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Lamia - Magento Business Solution Partner

Such a leading Finnish e-commerce solutions provider, Lamia can help customers's online business to be much more effective.

Lamia's headquarter in Finland

Lamia Information

Lamia's Locations (2)

  • add_locationHead Office - Finland

    Runeberginkatu 5, 4. kerros, Helsinki, Uusimaa 00100, Finland. View Map.

  • add_locationLondon Office - Finland

    The Euston Office, Oneustonsq,, 40 Melton Street London, NW1 2FD,, Finland. View Map.


Lamia is an e-commerce solutions provider in Finland for with many precious awards. Lamia provides customers one of the most strong tools to level up the technologies of their Magento stores. Furthermore, it can bring the beauty and modern to their e-commerce store.


  • UI & UX Design
  • Magento 2
  • Digital strategy

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