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3Dcart Vs Shopify: Which Should You Opt For In 2024?

If you are reading this now, you might be getting ready to start an online store. That is amazing! Ensure that you take your time and do not hurry through this procedure. It has the potential to significantly influence your future achievements.

Choosing the suitable e-commerce platform for your business is akin to discovering the ideal pair of jeans – difficult. Yet, the feeling of fulfillment when you succeed is incredibly satisfying. You mustn’t simply choose the initial option you come across. You need to take all factors into account.

Step into Shopify and 3dcart, the powerful pair in the realm of e-commerce. These platforms are the top picks for beginners starting an online store. Both provide resources for building, operating, and overseeing an e-commerce platform.

Is one superior to the other? Which one is the most valuable for the price? Continue reading to discover more and make an informed decision.

3Dcart Vs Shopify: Quick Assessment

Let’s begin with a brief overview of the origins of both of these tools. The type of advantages they can provide. Shopify and 3DCart are both types of e-commerce software. They will assist you in creating your virtual store.

  • Shopify: Shopify was established in 2006. The main headquarters is situated in Ottawa, Canada. At present, Shopify stands as one of the leading firms globally in the technology and e-commerce sector. They provide electricity for a large number of retailers worldwide. They have many collaborations with other top companies as well. 
  • 3DCart: 3DCart has been around longer than Shopify. It began its life in 1997. This e-commerce solution is privately owned. It offers businesses in various industries regardless of size the necessary tools. They can use these tools to create websites and sell products online.

Now, let’s discover a brief comparison table of 3dcart vs. Shopify. The table is based on the 8 specified factors:

Features 3DCart Shopify
Basic Features Comprehensive built-in features Extensive features, often requiring apps
Ease of Use More complex, steeper learning curve Very user-friendly, easy for beginners
Pricing Competitive pricing, many features included Various plans, can become costly with apps
Customer Support 24/7 support via phone, chat, email 24/7 support via phone, chat, email
Selling Advanced product options, detailed management Excellent multi-channel selling, strong POS
Designs Highly customizable with HTML/CSS access Professional themes, easy customization with drag-and-drop
Integrations and Extensions Smaller app marketplace Extensive app store with many third-party integrations
Payment Processing and POS Supports over 200 payment gateways Shopify Payments, robust POS system

The Distinct Difference Between 3Dcart Vs Shopify

For businesses comparing 3dcart vs Shopify, they are both popular eCommerce platforms. Hence, it is important to grasp the detailed distinctions to make the best decision.

Basic Features 


  • Templates and Themes: Provides a range of templates that can be customized.
  • Personalization: Many customization possibilities are available with HTML and CSS.
  • Managing a product: Listings of products with extensive details and various category choices available.
  • Inventory Control: Effective instruments for monitoring inventory.
  • SEO Tools: Included tools for optimizing product pages for search engines.
  • Marketing Resources: Comprise of email marketing, social media integration, and promotional campaigns.
  • Payment Gateways: Able to accommodate various payment gateway options.
  • Options for Shipping: Various shipping companies offer shipping rates in real time.
  • CRM tools: They help in the efficient management of customer interactions and orders.
  • SSL Certificates: It guarantees safe transactions. 
  • PCI Compliance: It ensures that payment security meets industry standards.
  • Thorough Reports: Offers in-depth reports and analytics. 


  • Themes: Diverse selection of expertly crafted themes.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: User-friendly builder for easy customization.
  • Listings of products: Uncomplicated and effective product listings.
  • Managing Inventory: Powerful inventory monitoring capabilities.
  • SEO Tools: Exceptional features for enhancing visibility in SEO. 
  • Marketing tools: Available include strong resources for email marketing, social media, and discounts.
  • Payment Gateways: Connects with a variety of payment gateways.
  • Shipping Option: Current rates from carriers and a variety of shipping choices are available.
  • Managing customers: Managing customer accounts and order histories is made simple for custom
  • SSL Certificates: Guarantee safe transactions. 
  • PCI Compliance: Following security standards set by the industry. 
  • Reporting and Analytics:  The comprehensive reports include detailed sales and performance reports are included

Ease Of Use


3DCart utilizes an excellent array of tools for tasks such as inventory management and blogging. Yet, it can be difficult to grasp how to use all the tools. The 3DCart interface can seem messy and not as user-friendly in certain areas. Getting accustomed to the various elements in the back-end can be challenging. 

Moreover, should you desire extra customization features on 3DCart, you may have to use the API. This necessitates a certain level of expertise in coding. The builder enjoys certain advantages. Responsive design and Google AMP are the standard for all core themes. You will receive code that is optimized to focus on loading the essential elements of your page first. 

