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Related Products in Magento 2: Some Drawbacks and Solutions

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The appearance of Magento 2 marked the outstanding development of supporting platform for e-commerce. With the improved features from Magento 1 and new features created such as the introduction of automatic related product function, Magento 2 is extremely helpful for online merchants in doing their businesses. However, there are still some drawbacks of Magento 2 that need to be greatly improved. In this post, I want to point out some limitations of Related Products in Magento 2 and also the solutions for these problems.

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

After choosing a certain product, the related product block will appear with a list of suggested items for customers. However, beside products that do not offer custom options like simple products or downloadable products, other items are displayed without providing the checkbox for buyers to select. In other words, in Magento 2 default setting of related product, consumers have to click on every single item to add to cart and customize their options. Configurable, bundle, and grouped products cannot be added immediately from the related product block.

No support offered to buy separate items

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

In Magento 2, if customers hope to buy related items, they have to add the main product to cart to wait for the appearance of related product block. This feature is considered as a big drawback of Magento 2 that prevents shopping doers from making purchase of separate products.

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

In default setting, customers will receive a message when they manage to add main product to cart. If purchasers decide to buy some related products, they cannot check their selected products in cart. Instead, they have to find the mini cart to take a look at all chosen products. It consequently exerts much inconvenience for buyers.

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

If your online stores are running on Magento platform and you are struggling in looking for a solution to boost sales based on related product function, Mageplaza Automatic Related Product extension is the best choice for you. This extension is created not only to handle all the drawbacks in Magento 2, but also to offer other outstanding features to cross-sell, up-sell, and so on.

With Automatic Related Product extension, Mageplaza helps online merchants generate rules for their own stores and products at ease with no limitation to the quantity of rules. Therefore, not only related product block is created but also other blocks such as daily deals, new productd, featured products, random products, best-sellers are also generated easily. By offering a wide range of suggestions for customers, our extension is sure to increase the value and quantity of items per order for your businesses.


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Automatic Related Products

In conclusion, Magento 2 is among the most supportive platforms for any online merchants; however, there are still some disadvantages that need to be improved. Therefore, the addition of an extension like Automatic Related Products is a wise investment for every store admin to perfect their online selling system.

automatic related product

Automatic Related Products for M2

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