Mageplaza Shop By Brand - 5+ Case Studies on Actual Magento 2 Stores

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Shoppers are having more and more options when it comes to online shopping. The variety of online websites and brands can risk any online store’s sales when customers have more distractions that drive them to leave an online store with an abandoned cart.

Adding more shopping variations and functionalities to an eCommerce website is one of the best ways online retailers can attract and retain customers. If you don’t know, shop by brand is a secret to create a convenient and personalized shopping experience as customers can shop with their favorite brand right on a retailer store.

Let’s see how it actually works in the following examples of successful Magento 2 stores.

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How Magento 2 online stores are using Shop By Brand to uplift revenues?

Use instant search on the brand page

An online store is in trouble when its search functionality has gone wrong because 87% of shoppers today will jumpstart their product search on digital channels. A lot of online stores have problems with text-based search.

While many find a solution with liberating visual-based search, others see the effectiveness of instant search, which smoothens the whole shopping experience by helping customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Store 1: Backwoods

Backwoods is an outdoor gear and apparel company founded in 1973. Backwoods carries various brands offering quality products that accompany customers and help them fulfill their needs for most of life’s adventures such as hiking, trekking, climbing, fishing, paddling, hunting, and many other adventure trips.

Though featuring many different brands, Backwoods doesn’t make it difficult for customers to interact with brands and shop within their favorite ones. With instant search, Backwoods enables customers to quickly find any brands by typing only a few characters of a brand name on the search bar. The search result will instantly appear in a drop-down list.

shop by brand case studies
Instant search - Backwoods brand page

Store 2: Terranimo

Terranimo also uses the instant search feature in Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension to turn its brand page into an all-in-one search tool. This pet store helps customers find the targeted brands quickly with an instant suggestion right after customers type the first character of the brand name.

shop by brand actual store showcases
Instant search - Terranimo’s brand page

Store 3: Good Sports

Good Sports has the same brand page with an instant search bar placed in the middle of the page. The instant search runs smoothly and predicts exactly what customers are looking for.

store using shop by brand
Instant search - Good sports brand page

Store 4: Woodlands

Another comprehensive brand page belongs to Woodlands Garden Centre. This online store creates a much easier shopping experience for customers because they don’t have to scroll through a wide variety of brands to look for their favorite ones hopelessly.

instant search on brand page
Instant search - Woodlands brand page

Shop by brand in the Layered Navigation

On every online store, especially stores with a huge volume of products, it would be much better to use Layered Navigation for a smooth online shopping experience. In the Layered Navigation, customers can filter a lot of different attributes such as color, size, materials, or price to find the products they need exactly. Shop By Brand is also an attribute that many shoppers stick out for when navigating through an online store’s Layered Navigation.

Store 1: Woodlands

Woodlands Garden Centre’s layered navigation system has multiple product attributes for easy and quick product filtering. The “Brand” attribute is placed in the first position in the sidebar. It is arrangement-wise because customers should be able to choose a product from a brand then continue selecting other attributes for it.

shop by brand in the layered navigation
Woodlands Garden Centre’s shop by brand in the layered navigation

You need only one click to see all the available brands in the drop-down menu. Then put a tick on the box of your choice; you can see the product of the brand chosen.

Choose brand in the layered navigation
Choose brand in the layered navigation

Store 2: Kitchenall

Kitchenall offers a wide range of home and kitchen appliances. The brand carries a large number of product categories on its online store, which doesn’t make it difficult for customers to browse through all categories and pick up what they want to buy.

Intuitive layered navigation with multiple attributes, including Shop By Brand integrated seamlessly, will guide shoppers to the right items in seconds.

shop by brand in the layered navigation
Kitchenall’s shop by brand in the layered navigation

Furthermore, Kitchenall shows the quantity of the products next to the brand names in the drop-down menu, making it stand out from the other online stores.

Store 3: Terranimo

Like Kitchenall, Terranimo also displays the number of available items along with the brand to enable customers to make a better choice. Showing the number of products left can be considered an effective FOMO technique that evokes shoppers’ feeling of missing out on the item of their favorite brand if there are only a few left.

shop by brand in the layered navigation
Terranimo’s shop by brand in the layered navigation

In the brand section, Terranimo adds an instant search bar so that customers can quickly search any brand here by narrowing down the list in the drop-down menu.

Instant search brands in the layered navigation
Instant search brands in the layered navigation

Filter brands by alphabet

Magento 2 Shop By Brand also allows customers to search brands quickly with a list of the alphabet. When customers click on any alphabet, the brand with corresponding initials will be listed. See how it actually works in the following stores:

Store 1: Backwoods

On Backwoods’s brand page, when customers click on an alphabet, the brands will automatically switch to the results that match. For example, when you click on the letter “G,” a list of brand logos beginning with G will show up. The switching effect is smooth and eye-pleasing.

