Email Marketing

Magento 2 Email Marketing extension from Mageplaza is a marvelous module which can attract, win back and convert your shoppers into potential customers.

Selling products online is limited with the communicating between shoppers and shop. In reality, you can hold a conversation with your customers to persuade them to purchase your products or use your service. However, with the only assistance from live chat on website, the chance of appealing the shoppers is much smaller.

Fortunately, the development of Email became a huge advantage for e-commerce store to attract shoppers via abundant contents. According to a research of Econsultancy in 2016, three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI. And your store should not miss this opportunity either. The Mageplaza Email Marketing extension for Magento 2 is a perfect solution for your store to exploit the strength of email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing for Magento 2

Magento Vendor Name Highlight features Description Price Actions
mageplaza logo


Follow Up Email by Mageplaza

  • Enable creating emails for different order statuses
  • Emails are sent based on wishlists and order histories
  • Create emails according to the activity of each customer
  • Allow scheduling auto-email dispatch
  • Use Google Analytics to collect statistics

Magento 2 Follow up email is one of the most powerful tools that increase conversion rate and drive more sales into your store. It allows you to create and send various triggered emails based on the activity of each customer, which supports you build productive relations with your customers to create more repeat orders. Moreover, you can freely customize email templates and manage your email dispatch effectively.

avada logo


Email Marketing by Avada

  • Recover lost sales with Abandoned Cart Email automation
  • Welcome email series enabled when someone creates an account
  • Follow-up unsubscribed customers with appealing offers
  • Cross-sell and up-sell emails
  • Various ready-to-use email templates
  • Create segmented email campaigns tailored to the target audience

AVADA Email Marketing is a powerful solution for your marketing automation. It helps you effortlessly create a seamless email marketing workflow with the right messages to the right person. Powerful abandoned cart email will significantly save you time to win back customers and increase sales in the long run.

mageplaza logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Mageplaza

  • Triggers
  • Abandoned carts
  • Unlimited Email Chains
  • Rich-content email templates
  • Generated Coupons
  • Boost reviews

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email is one of the most powerful tools that increase conversion rate and drive more sales into your store. The average shopping carts abandonment rate is about 68%!

aheadworks logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Aheadworks

  • Allow auto-sending reminders about abandoned carts
  • Support multiple marketing languages
  • Enable segmenting the customer groups properly
  • Include different cart conditions to narrow the audience

The Abandoned Cart Email extension in Magento 2 allows shop owners to email customers automatically to reach them easily. The task of these emails is to remind customers of abandoned carts, help them return to the store to complete the purchase process, and increase conversion rates for the store.

aitoc logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Aitoc

  • Allow sending the email to the customer about their abandoned carts
  • Ability to recover the cart by only one click
  • Be able to log in automatically after clicking the email link
  • Enable attaching a discount coupon into the email
  • Let the customer unsubscribe from future alerts

To restore abandoned carts in your Magento store, Abandoned Cart Email will help you. It allows shop owners to send automated emails to customers and attach coupons in reminder emails. This helps complete the purchase process of the customer as well as improve sales for the store.

amasty logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Amasty

  • Be able to adjust email templates easily
  • Include a flexible schedule
  • Allow an unlimited number of rules
  • Enable creating automatic unique discount coupons
  • Using Google analytics tool to keep track of email campaigns

The Abandoned Cart Email extension is a great tool for your store. It automatically sends attractive emails to reach out to customers and fill up abandoned carts. From that, it significantly boosts your conversion rate.

knowband logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Knowband

  • Easy to set up
  • Allow admins to design the email templates
  • Allow recovering the cart by one click
  • Be able to reduce the admin's workload
  • Enable following the amount of recovered abandoned carts

This great tool allows you to solve all abandoned carts quickly through marketing emails to the customer. This will help customers find that they are cared as well as feel satisfied about your online store.

magedelight logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Magedelight

  • Easy to create chains of emails to send to customers
  • Allow decreasing the cart abandonment and increase revenue
  • Ability to track and manage emails
  • Enable creating enhanced report
  • Include supporting of Google analytics

To help to refurbish abandoned shopping carts, increase store sales and create close relationships between customers and store owners, etc. That is why you need to choose Abandoned Cart Email Magento 2 for your online store. Sure, it will make customers satisfied.

remarkety logo


Email Marketing by Remarkety

  • Various triggers with more than 20 events
  • Limitless Emails in Chains
  • Recovery the abandoned Cart
  • Automated follow up emails
  • Customers can give the feedbacks
  • Give marketing suggestions immediately
  • Design Custom Templates

