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Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers: 6 Tips To Save Effort And Money

Laravel, known for its elegant syntax and robust features, has become a popular choice for building dynamic and scalable web applications with a total of 1.7 million websites in 194 countries and territories (BuiltWith), including big companies like Pfizer or BBC. If you are a Laravel website manager who is seeking to elevate your projects and maximize their potential, hiring dedicated Laravel developers is the key to success. 

In this article, we will delve into the art of hiring dedicated Laravel developers and provide you with essential tips and knowledge to assemble a talented team. Whether you’re a business owner, a project manager, or a fellow developer, join us as we unlock the secrets to seamless Laravel development and supercharge your projects like never before. 

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Who are Laravel Developers?

Laravel developers are professionals who specialize in using the Laravel framework to build web applications. Laravel is a popular open-source PHP web application framework known for its elegant syntax, developer-friendly tools, and robust features. Laravel is designed to make web development easier and more efficient by providing a range of tools and libraries for common tasks such as routing, database management, authentication, and more.

Who are Laravel Developers
Who are Laravel Developers?

Laravel developers typically have expertise in the following areas:

  • PHP: A strong understanding of PHP programming is essential because Laravel is a PHP framework. Developers should be proficient in PHP to work with Laravel effectively.
  • Laravel Framework: In-depth knowledge of the Laravel framework, including its components like Eloquent (for database interaction), Blade templating engine, routing, middleware, and authentication.
  • Web Development: Laravel developers are web developers who create web applications and websites. They should be familiar with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the user interface.
  • Database Management: Laravel uses various database systems, with MySQL and PostgreSQL being common choices. Developers should be skilled in working with databases, designing schemas, and writing database queries.
  • RESTful API Development: Many Laravel applications involve building RESTful APIs for communication with front-end frameworks or mobile apps. Knowledge of API development and consumption is important.
  • Version Control: Proficiency with version control systems like Git is important for collaborative development and code management.
  • Software Architecture: Understanding of software design patterns and architectural principles is essential to create scalable and maintainable applications.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers?

According to Google Trends, Laravel is currently the most popular PHP framework with free and open source, built to support the development of software and applications, following the MVC architecture. Laravel has gained notoriety and popularity for a variety of factors, including its clear, understandable syntax, modular packaging system, and well-designed dependency management. Along with a number of tools for the deployment and upkeep of applications, Laravel also offers various ways to access relational databases.

Laravel - the most popular open-source PHP framework
Laravel – the most popular open-source PHP framework

Users that utilize Laravel gain various advantages and benefits due to its constantly evolving capabilities. The following are only a few of Laravel’s remarkable benefits:

  • Using The Latest PHP Features: Using Laravel 5 gives developers access to the latest features that PHP has to offer, especially for Namespaces, Interfaces, Overloading, Anonymous functions, and Shorter array syntax.
  • Huge Resources and Availability: Laravel resources are very developer-friendly with a wide variety of documents to refer to, for example, a smart interface pack that authenticates with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Integration with Mail Services: Laravel is a clean API-powered framework on top of the SwiftMailer library, so you can send mail through local or cloud-based services.
  • Fast Processing Speed: Laravel effectively supports the creation of websites or large projects in a short time. So it is widely used by technology companies and programmers to develop their products.
  • High Security: Laravel provides users with powerful security features to fully focus on product development, including using PDO to protect against SQL Injection attacks, or using hidden token fields to protect against CSRF attacks.

Excellent Laravel developers are proficient in PHP, the Laravel framework, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Additionally, they are well-versed in MVA C, OOP design techniques, and open-source applications like osCommerce and Joomla.

Laravel developer's role and responsibilities
Laravel developer’s role and responsibilities

Basically, the role of a Laravel developer includes:

  • Conduct website analysis and website application requirements.
  • Write Back-End code and proceed to build efficient modules.
  • Back-End portal development with the optimized database.
  • Troubleshoot application and data code-related issues.
  • Integrate a variety of data storage solutions.
  • Meet the Back-End feature requirements and test the website application.
  • Meet integration requirements from Front-End developers.
  • Customize, upgrade, and create new features for web applications to improve and enhance performance.

6 Out-Standing Features That A Dedicated Laravel Developer Offers

Build Future-Ready Applications And Websites

  • Offers adaptability to emerging digital trends and easy integration of new technologies without a complete overhaul.
  • Websites are scalable, flexible, and efficiently handle increased traffic while seamlessly adapting to changing business requirements.

A future-ready website is built with the latest technologies and frameworks, ensuring its adaptation to emerging trends and advancements in the digital landscape. A dedicated Laravel developer can utilize the capabilities of the Laravel framework to build a website that is scalable, flexible, and easily upgradable. This means that as new technologies and features become available, your website can easily integrate them without requiring a complete overhaul.

