Magento 2 Gift Card Extension 2019

The Best 16 Magento 2 Gift Card extensions from hundreds of the Gift Card extensions in the market as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Mageplaza experts, if your Gift Card does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Gift Card list is ranked and result in 2019, the price from $0 to $499. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Gift Card for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Gift Card by Mageplaza

  • Virtual or combined gift cards
  • Flexible gift card values based on the prices
  • Cards sent through Gmail or post office
  • Beautifully designed gift card
  • Suitable for custom designs, themes

Gift Card extension for Magento 2 will make shop owners give the presents to their friends, family members, and colleagues. It is flexible to design their gifts by their own and it can be sent via email, print out or post office.

magestore logo


Gift Card by Magestore

  • 3 default beautiful templates of Gift Cards
  • Price range options: fixed price, price range, and dropdown
  • Support the themes, templates & check out pages

Magento 2 Gift Card extension is the tool to create a gift certificates system. Through it, your Magento store to help your customers buy gift vouchers to send them to their friends via email or even post office.

aheadworks logo


Gift Card by Aheadworks

  • Adding the physical gift cards
  • Customers can write personal message on the gift
  • The documentation available within the gift card extension
  • Magento 2.0 Gift card extension Support API
  • Creating design offered to the customers
  • From backend, Gift code grid is added by admin straight

Aheadworks gift card module is one of the best tools for customers to send the gift certificate designed with beautiful themes to their friends, their relatives

magedelight logo


Gift Card by Magedelight

  • Purchasing the physical or virtual gift cards
  • Gift cards can be sent through email or post
  • Unlimited gift cards with fixed price or price range
  • Design gift card template easily
  • Manage status of sold gift cards
  • Multiple coupon codes can be applied during checkout
  • Generate and manage numerous gift card codes from backend

The gift card extension in your Magento bring about your customers the chance to send the gift card to their friends and family members. Base on the price, you can generate the various gift certificates. Moreover, it also very easy to personalize gift cards by including recipient name, sender name. From the backend, you can manage purchased cards and customers or they can share the codes socially.

mageworx logo


Gift Card by Mageworx

  • Various gift card types such as email, print-out, mail
  • Various pricing schemes and values
  • Manage gift cards on the backend
  • Creating gift card codes in bulk
  • Gift card with Expiration Date
  • Support multiple stores and currencies store setup

It takes a lot of time for the gift-giving process. Therefore, Gift Voucher extension is the solution for generating flexible gift certificates quickly and the customers will feel so satisfied.

webkul logo


Gift Card by Webkul

  • Gift card product type including ensuring a smooth creation of gift cards through admin panel
  • Customers can use all or one of the gift cards to make purchases
  • Using one gift card based on different prices
  • Recieve email notifications

Magento 2 Module with Gift Card extension helps admin to generate gift certificates base on product types. Customers also can create different of gift cards by themselves. Then as a gift, it will be sent to friends, relatives, etc on special days.

Gift Card reviewed by Mageplaza

Magento 2 Gift Card reviewed by Mageplaza

Gift Card by Magento 2 Gift Card review by Mageplaza

  • Design gift cards base on different types of price
  • Manage purchased gift cards
  • Send through email or post office
  • Supply the beautiful gift card templates

The Magento 2 Gift Card extension helps to send the gifting cards designed on their own. The gift certificates sent through email or post office. When the customers purchased the certificate, a unique code will be sent with the greeting message. Base on different pricing types, the module create gift card using card images or uploading their own images.

mageants logo


Gift Card by Mageants

  • Offer custom design templates and flexible pricing schemes gift carts
  • Support both Physical and E-gift (Virtual) Card
  • Track all the purchased gift cards
  • Allow customers to attach a custom message with a gift card
  • Manage expiration date and alerts to run timely promotions and keep customers informed

Flexible tool to build powerful gift cards that match your business model and customer preferences perfectly. Provide these gift cards to your customers and let them send to family and friends via email or post or simply redeem the card.

mconnect logo


Gift Card by Mconnect

  • Create/Generate an unlimited number of gift cards & vouchers
  • Sent gift cards to your shoppers through email or post office
  • Ability to use certificate value or a custom value
  • Manage or track purchased gift codes
  • Add multiple voucher codes on the cart page

Gift Card & Certificate Extension for Magento 2 is helps store to increase customer loyalty by generating and sending unlimited gift cards or vouchers to your shoppers. Customers can choose to use it or customize it as per their needs. Besides, admin can set the voucher usage based on the condition.


