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How To Integrate Shiprocket With Shopify: Step-To Step Guide

Shopify simplifies online store management for entrepreneurs and businesses. It offers various apps in the Shopify App Store. These apps enhance store functions and improve customer experiences.

But what if you need to cut app expenses or switch services? In such cases, grasping how to integrate Shiprocket with Shopify is essential. This guide covers cost reduction and operational optimization with Shiprocket and Shopify. 

We’ll guide you through integrating both platforms seamlessly. With our easy-to-follow steps, you’ll efficiently manage shipping and tailor your store accordingly. Let’s dive into this guide and streamline your Shopify experience with Shiprocket.

Table of contents: 

Overview of Shiprocket

Shiprocket simplifies shipping for businesses. It provides different shipping choices, including local and international options. Automated features save time and effort for merchants. 

Users benefit from discounted shipping rates, reducing overall costs. Shiprocket ensures safe and reliable deliveries through advanced technology. Real-time tracking allows merchants to monitor shipments easily. 

Overall, Shiprocket simplifies shipping, saves money, and enhances customer satisfaction.

How does Shiprocket work with Shopify?

Integrating Shiprocket with Shopify makes shipping easier for businesses. This means they can manage orders more efficiently. When shipping tasks are all in one place, merchants save time and avoid mistakes. This means they don’t have to switch between different systems. This makes things simpler and helps orders get fulfilled more smoothly.

Shiprocket gives many shipping choices for businesses, locally and internationally. Merchants can pick the best method for their customers. This makes sure things arrive on time and people are happy.

One great thing about connecting Shiprocket with Shopify is saving money. Shiprocket gives users lower shipping costs, which helps businesses. Businesses can invest elsewhere with the money saved.

With Shiprocket, tracking shipments is easy and real-time. This helps businesses monitor shipments closely and address issues quickly. Merchants can also keep customers informed, building trust and transparency.

In the end, connecting Shiprocket with Shopify boosts customer happiness. Efficient shipping and on-time deliveries please customers and build loyalty. With Shiprocket’s smooth integration, merchants create a positive shipping experience. This encourages repeat purchases and long-term business success.


How to integrate Shiprocket with Shopify?

Analyzing the steps, most people will find them easy to follow. However, those familiar with e-commerce and app integration may find it easier than others. Overall, the steps are clear and simple, suitable for a wide range of users.

Step 1: Creating a Shiprocket account

Creating a Shiprocket account is the first step for merchants. This helps them manage shipping better. 

  • Go to Shiprocket’s website or app, and find “Sign Up.”
  • Click on it and enter your email, password, and business info.
  • Follow the steps to finish signing up and create your account.
  • After that, you can start using Shiprocket’s features and services.

Creating an account is essential for managing shipments and orders. Shiprocket offers different subscription plans to suit various business needs. During signup, you’ll provide basic information like your business details. 

Look out for any free trials or special offers. Your account is set up. You can access Shiprocket’s dashboard. Creating an account is essential for everyone in shipping or online business. It’s quick and simple. 

With your Shiprocket account, you get access to useful shipping tools. These tools make shipping tasks easier and more efficient. Overall, creating a Shiprocket account is the first step to improve your shipping processes.

sign up to intergrate shiprocket with shopify

Shiprocket sign up interface

Step 2: Installing Shiprocket app on Shopify

Short instruction: 

  • Go to the Shopify App Store
  • Find Shiprocket app
  • Click to install
  • Review app details
  • Start installation
  • Follow the prompts to complete
  • Grant permissions for integration

Adding the Shiprocket app to Shopify is crucial for merchants. It seamlessly integrates Shiprocket’s potent shipping tools into Shopify. To start, merchants visit the Shopify App Store within Shopify. There, they find the Shiprocket app by searching for it. Once found, they click to start the installation process.

During installation, merchants review the app’s details and features. They ensure it meets their shipping needs. Once satisfied, they click “Install” to begin the installation. They follow the prompts to complete the process. This usually involves granting permissions for seamless integration.

After you install it, the Shiprocket app is right in your Shopify dashboard. This means you can handle shipping tasks without leaving Shopify. They can access Shiprocket’s comprehensive shipping tools, like order processing and shipment tracking, without switching platforms.

