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Comprehensive Guide on How to Remove “Powered by Shopify”

This guide will show how to remove “Powered by Shopify” label in your domestic store and improve your brand’s appearance, and keep customers in check. It is advisable to use the following steps to change the footer or use the admin settings on Shopify to change the footer and make it more representative of your brand since you fully own the footer section on your site. In addition to removing any distractions, this customization offers the chance to include important connections and information, including social media icons, payment badges, and contact information. It also  improves the user experience overall and promotes conversions.

What is ‘Powered by Shopify’?

The phrase “Powered by Shopify” is often used on websites selling goods through Shopify’s service as an online marketplace. A well-liked e-commerce platform called Shopify enables companies to set up and run online stores. This is often placed in a footer of such a website and contains information that Shopify Software and resources were employed in building and running such site.
What is ‘Powered by Shopify

Here are a few key points about “Powered by Shopify”:

  • Platform Identification:It means that this present website was developed using Shopify. This is an e-commerce solution that is well-known for hosting large online stores that are equipped with multiple features and have an amazing user-friendly design.
  • Branding: It functions as a kind of branding for Shopify by gently endorsing their products to website users. When users see “Powered by Shopify,” they are aware of the e-commerce platform.
  • Typical Footer Section: This text appears in the footer by default when a Shopify store is created. Depending on their inclinations and the plan to which they belong, store owners have the option to either retain or delete it.
  • Customization: Shopify in general grants a high degree of freedom to retailers to design their online shops. However, businesses can remove this text tagline that says “Powered by Shopify” though many businesses leave it because it makes their products even more unique.
  • Trust and Reliability: Recognition of the term ‘Powered by Shopify’ may create a positive effect in consumer’s minds because Shopify is well known for providing secure and reliable e-business platforms.

How to remove “Powered by Shopify” from your online store

We’ll teach you how to remove this term or replace it with something more appropriate for your brand now that you understand its meaning, the reason it exists, and what you may use in its stead.

Method 1: Take off “Powered by Shopify” without using any code

Step 1: Go to Online Store > Themes in your Shopify admin and choose the three dots next to the theme you’re using.

Step 2: Then choose Edit default theme content from the option that displays.

You’ll be brought to a menu where you may change your theme with an enormous number of settings. We just need to locate the fields for the “Powered by Shopify” instances.

Step 2

Step 3: Simply enter “Powered by Shopify” into the search field to narrow down your possibilities.

Step 4: Enter these into the fields and hit the spacebar to delete them from your shop. This will eliminate the proposed text that is grayed out.

Click Save. Once you save your changes, your main website and password page will no longer say “Powered by Shopify.”

Step 4

Method 2: Using code editing, remove “Powered by Shopify”

You can choose to accomplish it more difficult if that is how you would want.

Step 1: To access the code editor, click the three-button symbol on your current theme and select Edit code.

step 1 method 2

Step 2: Navigate to the Sections folder in the code editor and choose the footer.liquid file. To initiate a search within an HTML file, use Control+F on a PC or Command+F on a Mac.

Step 3: To find the code snippet, type “powered_by_link” into the search bar and click Next. 

Step 3 method 2

Step 4: Select the code and remove it. 

Step 5: Once the code has been removed, click Save. 

This content may also be changed to suit your needs; you can even include a link to something of your choosing.

The HTML area in the Edit default theme content settings is for the password page. Thus, you may edit the content and add an HTML link using that field.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 same Method 2

Step 4: To change that code snippet, simply open the code editor as before, search for “powered_by_link,” and enter the following (changing the URL and TEXT to suit your needs).

Here’s your chance to show off your professionalism as a well-run, customer-focused store by showcasing your footer.

You may add useful requirements like the following and change the words “Powered by Shopify” to your logo.

  • Icons for social networking,
  • Badges for payments,
  • Terms of service and privacy policy,
  • Subscribe to the newsletter, 
  • Contact details,
  • Notice of copyright,
  • App download.

This area may be used to display everything that a possible client might be looking for. Maintain organization to avoid overwhelming and confusing users.

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How come Shopify’s branding should be removed?

Think about deleting this content to give your store a more polished appearance, eliminate a link that directs visitors away from your website, and promote your own business. Undoubtedly, your sector is competitive, so you must take advantage of every opportunity to keep customers coming in.

As everyone knows, the likelihood of a buyer returning to your online business is quite low, particularly if they haven’t yet gotten into your sales funnel. Every word on your page should inform visitors and encourage them to make a purchase, a process known as conversion. 

How come Shopify's branding should be removed

Put simply, after all the effort you’ve put into bringing visitors to your site in the first place, you don’t want them to leave. Rather, make every attempt to guide them through your ordering funnel.

For a detailed tutorial on eliminating the “Powered by Shopify” link from your store and increasing the likelihood that customers will stay on your website and make a purchase, continue reading.


In summary, “Powered by Shopify” is a phrase seen on Shopify-built e-commerce sites. It signifies the use of Shopify’s platform, enhancing site credibility. While it’s optional, many store owners prefer to remove or customize it for a more professional look. Methods include editing theme content or code. Enhancing the footer with custom elements like social media icons, payment badges, and contact information can improve user experience and retention. Removing Shopify’s branding can help keep visitors focused on your store, improving conversion rates and promoting your brand more effectively.

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