4 Outstanding Advantages Of Product Recommendation Engines

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4 Outstanding Advantages Of Product Recommendation Engines

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Since we are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, the wave of e-commerce enterprises breaks out as a predictable result. The development of advanced technology pays the way to the success of numerous online merchants. Among various supporting tools created for online store, product recommendation engines seem to be one of the most detrimental factors contributing to the success of any store. Research and surveys have showed that product recommendation engines have many advantages. In this post, the most five impressive benefits of using such amazing tools for any online merchant will be revealed.

Increase revenues

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

One of the most impressive advantages of using search engines is boosting sales for online merchants. With different recommendation engines such as recommended for you, who bought this item also bought, related products, best sellers, and so on, online stores can offer web browsers more choices when they are shopping. Consequently, these methods pay the way to the increase in numbers of items as well as the average value per order. One noticeable example of successful online enterprises when applying product recommendation engines is Amazon. Statistics in 2015 have showed that 35% of Amazon total revenues come from the positive effects of recommendation engines that this giant online merchant used.

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Create customer satisfaction

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Product recommendation engines perform a really good job in creating a sense of satisfaction among consumers during and even after their searching session. When they enter keywords to look for their desire products, the algorithms will analyze based on several criteria such as keywords, previous purchase,… to figure out customer tastes and preferences. Therefore, visitors can receive appropriate suggestion when they are shopping. Even when they finish purchasing a product, shop admins can also send recommendations to shopping doers via their emails or their next shopping sessions. The proper suggestions at the right time and right place make web browsers easier to find out what they want. This is the way product recommendation engines generate customer retention for all their visitors.

Personalize individual interest

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

Product recommendation engines provide suggestions not only based on customer tastes and references but also the opinions from other people. It means that a user can take other products purchased by other people into their consideration. Besides, their own opinions about one product via rating or commenting will be recorded to set up their own storage of data. As a result, buyers will receive suggestions individually that make them feel they are given special care and attention.

Provide reports

Mageplaza Auto Related Products

This function is integral to a personalization system. In other words, it is the determining factor that directly affects the decision of consumers. By offering them the accurate and the most up-to-date report, the system forces them to make solid decisions about their purchases. In other words, consumers can easily manage their orders thanks to report system.

In summary, product recommendation engines are among the most important tools for any online merchants that want to take advantage of e-commerce. If you are struggling looking for a suitable supporting engine for your store, let Mageplaza help you with our products. Here come our great product recommendation engines that you can take into your consideration: automatic related product, who bought this item also bought. For more details, please visit our website: https://www.mageplaza.com/magento-2-automatic-related-products/

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