Another advantage of 3DCart is that it adheres to Google’s preferred design standards. This will enhance your likelihood of obtaining a better position in the search results. Besides, skills in CSS and HTML are necessary for utilizing features such as the core theme editor. Not everyone will have this. The ease of using 3DCart has improved as time has passed. Still, it has some improvements to make before reaching the user-friendliness level of Shopify. 


Shopify is without a doubt one of the most appealing offerings available for user functionality. Shopify has a back end that is straightforward and simple to comprehend. Furthermore, it is easy to incorporate more features by using apps. It’s like clicking a button in the app store. 

Shopify includes an undo button for easily removing design errors. Additionally, a multitude of keyboard shortcuts is at your disposal. They are to assist in locating the necessary information. There are many attributes on Shopify. This implies that there is a significant amount of information to grasp before you are prepared to embark on online growth. Using this service is not extremely confusing. 

All elements are adaptable and easy to understand. Furthermore, modifying your themes is also exceptionally straightforward. You also receive unique theme features tailored to the industry you select for your website. Even so, it is important to mention that if you decide to switch your theme, you will need to start over with your entire website.


  • 3DCart: 3dcart offers various subscription plans monthly. The minimum cost for the standard plan is $19 per month. This includes many features. Unlimited products, built-in shopping cart, payment processing, and order management. The Plus plan now costs $229 per month. The most costly option is the Pro plan, which costs $229 per month. This plan contains many different features. The features include advanced reporting and analytics, a dedicated IP, and priority support. 3dcart also provides specialized pricing options for larger corporations. 
  • Shopify: Shopify provides pricing options as well. The Basic Shopify plan begins at $29 per month. This strategy comprises many capabilities. An integrated shopping cart, payment handling, and order supervision. The most expensive option, the Advanced Shopify plan, costs $299 per month. It contains functions like sophisticated reporting and analytics, as well as gift card control. 

=> Comment: 3dcart’s plans are much cheaper compared to Shopify’s more advanced options. This indicates that 3dcart could be the cheaper option. This is especially the case for businesses requiring more advanced features.

Customer Support 

  • 3DCart: Shift4Shop is recognized for its quick response times and supportive staff. Their employees have expertise in online commerce and can help with various problems. Customer support is available around the clock. It provides help through phone, email, and live chat. The quality of the platform’s knowledge base and community forum is also highly praised by many users. It offers useful responses and remedies for typical issues. 
  • Shopify: Shopify is also highly respected for its customer service. Users appreciate the quick response and help provided by its support team. Shopify provides round-the-clock customer support. It is available through phone, email, and live chat options. Furthermore, the platform offers a detailed help center. This initiative consists of articles, videos, forums, and a variety of free resources and tools. These tools include a business name generator and a logo maker. 

=> Comment: Shopify has a wide range of support options and free resources. This may make it more attractive than 3dcart’s community forum and knowledge base.


  • 3DCart: 3DCart offers powerful sales capabilities, including the ability to list unlimited products. It additionally offers connections with different shipping firms. When looking for your e-commerce solution, other platforms are worth considering. 3DCart expands its services. It goes beyond just processing credit card payments and providing shopping cart features. The tool additionally provides SEO features. Thus, you can improve your online ranking and draw in new clients to your new business. There are prompts available to assist you in maximizing your benefits.
  • Shopify: Shopify remains ahead of 3Dcart sales features. There are almost unlimited sales possibilities on Shopify. There is the possibility of integrating with many payment processors. Choices are available to improve your website as you see fit. There is a vast app store available. This is where you can integrate your e-commerce solution with platforms such as Amazon and social media. Shopify is useful for handling tasks ranging from tax calculation to shipping rates. If you want a tool with all the features included, Shopify might be the right choice for you.

=> Comment: Shopify surpasses 3dcart (now Shift4Shop) sales features. This is because of its all-encompassing and intuitive environment.


  • 3DCart: 3DCart provides 91 free templates, as well as various premium choices. The prices of these choices differ. The quality of your templates can vary in the same way that the cost does. A large number of these solutions are of high quality. They also incorporate professional elements throughout. Still, a few do not have fundamental characteristics. For instance, the navigation menus scroll simultaneously with you. There is also no editing platform for mobile devices. 
  • Shopify: Shopify has slightly fewer customization and design options compared to 3DCart. There are only a few options of both free and paid themes to choose from. Still, they are typically of top-notch quality. It’s important to mention that Shopify provides each template with unique features. It relies on the sector in which you are employed. Shopify’s mobile app is particularly outstanding. You can make changes to your website whenever and wherever you want with Shopify. Besides, transitioning smoothly from one theme to another is a difficult task. Before finalizing your site design on Shopify, ensure that you are completely satisfied. Since you might not have the option to reconsider in the future. 

