Top 20+ Best High Converting Shopify themes

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If you want to be sure that you can make money off your Shopify store, you might want to use one of the best Shopify conversion themes for this reason. These designs guide users to take action that leads to a purchase, registration, or another conversion that profits your company. The more you convert your platform, the more recurring revenue you can earn from your site or the sales of your website.

Shopify themes are provided in different types and sizes. But there are few which are technically tailored to persuasion and high conversions. This is partly because there is lots of research. You may have to seriously consider ROI for consumer acquisition in the region if you intend to join the eCommerce business. This article will give you a list of the best Shopify themes known for delivering the most optimal conversion features to your store.

What is a good converting Shopify theme?

Several factors determine a high-converting Shopify theme, but the following are some of the most crucial ones to consider.


Speed is an essential conversion factor. You lose about 7 percent of your sales for every second it takes for your Web site to load it into the browser. The website’s average load time is 8-9 seconds. The average website then losses about half its profits.

CTA (Call-to-action)

Another perfect way to maximize conversions is to create a design that lets the viewer get interested. A successful call-to-action will affect your conversion rate significantly. You must attract the audience’s interest to those parts of your Web site in many respects. Next, the text size, color of buttons, or even the position of the text on the page can be changed.

Conversions can also be made on the website using improved navigational options. Within two or three taps, users want to enter their destination on your web. However, with great images, photographs, and storytelling, you can also boost conversion.


Top 20+ Best high converting Shopify themes

1. Blum theme


If you’re looking for a Shopify theme that’s designed to maximize conversions, the Blum Shopify Theme by SalesHunterTheme is the perfect choice!

Blum theme is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your customers enjoy a smooth and effortless shopping experience no matter where they are. With lightning-fast loading speeds, your customers won’t get frustrated waiting for your store to load.

Blum’s user experience has been carefully crafted to make it easy for your customers to navigate your store, evaluate products, and complete purchases quickly and easily. Plus, with customizable product pages and a quick view option, you can further enhance the customer experience.

The Blum Shopify Theme is the ideal choice for businesses that prioritize high conversion rates. Its clean and modern design makes it the best option for industries such as fashion, beauty, and health.

Key features:

  • Lightning-fast loading speeds
  • Mobile - first design focusing on modern shopper behaviors
  • Visual storytelling elements
  • Intuitive navigation and quick view option available
  • Very SEO-friendly
  • Customizable product pages and product filters
  • Product image zoom & image rollover
  • Sticky cart

View on Shopify Theme Store

2. Parallax theme


Parallax theme is a really minimalist theme for Shopify. It will help you draw your business interest and help you easily convert your website. The stunning style is ideal for all industry niches, but it is suitable for fashion industry companies.

Parallax provides some excellent functions to help you convert users. The first off is the filtering method for the product. Products may be viewed and filtered by their colors, sizes, and other markers, to be applied to the mix. AJAX drives product, cart, and assortment pages and helps to deliver a speedy shop attribute to convert more customers quicker by way of a more convenient shopping experience.

Besides, those who develop long-term client relationships will be delighted to see the newsletter, which encourages guests to subscribe to a list of mailings. This is an essential function that helps you to attract more consumers to offer. On average, a visitor could purchase from you between five and 12 encounters. You will never turn them to a client if you do not agree to a mailing list, so they forget your brand.

You can also generate trust with audiences who give great consumer feedback. Thanks to the free app included in the theme, this applies to Shopify as well. With tools for social media networking, you can also help convert consumers via social media.

Key features

  • Responsive slider with custom and automatic price tags, prices, and buttons
  • Unique QuickShop function
  • Shop location with Google map direction
  • Product filters
  • Full-width mega-menu
  • Switchable collections

Pricing: $240 USD

View on Shopify Theme Store

3. Shella

Shella Theme

Shella is a versatile and modern Shopify theme developed by MPIthemes. Renowned for its flexibility and sleek design, Shella offers online merchants a plethora of customizable features to tailor their storefronts to their unique brand aesthetics. With its responsive design, Shella ensures a seamless shopping experience across various devices, from desktops to smartphones, maximizing customer accessibility.

