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Hiring Salesforce Developer: In-depth guidance for your business

In-depth guidance on hiring Salesforce developers

For managing sales, marketing, and customer service activities, companies of all sizes turn to Salesforce, one of the world’s most well-known customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. 

If you’re looking to hire Salesforce developers to help you customize your Salesforce instance or build custom applications on the platform, you should keep a few things in mind. In this guide, we’ll walk you through finding and hiring the right Salesforce developer for your business.

Who is a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer is a professional who specializes in developing and customizing applications on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that provides various tools and features to manage customer data, sales processes, marketing campaigns, customer service, and more.

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Salesforce developers definition

Salesforce engineers use the Salesforce Lightning platform, which includes declarative development tools like Salesforce App Builder and Flow Builder, and programmatic development tools like Apex (a Java-like programming language) and Visualforce (a markup language similar to HTML). They work with the Salesforce platform to design, develop, and implement custom solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations.

Salesforce developers require a strong understanding of the platform, data model, and various development tools and languages. They should be proficient in Apex, Visualforce, and SOQL and know web technologies, APIs, and database concepts. Additionally, they need problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment.

 Benefits of hiring a Salesforce developer

Hiring Salesforce developers can bring several benefits to your organization. Here are some key advantages of hiring Salesforce developers:

  • Expertise in Salesforce: A Salesforce developer specializes in developing applications and customizing the Salesforce platform. They possess in-depth knowledge of Salesforce features, functionality, and best practices. Their expertise allows them to leverage the full potential of Salesforce to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Customization and Integration: A developer who excels in the Salesforce platform can customize and tailor Salesforce to align with your business processes. They can create custom objects, fields, workflows, and automation rules, ensuring that Salesforce aligns with your unique requirements. Additionally, they can integrate Salesforce with other systems and applications to streamline data flow and enhance productivity.
  • Enhancing Salesforce Functionality: Salesforce developers can extend the functionality of the Salesforce platform by developing custom applications, components, and modules. They can create custom Apex code, Visualforce pages, Lightning components, and triggers to add new capabilities and automate complex business processes. This enables you to maximize the value you get from your Salesforce investment.
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: By hiring Salesforce developers, you can automate manual processes, streamline workflows, and eliminate redundant tasks. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity within your organization. Salesforce developers can create custom reports and dashboards, helping you gain valuable insights into your data and make informed business decisions.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: A Salesforce developer can help you scale your Salesforce implementation accordingly as your business grows and evolves. They can design and develop scalable and flexible solutions, ensuring that your Salesforce instance can accommodate your expanding user base and changing business requirements.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: Hiring skillful Salesforce developers can significantly reduce the time it takes to implement and deploy Salesforce solutions. They deeply understand the platform and can efficiently develop and deploy customizations and applications. This enables you to quickly market new features and functionalities, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Salesforce developers can troubleshoot issues, perform system upgrades, and ensure the smooth functioning of your Salesforce environment. Their expertise ensures that your Salesforce instance remains up-to-date and optimized.

In summary, hiring Salesforce developers provides you with the specialized expertise needed to maximize the potential of Salesforce, customize the platform to fit your requirements, integrate with other systems, develop custom applications, manage data effectively, and ensure ongoing support and scalability.

Tips on hiring the right Salesforce developer

Hiring Salesforce developers is essential for maximizing your Salesforce investment. Here are some tips for hiring the right Salesforce developer for your business:

Useful tips on hiring Salesforce developers

1. Define your requirements clearly

Clearly defining your requirements helps you attract candidates with the specific skills, experience, and expertise you need. It allows you to identify developers with a strong background in Salesforce development, customization, or integration, as well as any additional skills or certifications essential for your project.

When you have well-defined requirements, you can assess candidates more effectively. You can evaluate their resumes, portfolios, and past projects against your specific needs, filtering out those who do not meet the criteria. This saves time and effort during the hiring process.

In summary, defining your requirements clearly when hiring a Salesforce developer is essential to attract the right candidates, evaluate their fit, align with your business goals, deliver the desired solution, optimize cost and time, facilitate effective communication, and ensure quality and user adoption. It sets the foundation for a successful collaboration and a Salesforce solution that meets your organization’s needs.

2. Look for relevant experience

Relevant experience ensures the developer is familiar with the Salesforce platform, its capabilities, and its development tools. They will have hands-on experience working with Salesforce’s features, objects, workflows, and integrations. This knowledge allows them to quickly understand your requirements and efficiently develop solutions.