=> Comment: 3dcart provides greater options for customization and design flexibility. Users can use them without any additional effort needed.

Integrations and Extensions

  • 3DCart: 3DCart provides many options for enhancing the functionality of your online store. This is achieved using a tool known as API2Cart. This solution offers a cohesive API experience. Thus, you can easily connect with various shopping carts seamlessly. There are many choices of shopping cart options and marketplace integrations to select. Additionally, separate integrations are not required.
  • Shopify: Shopify’s app store offers a selection of 500 various app extensions to select from. They are created by external firms and internal departments. You can use resources for gift cards, SEO, email marketing, CRM management, and live shipping tracking, among other features.

Payment Processing and POS

  • 3DCart: You can connect with more than 100 various payment providers across many countries using 3DCart. Processing payments specialized services, local currencies support, and many other features are available. There are no extra costs for integration or transactions to be concerned about. Furthermore, your website and its payment processing features are equipped with PCI compliance. A website builder with PCI certification guarantees that business owners can avoid security problems. This is particularly important when processing payments with credit cards and debit cards. 
  • Shopify: When it comes to managing payments, Shopify is highly flexible as well. Even with just the basic Shopify experience, you will still have access to many excellent features. This is because Shopify is the top player when it comes to advanced features in the e-commerce industry. These characteristics include cart retrieval and dropshipping. There are various payment providers available for use with Shopify. Still, it is important to take into account transaction fees associated with each of the options. Shopify Payments is the sole solution without extra charges. It is Shopify’s internal payment processing system. Shopify Payments provides you with great flexibility in accepting payments, even with extra costs. Moreover, there is a wide app store available for accessing more features. Thus, there are minimal restrictions.

3Dcart Vs Shopify: When Should You Choose?

Before deciding between 3DCart vs Shopify, it is a must to understand the pros and cons of each: 




  • A variety of sales features and tools available
  • Dependable assistance
  • Established CRM and integrated blogging
  • US merchants will not be charged transaction fees when using their own payment processor.
  • A plan is available at no cost.
  • Excellent assortment of SEO tools
  • An extensive array of functions for managing stores and increasing sales
  • Different pricing options are on offer.
  • Third party applications accessibility
  • Expertly crafted designs
  • Simple incorporation with external marketing tools.
  • Sales across multiple channels and in different countries.
  • Website builder that is user-friendly and doesn’t require coding.
  • Websites that are compatible with mobile devices.
  • Restricted options for personalizing themes.
  • International merchants cannot access the free plan.
  • Online forums, particularly in comparison to Shopify, lack the same level of activity and usefulness.
  • Does not have a feature on the mobile app.
  • They do not offer a free plan, but they have a free trial available.
  • Transaction fees are required for every sale that is made.
  • Restricted selection of complimentary themes

Deciding on 3dcart or Shopify relies on various considerations. Your particular requirements, objectives, and personal choices. Here is a manual to assist you in determining the appropriate platform for each situation: 

Select 3dcart if

  • You need a lot of customization. 
  • It is crucial to have built-in features. 3dcart includes a wide range of features in the standard plan. 
  • You are seeking affordable options. 3dcart provides competitive pricing. It also has many features in the basic package. 
  • You need advanced product management. 3dcart offers strong tools for handling your product catalog. 
  • You are seeking greater control over SEO. 3dcart provides powerful built-in SEO tools. 

Select Shopify if

  • Priority is given to ease of use. Shopify’s interface is intuitive and the setup process is straightforward. 
  • Multi-Channel Selling Is Crucial. Shopify is recognized for its strong capabilities in multi-channel selling. It also offers seamless integration. 
  • A robust POS system is necessary. 
  • You Appreciate a Wide Range of Apps. Shopify has a vast app ecosystem with many apps and integrations. 
  • You are looking for professional themes and design choices. Shopify provides a variety of professionally designed themes. It also has a drag-and-drop builder for simple customization.


In the epic battle of 3dcart versus Shopify in 2024, it all comes down to what floats your e-commerce boat. They both have their perks and quirks. So, whether you’re team 3dcart or team Shopify, just make sure it vibes with your business goals, bank account, and ninja-level skills. Choose wisely, my e-commerce warrior!

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