This extension is suitable for your Magento store, depending on the types of products that customers want to buy. On your website, the detail information is displayed such as amount bought, the orders they’ve placed, previous date, the abandoned cart, etc

aheadworks logo


Follow Up Email by Aheadworks

  • 5 pre-identified triggers
  • Set-up available email templates easily
  • Editing WYSIWYG
  • Restrict the Custom for specifying triggers
  • Available help and references

Aheadworks Follow Up Email for Magento 2 will be an effective application that makes the strong connection with customers. It will automatically send the emails to followers.

amasty logo


Follow Up Email by Amasty

  • Create emails for different order statuses
  • Send emails based on wish lists and previous orders
  • Generate emails based on customer activity
  • Schedule automatic emails dispatch
  • Collect statistics with Google Analytics

Everyone understands that it is important to set up Magento 2 Follow Up Email effectively in growing, especially, customer maintainance. Moreover, with the emails reminded timely, the customers will come back to your store again, which build up the loyalty.

goivvy logo


Follow Up Email by Goivvy

  • Abandoned cart email
  • Mail chain
  • Custom Email template
  • Email log
  • Send test emails

Magento 2Follow Up Emails made from Abandoned Cart Email extension is so helpful for your stores to approach more and remain customers.

landofcoder logo


Follow Up Email by Landofcoder

  • Varous kinds of Triggers
  • Sending great amount of emails according to the interaction of customers
  • Unlimited Rules and Email's conditions
  • Choosing time to sand email automatically
  • Send test emails to check templates's generation

Using Magento 2 Follow Up Emails will support and ensure the satisfaction of customers. The better follow-ups are, the more chance to interact with customers and increase the sale. Through it, you can send emails based on customer considerations.

mageants logo


Follow Up Email by Mageants

  • Increase sales by providing relevant information and updates to customers
  • Track customer activities and establish customer relationships with precisely targeted emails
  • Analyze the data in detail and understand the needs of customers with the email campaign reports
  • Easily run email campaigns and control the campaign performance
  • Rich content email templates along with an option to customize email content as per your preference

A smart marketing tool is also known as an email marketing platform that not only responds to customer activities but also sends your marketing emails and predefined follow up emails to the right people at right time. MageAnts Magento 2 Follow Up Email extension helps to increase sales and get more chance to interact with customers.

mirasvit logo


Follow Up Email by Mirasvit

  • Various Triggers
  • Chain of email with limitless amount
  • Restricted conditions of Rules in sending emails
  • Editing WYSIWYG for Emails
  • Creating and editing the Templates
  • Manage the notifications for emails
  • Other improvements: reporting progressively

Online shopping which accounts for 68% is getting to dominate the market. Setting up Magento 2 Follow Up Email will make your stores succeed in boosting the sales and increasing the interaction with customers.

magenest logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Magenest

  • Set trigger rules and create an email chain for each customer segment
  • Easily edit email templates in Magento 2 back-end
  • Automatically generate coupons for each email
  • Manage abandoned cart email campaigns & reports in Magento 2 back-end
  • Integrated with Mandrill (Mailchimp)

Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 lets you recover lost sales by sending email reminders to customers of their unfinished orders. Merchants can also choose to send automated coupons as incentives for customers.

magenest logo


Follow Up Email by Magenest

  • Schedule follow up email based on customers' behaviour
  • 15+ behaviour-based rules included
  • Integrated with Mandrill - Avoid spam folders
  • Integrated with Nexmo - Follow-up SMS

Stay engaged with customers with the most comprehensive follow-up email and SMS tool for Magento 2 - Follow-up Emails by Magenest

magebees logo


Abandoned Cart Email by Magebees

  • Track Abandoned Cart on your Website
  • Recover Lost Sales and Increase Orders
  • Communicate with Potential Customers easily
  • Set Criteria for Cart Abandonment
  • Create Schedules for Retention Emails
  • Customize Email Templates
  • Manage Email Campaign Effectively than before
  • Set Google Analytics Parameters to Email Links
  • Create Discount Coupon Codes

If you are troubled by abandoned carts, use the extension to send reminder emails to customers and convince them to come back to your store. The extension makes it easy to set criteria for cart abandonment, customize email templates and keep track of email history for successful results. You can even generate discount codes to encourage casual visitors to make the purchase. The extension allows you to set Google Analytics parameters to emails which means you can ascertain the worthiness of the email campaign easily.