Key highlights of Shella include its advanced mega menu functionality, which allows for the creation of custom navigation menus with dropdowns and promotional banners. Additionally, the theme boasts robust product filtering and sorting options, streamlining the browsing process for shoppers. Shella’s SEO-friendly design enhances online visibility, while its compatibility with Shopify apps enables users to expand their store’s capabilities effortlessly.

Key features:

  • Timers that count down for pricing and inventory
  • A persistent cart box that stays visible when scrolling
  • Tool for suggesting complementary products
  • Progress bar indicating progress towards free shipping
  • Pop-up notifications for sales
  • Tool for constructing banners
  • Bars that remain fixed to the top or bottom of the screen
  • Ability for customers to place orders in advance
  • Buttons for checkout that change dynamically
  • Compatibility with well-known dropshipping applications
  • Currency converter connected with Shopify Payments
  • 100 pre-designed pages including 18 homepage variants, 18 presets (“skins”), 13 collection page variants, and 6 product page variants.

Pricing: $59

4. Wokiee Theme

Wokiee Theme

A generic-looking online store can harm an ecommerce brand’s reputation. However, creating a unique and original design that sets your store apart from competitors can be costly. Fortunately, with a highly customizable theme like Wokiee, this expense is no longer a concern.

Wokiee stands out as one of the most popular multipurpose themes on ThemeForest, boasting an impressive average customer rating of 4.99 from over 21,000 customers. It offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to tailor their online store to their specific needs and preferences.

Considering its affordable price and remarkable versatility, Wokiee proves to be an excellent choice for the majority of ecommerce store owners seeking to boost conversions.

Key features:

  • Over 99 content sections available
  • More than 90 options for homepage designs
  • A selection of over 100 preset layouts, also known as “skins”
  • Twelve different header styles to choose from
  • Seven variations of collection page layouts
  • Six different layouts for product pages
  • Tools for suggesting complementary products
  • Integration of video, AR, and 3D media
  • Integration of an Instagram Shop

Pricing: $79

5. Motion Theme

Motion Theme

When it comes to design, simplicity often reigns supreme. Utilizing monochromatic colors, ample white space, and straightforward typography can be just as effective as more intricate design elements. Furthermore, a minimalist theme focuses squarely on the products, potentially leading to increased conversions.

In our assessment, Motion emerges as the top choice for a minimalist theme. Developed by Archetype, a leading provider of themes in the Shopify marketplace, Motion boasts numerous features tailored to drive conversions. It offers two black-and-white styles labeled “Minimal” and “Classic,” along with a sophisticated dark blue and light gray option named “Elegant.”

Like other themes in the Shopify Themes marketplace, Motion offers an unlimited free trial, allowing you to pay only when you’re ready to launch your store.

Key features:

  • Cross-selling features driven by a recommendation engine
  • Badges indicating product attributes and trustworthiness
  • Reviews from customers about products
  • Pop-up promotions to attract attention
  • Counter displaying remaining stock of products

Pricing: $360

6. Impulse


Clothing brands place a high emphasis on visual storytelling and minimalist design in their online storefronts. After thorough evaluation, Impulse emerges as the optimal theme for retailers in this sector, seamlessly blending fashionable aesthetics with conversion-driven features.

Crafted by Archetype, Impulse stands out as a versatile theme, garnering a remarkable 95% positive feedback from over 700 customers on the Shopify Themes platform. Additionally, the theme offers two distinct black-and-white styles dubbed “Modern” and “Clean,” along with a sleek black-and-gold option labeled “Bold.”

Key features:

  • Product and trust badges
  • Promo popups
  • Cross-selling tools
  • Stock counter
  • Product reviews
  • FAQ pages
  • Multilingual support for French, Italian, Spanish, and German

Pricing: $380

7. Corano Themes

Corano Themes

Jewelry brands epitomize luxury and prestige, often opting for a color scheme that blends white with gold, silver, or bronze, mirroring the hues of their exquisite products. Among the themes tailored to meet these requirements, Corano stands out as an exceptional choice.