Gift Card for Magento

Magento Vendor Rating Highlight features Description Price Actions
aheadworks logo


Gift Card by Aheadworks

  • The catalogue can have physical or virtual gift cards
  • Creating custom gift cards design choices
  • Personal message written by customer upon purchase
  • Adding Gift code grid to the backend
  • Support the gift card extension and available documentation
  • Gift cards are delivered by admin straight from backend
  • Support Magento API

The Magento Gift Card extension is an effective way for creat the gift card that meets the needs of customers and gains their loyalty. Through it, it can increase the sale for the store.

Gift Card reviewed by Mageplaza

Gift Card reviewed by Mageplaza

Gift Card by Gift Card review by Mageplaza

  • Create various gift cards
  • Generate or upload gift card codes easily
  • Manage of all purchased cards
  • Send cards via email or post office
  • Customers able to have catchy gift card templates

Magento Gift Card extension will help to solve the problem of gifting, specially, you can design certificates by yourself then sending to friends and relatives through emails or post offices.

magestore logo


Gift Card by Magestore

  • Enable keep gift codes back to credit balance
  • Provide templates before building HTML and limitless gift card designs
  • Sending through emails, print out
  • Flexible Gift Cards based on prices such as fixed price, price range, or price dropdown

If you want to give your customers some noncash compensations, so online Gift Voucher is so suitable and an effective gift. Gift Card extension will make your customers convenient, save cost and more satisfaction.

magetrend logo


Gift Card by Magetrend

  • Generate limitless gift cards templates.
  • Customize and design gift cards
  • Enable to export gift cards data in .csv and Excel (.xlsx) formats or print in high quality .jpg format
  • Send gift card in .pdf format to a customer
  • Manage gift cards tools
  • Support multiple stores
  • Enable to checkout many gift cards once

If there is a gift on special occasions such as birthday, Christmas, weddings, etc, your friends and your lovers will be so happy. For these purposes, Gift extension gives you and your customers beautiful gift cards via emails or even physical gift card printed sent through the post office. It will be more special when your customers can design color scheme, background by their own. Through it, they will more be satisfied and come back to your store.

mageworx logo


Gift Card by Mageworx

  • Different types of Email, Print and Actual gift card product types
  • Flexible schemes for gift card cost
  • Convenient to export or import gift cards
  • The shopping cart page having gift codes
  • Managing gift cards through API
  • New password in each separate accounts after logging with social accounts
  • Enable to pre-generated and create the mass gift codes

Gifting extension for Magento will display your loyalty program by giving different gift card choices. It is so convenient for customers to buy, share and compensate them with gift card whenever owners want. This extension is also easy to make and manage gift certificates, pre-generated gift codes, which boost your marketing campaigns and increase the customer satisfaction.

modulwerft logo


Gift Card by Modulwerft

  • Customize by uploading many gift card designs (PDF) enable to print out codes to PDFs
  • After creating invoice, Gift Cards will be sent automatically to customers
  • Suggested technical documentation
  • Arrange configuration options detaily and clearly
  • Automatic creation and extension of cart price rules for new coupon codes

By this extensions, you or your customers can creating generate the design (PDF) and create the gift card products. After purchasing, gift cards directly in the order view. There is a huge of number of gift cards which can be designed separately. Moreover, you can easily use module by suggestion from tecchinical documentation.

stableaddon logo


Gift Card by Stableaddon

  • Enable to personalize by uploading images to designs for cards
  • Sending via post office or email
  • Checkout or keep gift cards for store credit
  • Enable to import or generate gift codes automatically from backend

Gift Card extension will boost store sales by adding value for customers and make them more satisfied. The buyers can send physical and virtual Gift Card products with flexible prices to their friends or redeem them for store credit.


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