Why need Email Marketing extension

Have you ever noticed that segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue while there are 42% of marketers do not send targeted email messages and only 4% use layered targeting? It is easy to see that sending emails to shoppers is not enough. E-commerce stores have to classify the shoppers to send them with the most suitable email content to ensure the open rate as well as the response rate while using the email strategy.

By creating triggered emails which are set up by multiple conditions basing on the visitor’s activities and time events in the backend, Mageplaza Email Marketing extension will auto-earn profit for your store.


Unlimited Email Campaigns

The Email Marketing extension for Magento 2 allows you generating unlimited email campaigns so that you can run multiple crusades at once. Your email strategy will be upgraded to a whole new level which is much more effective.

Smart Triggered Emails

Store admin can set various types of rules and conditions when sending emails chains to a specified group of customers.

Multiple Built-in Email Templates

Email Marketing extension is supported with plenty of available email templates in the backend so that store admin can easily create many stunning emails.

Coupon codes

Enclosing a coupon code within your email is a small but powerful marketing tip to fascinate and stimulate your shoppers to get to your store and purchasing. It is so convenient when store admin can create coupon codes while configure the email before sending with the Magento 2 Email Marketing module.

Schedule campaigns

The Email Marketing extension gives you the advantage of scheduling your email chains so that your email will be delivered in an exact time for enhancing the open rate.

Configure The Targeted Customer Group

As what implied before, segmenting and targeting shoppers are absolutely necessary when doing a marketing strategy. Therefore, the Email Marketing extension is designed with the auto-segment customers feature. Moreover, store admin can also create and segment your own campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

There are 2 types of emails which are supported in the Email Marketing extension to send to your shoppers when they abandoned their carts: Friendly reminders and Offering assistances. The abandoned cart reminder email can usefully decrease the abandonment rate of your site.

Campaign Report

With the report feature from Mageplaza Email Marketing, the store owners now can effortlessly manage the effect of each campaign. In detail, the report will show the open rates, click rates and the actual ROI based on purchase rate with beautiful graphs.

Fully Compatible with One Step Checkout

It is not difficult to see the double effect when integrating One Step Checkout with Email Marketing extension. When a shopper tends to leave your site, don’t be panic, stay calm, send him a message using the Email Marketing module, and call him to action by the awesome One Step Checkout.

And Much More

Win Back Your Potential Customers

While your shoppers still consider between you and your opponents, let’s send them an email to be the precursor and win back your potential customers.

Special Events Email

Since a little thoughtfulness can totally win your shopper’s heart, greeting them with congratulatory emails on their special events will definitely increase their favorite for your store.

Attach Files in the Email

Whatever you want to send your shoppers, you can attach it to files. Your new products catalog, a promotion virtual gift from your store or a pdf file of user guide, Mageplaza Email Marketing extension can handle them all.

Emails Blacklist

The email blacklist is used to note down all unwanted or unsubscribed shoppers. Let your marketing plan be clever and stay away from spam!

Cross-sells and Up-sells

According to customer behavior, the triggered email will include cross-sells or up-sells to send to the shoppers.

Full Feature List

  • Unlimited Email campaigns
  • Customer triggers: logged in, subscriber, birthday, billing and shipping address
  • Order triggers: Order statuses: pending, processing, completed, canceled
  • Wishlist triggers: shared, product added
  • Shopping Cart triggers: Abandoned shopping cart
  • Support Shopping cart rule and catalog rule
  • Long time no see email
  • Greet your clients for their birthdays
  • Send chain emails by status, schedule, event, etc
  • Preview, send test email to specific email address
  • Predefined basic configuration for Quick launch
  • Multiple event types
  • Targeting options
  • Built-in email templates
  • Review Booster
  • Friendly reminder
  • Offering assistance
  • Product recommendation
  • Customize email template as your need
  • Edit email templates in WYSIWYG editor
  • Use Google Analytics to measure the efficiency of your email campaign
  • Advanced Campaign report
  • Schedule the triggered email
  • Mass action: send, cancel or delete multiple emails from mail log
  • Targeting options: differentiate emails by customer group, by cart and product conditions
  • Create an emails blacklist
  • Automatically insert coupon code in specific email chain
  • Attach files in the email
  • Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Related Product in email
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Use Google Analytics to see and process important stats data
  • Moderate emails queue
  • View sent emails history
  • Specify email sender address
  • Let customers unsubscribe -Send Abandoned shopping cart reminder email -Track email sending status.