied automatically to products according to set rules. This solution saves your time and costs to promote items effectively.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Hide Label with Zero Value
  • Stock label: Display if Stock is lower than
  • On Sale Condition:
    • Minimal Discount Amount/ Percentage
    • Rounding of Discount Percentage
  • New Product Condition:
    • Use New from Date and New to Date
    • Use Created Date

product labels

Product Labels for Magento 2

Create eye-catching product labels to grab more customer attention

Check it out!

2. Layered Navigation (Updated)

What is the Layered Navigation extension for?

Layered Navigation in Magento 2 equips your store with a user-friendly filtering system, allowing customers to find desired products with ease, and give your site higher rankings on search engines. More filters are available, together with the AJAX technology will surely improve your page load speed, and convert more buyers.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Exclude Rating/ Stock filter from categories (Professional version)
  • The highlight for links (Ultimate version)

Layered Navigation

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

Simplify your shopping experience with our advanced search and filter options

Check it out!

3. Gift Card (Updated)

What is the Gift Card extension for?

When gift giving can be a burden to some customers, Gift Card module by Mageplaza will solve that problem. Buyers can custom their gift cards and send digital ones to users via mail, email, or SMS. The usage is also vary, because they can use those vouchers online by using the coupon code, or offline by printing the card at home then bring to stores.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Send emails to several recipients

Gift Card

Gift Card for Magento 2

Enhance customer loyalty through convenient and flexible gift card solutions

Check it out!

4. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager (Updated)

What is the Google Tag Manager extension for?

Want to add and edit tags quickly without much technical knowledge? Google Tag Manager measures how data is performing via a web–based tool that uses simple tagging process. With the support of Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Facebook Pixel, and Google Adwords Conversion Tracking, your website will be optimized in all aspects.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Google Analytics Opt Out (Compatible with GDPR Pro)
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics

5. SEO (Updated)

What is the SEO extension for?

Improving your ranking on search engine is essential to drive more traffic and sales, but this can be difficult to those who do not have much time or technical knowledge. Here’s your solution: Magento 2 SEO plugin ensures your website perform well to comply with search engine requirements to get your site reach higher positions automatically, without any code modifications.

Upcoming New Features:

HTML Sitemap

  • Exclude Category Ids
  • Show As( Tree, List)
  • Products Sitemap
    • Split By First Letter
    • Arrange Product by (ASC and DESC)
    • Hide Out Of Stock Products


SEO for M2

Drive more traffic to your online store and boost your rank on search engines

Check it out!

6. Affiliate (Updated)

What is the Affiliate extension for?

If you have bought something via word-of-mouth marketing or others’ recommendations, you know how effective affiliate programs are. Reach more potential customers thanks to your current loyal buyers, just by offering them a small amount of commission. Affiliate extension for Magento 2 allows you to create multiple affiliate programs, and enables affiliates to share flexibly on various platforms.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Compatible with Mageplaza Store Credit (Withdraw) (Standard)
  • Report Click, Impression Banners (Ultimate)

7. PDF Invoice (Updated)

What is the PDF Invoice extension for?

Due to the default Magento 2 extension, online merchants are in need of PDF Invoice extension to flexibly send important documents in the PDF format to customers. Users can choose ready-made templates, or create their own and add extra information such as barcode and QR code with ease. Besides that, these files can be printed and downloaded from My Order page or the backend.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Update designs

Suggest more related items for customers to get more sales? Automatic Related Products blocks can be shown anywhere on your site, with high level of customization, where designs can be changed and products will be shown in set orders, according to set rules. Thanks to this module, your product recommendations will be made automatically, and of course, with great performance.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Add See all with Product layout = Slider (with Slider, when clicking See all, customers will be redirected to another page to view all products in that slider)
  • Configure slider in Dots, Slide Vertical, Infinite, Auto Play, Arrows, width Images,…)

9. Mass Product Actions (Updated)

What is the Mass Product Actions extension for?

Running a large online store is stressful when you need to take repetitive actions to multiple products. However, now you can eliminate this problem by using Mass Product Actions for Magento 2. It is possible to mass update product attributes, related products, update images or websites, all via pop-ups.

Upcoming New Features:

  • Mass add, delete Customize options

10. Free Gifts (Updated)

What is the Free Gifts extension for?

Offering free gifts to your customers is an old-school marketing strategy, as it can motivate them to make quicker purchase decisions, and buy more than they intent to. Mageplaza PWA-ready Free Gifts is what you need to allocate gifts to products and display on pages. You can set gift adding as automatic or manual process, and allow customers to pick or change gifts as they want.

Upcoming New Features:

Free Gifts

Free Gifts for Magento 2

Retain customers and boost sales easily by offering free gifts

Check it out!

In case of any questions or concerns, feel free tocontact us for more support. We also have a big sale until April 15, 2022 only, so hurry up to get these extensions at the best prices!

Grab your deal!

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