Filter brands by alphabet shop by brand
Filter brands by alphabet - Backwoods’s brand page

Store 2: Terramino

Same as Backwoods, but on the brand page, Terranimo disables shoppers to click on the letters that don’t have any corresponding brands.

shop by brand extension showcase
Filter brands by alphabet - Terranimo’s brand page

Store 3: Good Sports

Good Sports, a sports clothing brand, also builds a seamless brand page with filter products by alphabet feature. With this feature, customers can quickly jump at their favorite brands without worrying about multiple other brands.

store using shop by brand
Filter brands by alphabet - Good Sports store’s brand page

Store 4: Parfymonline

Parfymonline offers not only perfume but also skincare, haircare, and makeup products. Over the years, the brand has delivered products to more than 260,000 customers. Parfymoline also has a brand page with the same features as the stores, as mentioned earlier. However, with the filter by alphabet feature, instead of showing brand logos, the store displays the brand name in two different columns.

brand page using shop by brand
Filter by alphabet - Parfymoline’s brand page

Display brand logo on the product page

On the product page, customers need to see all the details of the products from the product name, price, essential attributes like color or size. The brand logos are also added to make the product page more functional and visually appealing.

Store 1: Good Sports

Good Sports is considered a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With over 40 years of service in the San Antonio community, the brand has expanded its operations to the worldwide marketplace. The brand carries a wide range of products for different customers, from adults to kids, and for different outdoor activities.

With a large volume of products like this, it’s essential for Good Sports to have Shop By Brand functionality on its online store. On the product page, Good Sports also attaches the brand logos with the product details, which helps customers better be informed about the brand, especially when they are viewing multiple items from different brands at the same time.

shop by brand store showcases
Show brand logo on the product page - Good Sports store

Store 2: Backwoods

Backwoods shows brand logos right under the product name.

display brand logo on the product page
Show brand logo on the product page - Backwoods store

When you click on the brand logo on the product page, you’ll be directed to the brand product page that contains all products of that brand in the store.

shop by brand actual product page
Backwoods’s brand product page

Store 3: Terramino

Unlike Good Sports and Backwoods, Terranimo shows the brand logo on the product page and adds a short description of the brand. This makes it possible for customers to understand the brand they’re buying from without going to the brand page for more information.

Show brand logo on the product page
Show brand logo on the product page - Terranimo store

Many stores might forget this, but it’s essential to add a block of featured brands on the Home page of an online store. Shoppers will browse through the homepage to know more about the store before they actually search for products.

Featured brands can be most-searched or most-purchased brands in your store. Customers can quickly choose their favorite brands and go to the individual brand page without having to find the brand page to search for a specific name.

Store 1: Backwoods

Backwoods’ featured brand block is placed right under the featured products block. The slider automatically scrolls to the left side so that customers can see different featured brands. When customers click on any logo, they’ll be redirected to a specific brand page.

featured brands on the homepage
Backwoods’featured brands on the homepage

Store 2: Terramino

Terranimo shows featured brands near almost the footer of the homepage. It only displays 5 featured brands in the block and doesn’t enable the clickable logo.

shop by brand actual case studies
Terranimo’s featured brands on the homepage

Store 3: Good Sports

Good Sports has 6 brands in its featured brands block which is placed under the featured categories. The store also guides customers to click on any brand logo to learn more about them by adding a small note along with the featured brands.

featured brands on the homepage
Good Sports’ featured brands on the homepage

After clicking on the logo, customers will be able to see the detailed brand page with full information about the brand and its best-selling products.

brand page with shop by brand
Good Sports’ detailed brand page

Store 4: Kitchenall

Kitchenall includes multiple favorite brands in its featured brands block with clickable next and previous buttons to help customers see more brands on the list easily. Each brand logo also leads to a separate brand page with more detailed information and the brand’s best-sellers.

featured brands on the homepage
Kitchenall’s featured brands on the homepage

Why should online stores use Magento 2 Shop By Brand?

Benefit #1: Understand customers’ psychology

The Shop By Brand feature is an effective tactic to increase customer loyalty. Customers are most likely to keep coming back to a store with brands that attract them. Selling products with specific brands can also build trust in customers as they know they are buying products that have crystal-clear origins.

It’s reported that online shoppers abandon their carts 68% of the time. With Shop by brand feature, this percentage can be reduced significantly because items in the cart are from customers’’ favorite brands that they often stick out for when shopping online.

Benefit #2: Save time for customers to quickly find what they are looking for

With Magento 2 Shop By Brand, customers can go directly to their favorite brands instead of being lost in many items from different brands in the store. This saves a lot of time for them in product search and makes the whole shopping experience go smoothly.

Benefit #3: Customers can easily navigate through different brands

Magento 2 Shop By Brand makes it easier for customers to browse through different brands with instant search, search by alphabetical orders, and more features. Shop By Brand also diversifies the customer shopping experience because it increases customers’ options with multiple brands to choose from.

Final words

Shop By Brand is an essential part of an online store, especially those having various products of different brands. Actual Magento 2 stores find it an excellent solution for organizing a wide range of branded products and bringing a better shopping experience.

Any online store that wants to try to implement this tactical feature right now can easily experience it through Magento 2 Shop By Brand extension. Using Magento 2 Shop By Brand can increase customer retention rate, shopping experience, and customer loyalty.

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