Different industries have unique requirements and processes. Hiring Salesforce developers with relevant experience in your industry ensures that they understand the specific challenges, regulations, and best practices relevant to your sector. They can effectively leverage their domain expertise to tailor Salesforce to your industry-specific needs.

 3. Check certifications

Salesforce certifications validate an individual’s skills and expertise in working with the Salesforce platform. They demonstrate that the developer has undergone training and passed examinations by Salesforce. By checking certifications, you can verify that the developer possesses the necessary knowledge and skills for the role.

Salesforce offers a range of certifications that cater to different aspects of the platform, such as administration, development, architecture, marketing, and more. Therefore, checking certificates allows you to assess whether the developer has specialized in the relevant areas for your project. It helps you identify candidates that align with your requirements.

Additionally, hiring certified Salesforce developers can have additional benefits for your organization. Salesforce is a recognized industry leader, and hiring certified professionals can enhance your reputation as a company that values expertise and quality. Additionally, Salesforce offers partner programs that provide access to resources and support for certified professionals, which can benefit your organization through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

4. Assess technical skills

Great Salesforce developers should be able to customize and configure the platform according to your organization’s requirements. This includes creating custom objects, fields, workflows, validation rules, and automation processes. Assessing their technical skills allows you to evaluate their ability to customize Salesforce effectively and tailor it to your business processes.

Technical skills assessment ensures that the developer has the necessary expertise in Salesforce development. This includes proficiency in programming languages like Apex and JavaScript, familiarity with Salesforce development tools and frameworks (such as Visualforce, Lightning Components, and Salesforce DX), and knowledge of the Salesforce data model, security model, and platform-specific functionalities.

5. Review portfolio

A portfolio showcases a developer’s past projects and demonstrates their practical experience working with Salesforce. Reviewing the portfolio allows you to assess the complexity, scale, and diversity of the projects they have worked on. It gives you insight into their ability to handle similar projects and visually represents their skills and accomplishments.

Review portfolio is significantly important

Reviewing the portfolio lets you understand the industries the developer has worked in and the types of use cases they have encountered. This helps assess their familiarity with business requirements, workflows, and processes. You can identify whether they have experience in similar industries, enabling them to understand your needs and challenges.

In addition, a portfolio may include client feedback or testimonials, which provide valuable insights into a developer’s professionalism, communication skills, and ability to meet client expectations. Consider feedback on project management, collaboration, responsiveness, and overall client satisfaction. This can help you assess how well the developer may fit within your organization and work with your team.

6. Consider cultural fit

Cultural fit plays a significant role in fostering positive team collaboration and dynamics. A Salesforce developer who aligns with the organization’s culture, values, and work style is more likely to integrate well into the existing team. They can effectively communicate, collaborate, and build relationships with colleagues, enhancing team productivity and morale.

Each organization has its unique norms, practices, and work processes. Hiring a Salesforce developer who fits well within the organization’s culture ensures they can adapt and adhere to these norms. This reduces the learning curve and allows the developer to quickly understand and follow the established procedures and protocols.

7. Seek recommendations

Recommendations provide firsthand information about a developer’s performance, skills, and work ethic. They come from individuals or organizations who have directly worked with the developer. Seeking recommendations helps you obtain reliable and trustworthy insights into the developer’s capabilities and suitability for your project.

Recommendations can act as an extra layer of assurance and confidence in your hiring decision. Positive recommendations from trusted sources provide reassurance that you are making the right choice. They contribute to a higher confidence level that the developer has the necessary skills, experience, and work ethic to succeed in your project.

 8. Collaborate with your team

Involving your team in the hiring process brings diverse perspectives and experiences. Different team members may have specific insights or requirements to consider when evaluating candidates. Collaborating with your team ensures that the hiring decision considers your team members’ collective wisdom and expertise.

When you collaborate with your team, you gather a variety of viewpoints and opinions on potential Salesforce developers. This information helps you make a more informed decision based on broader perspectives. It reduces the chances of overlooking important factors and minimizes biases that may arise from a single decision-maker.

You foster a sense of shared ownership and engagement by involving your team in the hiring process. Team members feel their input is valued and they have a stake in the hiring decision. This can increase their commitment and motivation to work effectively with the new Salesforce developer once onboard.

