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Auto Related Products: 9 Tips for cross-selling and up-selling

Summer Nguyen | 01-16-2018

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Among several marketing methods used to boost sales, using auto related products is considered to be one of the most effective ways for any online merchants. To make use of auto related products, store owners often use an Automatic Related Products Extension which offers them various recommendation blocks such as related items, up-sells, cross-sells, and so on. And now, let find out some tips to make you become a master of using upsells and cross-sells for you stores.

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1. Understand the difference between upsells and cross-sells

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Upsells are products expected to be bought by customers when they are searching for a certain type of product. These products are usually of the same type with the searched items; however, they are more expensive and much better in quality. Store owners often use this marketing strategy with the intention to increase the value of each order by persuade shopping doers to purchase better products.

Cross-sells are products randomly recommended for customers when they are in the shopping cart before payment process happens. The use of this recommendation tool is to attract consumers’ attention and persuade them to shop more products in last minute.

2. Keep a suitable number of recommendation items

Many people think that more items that you suggest, the more possibilities that your customers will purchase additional products. However, if you overuse these recommendations by adding too many suggested items, it may overwhelm your customers. For example, if you provide more than 20 suggestions to web browsers; consequently, they cannot find suitable products to meet their demands. Therefore, try to make appropriate recommendations for your customers to boost revenues.


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Automatic Related Products

3. Group your products into bundles

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

When you put your items into group, it is an effective way to encourage customers to buy both upsells and cross-sells. For example, you can group a laptop with a mouse, charger, and headphones into a package. The bundling of these items help shopping doers easily find the products that they may need beside the main product. Therefore, they will possibly purchase the whole page instead of a single product.

4. Understand your customers

Getting to know your customers is of utmost importance for any online merchants. Once you can understand exactly what their wants, needs, and demands are, you can give suitable suggestions to persuade them purchase your products. Therefore, a strong database about previous orders of consumers is significant for making recommendation process.

5. Remember the rule of 25

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

The rule is do not try to persuade your customers purchase a product that 25% more expensive the original product that they are looking for. Remember that rule to avoid any useless recommendations for your customers.

In conclusion, upsells and cross-sells can remarkably increase your revenues if you know how to apply them wisely. If you are still a newbie to Magento 2 and e-commerce, let Mageplaza Automatic Related Products extension help you to boost sales. With this friendly-for-user extension, you can yourself generate as many rules as possible for your store to attract customers’ attention and drive more sales. To find more about our extension and figure out how greatly it can be beneficial to your business.

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

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