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Westum is a full-service agency which supports the best solutions that can boost the sales as well as set up B2b and B2C systems .

Westum's headquarter in Serbia

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  • Headquarter: Serbia
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  • Contact: [email protected]
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  • Magento Partner: Solution (Business)
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Westum's Locations (1)

657 Mission Street Suite 500, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia. View Map.


Westum is a useful support for digital retailers fully aspects such as planning, developing, launching, monitoring, etc. Westum can bring about the helpful solution for online business to the problems or projects. Furthermore, by the knowledge and experience of the team of experts, it can help clients achieve the goals while maintaining the flexibility through channels and international market.


  • Roadmap Planning
  • Platform Evaluation
  • System Intergration
  • Managed Solution Support
  • Technology Implemen