 9. Continuous learning and growth mindset

The Salesforce platform is constantly evolving, with regular updates, new features, and technologies being introduced. Hiring Salesforce developers with a continuous learning mindset ensures they stay updated with the latest Salesforce advancements. They are more likely to proactively seek out new knowledge, stay abreast of industry trends, and adapt to changes, ensuring that your organization can leverage the latest capabilities of the Salesforce platform.

The Salesforce ecosystem includes various technologies, integrations, and tools to enhance your Salesforce implementation. Hiring a developer with a growth mindset ensures they are open to exploring and adopting new technologies and integrations that can improve your organization’s processes and outcomes. They are eager to learn new tools, frameworks, and integration techniques, enabling them to leverage the full potential of the Salesforce platform.

10. Evaluate problem-solving skills

Salesforce developers often encounter complex business requirements that require analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Evaluating problem-solving skills allows you to assess a developer’s ability to analyze and understand intricate requirements, break them down into manageable components, and propose effective solutions.

In the development process, issues and bugs that require quick and efficient resolution may arise. Problem-solving skills enable developers to effectively troubleshoot problems, identify the root cause, and implement appropriate fixes. Assessing these skills helps ensure the developer can handle debugging and troubleshooting tasks effectively, minimizing downtime and maintaining system integrity.

Cost of hiring Salesforce developers

According to Salary.com, the average salary for a Salesforce Developer in the US is $93,132 per year. However, the cost of hiring Salesforce developers can vary depending on several factors. Here are some key considerations that can influence the cost:

What key factors can influence the cost of hiring Salesforce developers?
  • Skill and experience level: The skill and experience level of the Salesforce developer can impact the cost. Developers with more experience and specialized skills may command higher salaries or hourly rates than those with less experience.
  • Location: The cost of hiring Salesforce developers can vary based on the geographical location. Developers in regions with a high cost of living or where the demand for Salesforce expertise is particularly high may have higher salary expectations.
  • Employment type: The cost can also depend on the employment type. Hiring a full-time Salesforce developer typically involves a salary, benefits, and potential bonuses or incentives. On the other hand, hiring contractors or freelancers may involve hourly or project-based rates.
  • Project complexity and scope: The complexity and scope of the Salesforce project can influence the cost of hiring developers. More complex projects that require advanced customization, integration, or development skills may require developers with higher levels of expertise, resulting in higher costs.
  • Additional certifications or expertise: Developers with additional or specialized expertise beyond Salesforce development may command higher rates. For example, developers with certifications in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, or Salesforce Certified Technical Architects may have higher compensation expectations due to their specialized knowledge.

 Sources to hire Salesforce developers

There are several sources where you can hire Salesforce developers. Here are some common options:

  • Online Job Platforms: Utilize popular online job platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Stack Overflow. These platforms allow you to post job listings, search for candidates, and connect with potential Salesforce developers.
  • Salesforce AppExchange: Salesforce’s own marketplace, AppExchange, has a section dedicated to job listings. You can find Salesforce developers with experience working within the Salesforce ecosystem and specifically looking for Salesforce-related opportunities.
  • Salesforce Trailblazer Community: The Salesforce Trailblazer Community is a vibrant online community of Salesforce professionals. You can post job opportunities in the community’s discussion forums or explore profiles of active community members who may be available for hire.
  • Freelance Platforms: Freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal allow you to hire Salesforce developers on a project basis. These platforms provide access to a pool of freelancers with Salesforce expertise, and you can review their profiles, portfolios, and client feedback before making a hiring decision.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Engaging recruitment agencies specializing in Salesforce talent can effectively find experienced and qualified Salesforce developers. These agencies have extensive networks and can assist in sourcing, screening, and shortlisting candidates based on your specific requirements.
  • Networking and Referrals: Tap into your professional network and ask for referrals from colleagues, industry contacts, or fellow Salesforce users. Personal recommendations can often lead to finding talented Salesforce developers who may not actively seek job opportunities but could be open to new opportunities.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate candidates, review their qualifications and experience, conduct interviews, and assess their fit with your organization’s culture and project requirements. Each source has its advantages, so exploring multiple channels to find the best Salesforce developer for your specific needs may be beneficial.


Hiring the right Salesforce developer can be a game-changer for your business. With the right skills and experience, they can help you maximize your Salesforce investment and take your business to the next level. 

Following the tips outlined in this article, you can find the right Salesforce developer for your business and start reaping the benefits today.

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