With nearly 700 sales and an outstanding rating of 4.97 from over 30 customer reviews, Corano ranks as one of the premier jewelry themes available on ThemeForest. This theme boasts eight distinct homepage variations and four header options, ensuring flexibility and customization to suit your preferences and requirements.

Key features:

  • Banners for collections
  • Inventory tracker
  • Pop-up notification
  • Timer for countdowns
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Comparing products
  • Customer reviews
  • Compact cart display
  • Incorporating video, AR, and 3D media
  • Builder allowing drag-and-drop functionality
  • Supporting multiple languages

Pricing: $48

8. Prestige


Health and beauty brands often employ a diverse range of colors, spanning from deep blues to earthy greens, and even monochromatic palettes. Among various niches, this sector stands out as exceptionally flexible in terms of branding possibilities.

In our analysis, Prestige emerged as an outstanding theme for brands within this niche. Garnering a remarkable 92% positive feedback from over 500 reviews, Prestige is renowned for its capacity to drive conversions, emphasizing visual storytelling and editorial content. The theme offers three distinct skins: a minimalist option named “Couture,” a monochromatic variant called “Allure,” and a vibrant, multi-colored style dubbed “Vogue.”

Key features:

  • Tools for cross-selling
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Promotions displayed within menus
  • Badges indicating product attributes and reliability
  • Reviews from customers regarding products
  • Pop-up promotions advertising special offers
  • Counter displaying remaining product stock

Pricing: $380

9. Expanse theme

Expanse theme

Home and decor brands typically manage extensive product inventories. An ideal theme for such companies should feature adaptable category pages and filters, facilitating visitors in finding precise products to meet their requirements.

Expanse emerges as the optimal Shopify theme for brands within this niche, boasting an impressive 94% positive feedback from over 120 customers. Developed by Archetype, Expanse includes built-in custom-ordered grouped collection filters, catering to dropshippers and high-volume stores, which handle substantial sales volumes.

Key features:

  • Cross-selling tools
  • Cart recommendations
  • FAQs
  • In-menu promotions
  • Product and trust badges
  • Product reviews
  • Promo popups

Pricing: $380

10. Booster Theme

Booster Theme

Booster Theme is the top-choice premium Shopify theme for driving conversions. Trusted by over 46,000 stores, it offers a myriad of features tailored for merchants of all skill levels.

One of the big advantages of Booster Theme is that it comes with several marketing and sales tools already built-in. This could save you money on extra apps you might need for things like product filters, special offers, or improving your search engine ranking (SEO). There are also likely different design options to customize the look of your store.

Before you jump in, there are a couple of things to consider. First, like Shella, Booster Theme likely costs money, although the exact price isn’t readily available. Second, while the built-in apps sound useful, some features might require you to pay extra within the theme itself.

Key features

  • Customizable cart interaction
  • Shipping promotion banner
  • Clickable product images
  • Timer for limited-time offers
  • Tool for suggesting complementary items
  • Automated chat system on Facebook Messenger
  • Real-time purchase notifications
  • Translator for different languages
  • Content tailored to location
  • 20 preset demo stores for different niches

Price: $249/year ($399/lifetime)

11. Responsive theme


Responsive themes is one of the best Shopify themes to help you turn visitors into buyers and members. You will get more sales from your shop and you can get more money quickly. The theme is extremely responsive and can be properly viewed on any monitor or screen. There are several customizations that allow you to create a smart, modern, and customer friendly website.

By uploading the current brand logo, you can develop loyalty with your customers. This is one of Shopify’s best conversion themes since it will help you build an online presence. You can create a text-based logo with the logo designer. You can also get a personalized website favicon that supports your SEO.

You can also adjust the backdrop to the colors of your brand to help create a strong brand identity. You can do this even on the order buttons on the website. Of course, you can also compare the shopping colors to figure out what colors better convert.