Integrating Shiprocket with Shopify streamlines shipping processes. It automates tasks and improves efficiency. Moreover, it gives merchants access to Shiprocket’s shipping partners and discounts. This saves money and boosts profits.

So, installing Shiprocket on Shopify is vital for optimizing shipping operations. It empowers merchants to provide better shipping experiences to customers and drive business growth.

Step 3: Setting up shipping rates and preferences

  • Customize shipping rates, delivery times, methods, and packaging preferences.
  • Set rules for free shipping and adjust settings accordingly.
  • Test shipping configurations to ensure they meet business requirements.

Setting up shipping rates and preferences is a crucial task for merchants. It involves customizing shipping costs based on factors like destination and order details. Merchants choose rates for different regions, including flat or carrier-calculated rates.

They customize delivery schedules, methods, and packaging preferences as needed. Additionally, they set rules like minimum orders for free shipping.

Customize your Shopify channel to your preference

Customize your Shopify channel to your preference

It’s essential to review and test these settings thoroughly to ensure they work correctly. Configuring shipping rates and preferences helps merchants offer clear shipping options, manage costs, and ensure smooth delivery for customers.

Step 4: Testing the integration to ensure functionality

Below outline how to test the Shiprocket and Shopify integration. They explain key actions merchants should take to ensure the integration works properly.

  • Initiate Testing: Thoroughly test the Shiprocket and Shopify integration.
  • Scenario Simulation: Simulate various scenarios to assess performance under different conditions.
  • Order Data Verification: Confirm accurate order data sync between Shiprocket and Shopify.
  • Feature Testing: Test key features within the Shiprocket app.
  • Result Review: Analyze testing results and identify any issues or discrepancies.
  • Adjustments and Fixes: Address identified issues promptly.
  • Optimization: Optimize integration performance for effective shipping management.

Testing the link between Shiprocket and Shopify is vital for smooth operation. It ensures everything works well and catches any problems early. Merchants must check thoroughly to make sure it meets their needs. This ensures a good experience for both merchants and customers.


To start, merchants try out different situations to see how it works. They create test orders with various details to check accuracy. They confirm that orders placed on Shopify show up correctly in Shiprocket and vice versa. Any mistakes need fixing right away to avoid problems.

Merchants also test important features like order processing and tracking. This makes sure everything works well within Shiprocket. After testing, merchants review the results and make fixes if needed. This makes sure everything runs smoothly for customers.

In the end, thorough testing is crucial for a successful integration. It helps merchants manage shipping well and gives customers a good experience. By finding and fixing issues early, merchants can make sure everything works great in the long run.

Tips for Maximizing the Shiprocket and Shopify Integration

Maximizing Shiprocket and Shopify integration boosts eCommerce and streamlines shipping. Efficient integration enhances customer experience, optimizes shipping, and boosts growth. Here are key strategies to maximize integration:

  1. Ensure Product Info Accuracy: Sync product details like names, descriptions, SKUs, and weights accurately between Shiprocket and Shopify. This consistency helps in generating precise shipping labels and providing reliable shipping estimates.
  2. Utilize Advanced Shipping: Utilize Shiprocket’s advanced shipping features in Shopify for diverse choices. Explore real-time rates, automated rules, and order-tracking options. They enhance the customer shopping experience significantly.
  3. Optimize Shipping Settings: Customize shipping rates based on order value, weight, and destination. Tailor delivery timelines and methods to meet varied customer preferences and needs. This ensures fair pricing and accommodates customer expectations.
  4. Utilize Shipping Partnerships: Access Shiprocket’s network and discounts to cut shipping expenses. Compare carrier rates and negotiate volume-based discounts.
  5. Track Shipping Performance: Monitor delivery times, accuracy, and customer satisfaction ratings. Use data analysis to improve shipping efficiency and address issues promptly.
  6. Stay Updated on Features: Keep abreast of Shiprocket and Shopify updates. Adopt new features to enhance shipping capabilities and customer experience. With proactive updates, stay ahead in the eCommerce competition.



Mastering Shiprocket and Shopify is vital for eCommerce success. By syncing product info, using advanced features, and optimizing settings, you enhance customer experience and boost business growth. Leveraging shipping partners, monitoring performance, and staying updated are key. Implementing these strategies helps cut costs, stay competitive, and deliver top-notch service. The Shiprocket and Shopify integration is key to eCommerce success today.

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