Key features

  • Fully responsive for tablet, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Social media integration
  • SEO optimized
  • Customizable fonts throughout the website
  • Drop-down menus
  • Available uploads for the existing logo, custom background, or color scheme
  • Related products display

View on Shopify Theme Store

Pricing: $240 USD

12. Retina theme


Retina theme has thousands of intelligent features as a special Shopify theme. It’s a durable design, a perfect choice for your online company. It supports solid tools and equipment to render Ultra efficiency with excellent UI/UX and provides a wide range of layouts and designs that build various frameworks and satisfy all individual needs. With your configuration settings, you can totally manage the entire website and adjust the super menu, banner, site contents, photos, products, collections, and so much more.

The Retina Shopify theme helps your site to be transmitted to your computers without the expense of submitting the entire program every time without the need for continuous data access. Price, SEO, and revenues are improved.

Key features

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • RTL layout by specified languages
  • Powerful product section and mega menu
  • Sticky cart
  • Comprehensive product page builder
  • GeoIP currency
  • Banner Creator

Pricing: $220 USD

View on Shopify Theme Store

13. Superstore Theme

Superstore Theme
Superstore Theme

If you want something that offers you a highly sensitive interface, high rankings, and fantastic conversions, Superstore Theme may be the perfect alternative for you. Four theme styles are available, so you can design websites that fall in close proximity to the brand and theme of your business.

There is a wide, multilevel menu option to help you bring visitors to the right locations on your website. There is also a brilliant ‘quick buy’ feature that decreases the number of user experiences from browsing to purchases which helps to convert additional customers.

There is a wonderful Instagram feed functionality to maximize the connection between you and the guests. This is nice since social media can be a perfect way to increase subscribers & consumer engagement, such as Youtube & Instagram. However, most topics have no basic functionality, and you require an Instagram Shop program to enforce this, which will slow your store down.

Key features

  • Quick Buy
  • Multi-column menu
  • Multi-level menu
  • Slide show
  • Various home page displays
  • Customizable content sections
  • Free stock photos by Burst


  • Superstore Theme / Beauty: $320
  • Superstore Theme / Fashion: $320
  • Superstore Theme / Tech: $320

Get Superstore Theme

14. Flex Shopify Theme

 Flex Theme ALT_TITLE
Flex Theme

Flex theme is one of the latest Shopify theme inventions from Out of the Sandbox that has received huge orders and ratings. Flex Shopify has the utmost power which has endless choices to make the shopping ideas come alive.

It helps the customer to drag and drop the theme to get the store background you like for your shop. It comes with several designs and uniquely adjusted sections to provide you with a simple touch of a button to control the setting and initialization. The additional Custom CSS improves the ability to use Shopify, for either store owners or dropshippers.

Flex themes are considered by store owners with various products and niches, and 12 unique styles have been designed by the developers to suit your niche needs. Each theme includes a demo shop import with all the necessary niche content and style. You can either choose to use the Flex demo layout from a Six - Pre-built demo shop or use the regular demo, which can be customized to modify and appear as you would wish. It has offered flexibility and provides unlimited customization choices from pages into the home page layout.

Key features

  • Unlimited control and design options
  • Addition of custom CSS
  • 12 unique layouts with different styling
  • A comprehensive set of visual elements and icons
  • Multiple layouts and section options
  • Drop down and mega menu support
  • Complete documentation with video tutorials

Pricing: $495

Get Flex theme

15. Turbo theme

Turbo theme for Shopify
Turbo theme for Shopify

Turbo theme is an ideal theme for building a Shopify website that is above your competitors’ performance. It is proud of its high configuration and eye-catching flexible style to cater to the consumers at first glance. In comparison, Turbo key asset is speed and smartphone interface optimization, which is essential to build customer satisfaction. Satisfied consumers help the online store expand and everywhere get a reputation.

Turbo is suitable for big catalog stores, especially shops since huge volumes can be easily stored and handled. Therefore, it can become a barrier for any size shop that does not want to lose versatility and design. There are a total of 6 themes in the Turbo Shopify theme collection.

There are other powerful Turbo features to mention, such as predictive search (live), rapid Quick View, multiple action button slide show or full-width banner, text, and color, more advanced website models, more advanced style features for newsletter subscribers, video banner parts to supply In addition to its widget, Turbo is frequently updated, which enables users to continue using its new functionality without paying any additional costs.

Key features

  • Predict search
  • Multi-tag filter
  • Quick Shop
  • Advanced mega menu and page layouts
  • Mini cart
  • Gallery page/Lookbook
  • Size chart

Pricing: $425

Turbo Shopify theme is priced for a one-time payment.

Visit Turbo Theme

16. Shoptimize theme


Shoptimized theme is the first unofficial Shopify theme developed by the Conversion Rate Specialist Bradley Long. With Shoptimized, you can save up to $2,011 a year on applications that you no longer use in addition to lightning-fast website load times. This is because Shoptimized™ has over 30 features for better conversion to help you convert clicks into customers.

The theme is also included in an application that gives you real-time social proof updates such as “A has just bought…”, “B has also bought…”, “5 best items sold in the last hour…”. You can also be supported with free upgrades with this app so that each time you upgrade to the new edition, you do not have to reconfigure the theme.

With Shoptimized™, you can apply a tag to any items on which the countdown timer is shown. Select the number of days or hours from which the timeframe counts. It even resets when it hits zero automatically. You can therefore set it and forget it. It is also possible for your guests to quickly identify and purchase items by tailoring the mega-menu to fit your niche and product selection. You can switch off the mega-menu and adhere to conventional navigation before the portfolio becomes large enough.

Shoptimized™ is our number one option if you’re looking for a subject that is incredibly personalized, quick to use, and gives you more money.

Key features

  • Countdown timer
  • GEO-IP Recognition
  • Currency Switcher
  • Email pop-up and marketing integrations with popular tools
  • Risk-Reversal and Value Proposition display
  • Built-in Social proof Pop-up
  • Mega-menu
  • Customizable CTA button
  • Product badge
  • Product filter

Get Shoptimize theme

Pricing plans

Shoptimized™’s pricing plans
Shoptimized™’s pricing plans

Shoptimized™ offers 3 one-time pricing plans, ranging from $199 to $1499. The price is categorized based on the number of store licenses and advanced free bonuses added. The most popular plan which is highly-recommended by the platform is the Pro version for $497. All the plans are currently on a huge discount, so hurry up and don’t miss the chance.

17. JumpStart theme


You would want to try Jumpstart if you are searching for a website with high user convertibility. What is interesting about Jumpstart is that it’s a free Shopify theme that is perfect for your low budget.

The theme comprises a lot of space, adding elements to the minimalist design, which you can anticipate from such an amazing Shopify theme. This space helps you to direct visitors’ attention to particular call-to-actions. It also allows you to get a quicker website while enhancing user interfaces and ranking search engines.

There are two excellent features to develop customer satisfaction and improve conversion. Firstly, Jumpstart offers a slideshow to show the story or services of your brand. There is also an outstanding ‘as seen on” function that lets you associate your brand/products to a recent media exposition.

You can also support conversions to your homepage with an outstanding video. This can be perfect to watch product/service videos or the story of your brand. To help you speed up your website, you won’t have to bother about hosting the video on the Shopify servers but manage from YouTube and Vimeo. This allows you to expand your market scope while still managing your website easily.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Slideshow with pictures and story
  • “As seen on” feature
  • Drop down navigation support
  • Responsive design
  • Free stock images from Burst

Pricing plan

The Jumpstart Shopify theme is free to install.

18. Woodstock theme


Woodstock is more appropriate for fashion businesses. It can, however, also be found in other sectors and niches. The subject includes four distinct types of themes, all focused on popular places of fashion. This brings value to your website because you can bring faith and expertise to your website.

Your website can even alter the currency shown by the visitor to viewers. This facilitates the customer to see what they can or cannot afford to buy. Also, you can build your website in many ways. This includes drag and drops parts that help to build a great website design that appeals to the public esthetically. The more confidence you build in your audience the stronger the design of the website.

Navigation of this theme is also strongly assisted. The big mega-menu creator will help guests get where they want to go precisely. Navigation is one of the key reasons that some tourists avoid shopping.

Key features

  • Responsive design for tablets, laptops, and mobile devices and Retina-ready
  • GeoIP currency
  • Multi-product page layout
  • Powerful product section and mega menu
  • Full SEO support
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell products display
  • Various header style and page collection types available
  • Animation QuickView
  • Size Chart
  • Ajax product page loading
  • Shipping calculator

Pricing plan

Woodstock Shopify Theme requires a one-time payment of $59 for the regular license.

19. Luce theme

Luce theme for Shopify
Luce theme for Shopify

Luce is a minimalist Shopify theme that will reassure you and your guests. Minimal designs are also considered to have a high conversion. You can concentrate on the audience’s focus instead of those on the main areas on your website. Minimal websites are code-light as well, which ensures that the site is easy to launch, improving user experience.

Luce can manage foreign buyers to make the store an international shop, offering them rates that are in their local currency. In addition, the websites can be customized with a drag & drop editor and be designed for different product pages such that everyone can create a beautiful website regardless of their level of expertise.

This theme offers the opportunity to build the best headers on the web with the excellent Creator Pro app built into the subject. You can also use one of five headers in your section and endless scrolling features under this theme. You can do this on your own homepage or on the list tab.

Key features

  • Minimal design
  • Fast loading speed
  • Customizable color board to optimize branding
  • No swatches app needed

Pricing plan

Boostheme does not display the Luce theme’s pricing on its main page, so you may have to contact the vendor for detailed information.

20. Boss theme

Boss Shopify Theme
Boss Shopify Theme

The Boostheme’s Boss Shopify theme is designed to give your eCommerce store higher conversion. The theme also provides some of the best SEO optimization capabilities with integrations with rich Google Snippets. Boss Shopify theme is conveniently addressed to eCommerce stores and suits almost all niches, such as clothes, sports, outdoor furniture, food, etc.

The theme’s design is optimal for UI/UX and mobile-responsive. Its feature list is made to help your Shopify convert the most - including. Boss Theme is even generous enough to offer FREE support and Theme updates for one year.

Key features

  • Fast loading & Full SEO Support
  • Powerful theme options
  • GeoIP currency
  • Megamenu
  • Cross and up-sell products
  • Unlimited filters
  • 9 distinctive preset designs
  • Smart sticky cart

Pricing plan

Boss Shopify Theme requires a one-time payment of $45 for the regular license.

21. Korandotheme


Korando – a theme of electronics and retail is the most up-to-date Shopify theme. It is varied on various types of screen-sized computers. This designated and modern Korando is based on the new RTL edition. This multipurpose style for online furniture, apparel, jewelry, luggage, accessories, electronic goods, and webshop pages for digital items is the ideal solution for any of your online businesses.

Korando is also special for featuring 5+ blogs, 15+ preloaders, and support for RTL. The compliant cross-platform Korando - eCommerce Shops, RTL, and Dropshipping would improve your market productivity to offer a variety of goods and services on your website.

Key features

  • Comprehensive homepage customization options and designs
  • Responsive page design
  • Collection page
  • Various product pages
  • Various cart page options
  • Ajax support
  • Currency switcher
  • Custom pop-ups available
  • Documentation and support

Pricing plan

Korando Shopify theme requires a one-time payment of $48 for a regular license.

Final words

Want to maximize the profits from your Shopify store? That is why a high-converting Shopify theme would be an essential element to make your store stand out from other competitors and engage more customer interest. We hope that our suggestion list of 20+ best Shopify themes has been a useful reference to give you more options and support in your decision making to build the most optimal Shopify store.

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