A future-ready website built using Laravel can easily scale to handle higher traffic volumes and adapt to changing business needs. Laravel’s modular structure allows developers to add or remove features seamlessly, ensuring that your website can evolve alongside your business without major disruptions.

Enhance Performance

  • Fast website performance is crucial for lower bounce rates and better SEO rankings.
  • Efficiently manages website traffic as it grows, ensuring a smooth user experience and cost savings.

Website performance is an important feature in improving audience engagement and creating customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is measured in seconds. According to research by Google in 2017, if the load time goes to 3 seconds, your bounce rate increases by 32%, and up to 90% when the load time goes to 5 seconds. Therefore, page speed is very crucial to reduce bounce rate and increase SEO rankings.

By improving website performance, you will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and drive business growth. Optimizing performance also helps save time for coding, and execute tasks faster, thereby reducing resource consumption and saving costs.

Clever use of Laravel’s queuing system helps you handle website traffic smoothly, and manage the number of requests as your site grows and flows in large volumes.

High Security

Hire dedicated Laravel developers to ensure your website’s security
Hire dedicated Laravel developers to ensure your website’s security
  • Protect customer data, prevent theft of sensitive information, maintain SEO rankings, and preserve brand credibility and customer trust.

Website security is a highly essential function and task to ensure the safety of the website during operation and use. It helps you avoid the risk of leaking customer information such as names, email addresses, stealing credit cards, and other transaction information. In addition, security ensures your SEO activities are continuous and effective, maintaining rankings on Google. From there, it helps you maintain credibility and brand image, and engage customers’ trust.

Multi-Lingual Site Friendly

  • Improves user experience by enabling users to access information and services in their preferred language, especially for international services with pricing and payment details.
  • Enhance direct communication, reach a diverse audience, and provide a unique user experience.

Considered the perfect tool to connect users and businesses, the website is increasingly integrated with many unique and interesting features, and one of the useful features is multi-language integration.

From the user’s perspective, accessing a website in a language they understand makes it easier for them to access information and find the services they want. In particular, when using international services, they do not lose the opportunity to access important information about prices and forms of payment. And using a multilingual website will help them feel more friendly and close.

If you are a company or a corporation that specializes in foreign cooperation partners or has customers from many different countries, the multilingual website has extremely high support. It helps businesses reach customers more directly and clearly, giving them a unique experience on your website.

Migration Of Databases

  • Assessing, planning, and executing data center migration while maintaining data quality, ensuring a smooth, error-free conversion process.
  • Revenue growth, flexibility, and reduced capital costs, aiming to improve performance and gain a competitive edge.

Upgrading the system or expanding the data center to the cloud environment brings a lot of business advantages to enterprises. It’s a natural improvement that uses cloud data to drive revenue growth, increase flexibility, and reduce capital costs. The ultimate aim of Data migration is to improve performance and bring competitive advantage to enterprises.

A Laravel developer will help you evaluate and plan your data center migration, and establish a robust data quality management process to minimize risks during data migration. An expert developer will ensure that the data conversion process takes place continuously, with integrity, and without causing data loss or errors.

Cost And Time Saving

Hire dedicated Laravel developers for cost and time saving
Hire dedicated Laravel developers for cost and time saving
  • Provides a cost-effective solution by leveraging their expertise to comprehensively assess and upgrade your website, allowing you to focus on business growth rather than dealing with individual errors.

Finding a short-term fix can be challenging and expensive, regardless of the issue you are experiencing. Many publishers have put pre-written products on the market nowadays to aid webmasters in resolving their technical issues. These tools, however, are frequently quite challenging to configure, and they only provide surface-level assistance in helping you resolve a particular issue rather than properly assessing the issues with your website.

Hiring dedicated Laravel developers allows you to leverage their great experience and skills to evaluate and upgrade your entire website, providing a more comprehensive solution that is cost-effective. Instead of dealing with each error with a separate tool, now, with the help of an expert developer, you can spend more time growing your business.

6 Key Considerations To Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers

Consider various factors to hire dedicated Laravel developers
Consider various factors to hire dedicated Laravel developers

1. Determine Requirements

It’s crucial to specify your precise objectives and requirements before getting in touch with any Laravel developers. This makes it easier for you to stay motivated and find a developer who shares your objectives. Carefully think about all the tasks necessary to the project and their standard.

2. Developers’ Portfolio and Experience

Another prominent factor is the experience and previous work records of Laravel experts that you need to consider. It gives you a better view of their skills and professionalism and assesses the fit of previous skills and jobs with your current needs. Start by looking at the projects they’ve worked on in the past, and reviews from previous employers to gauge their ability to support the project you’re aiming for.

3. Technical Skills

A Laravel developer needs solid technical expertise and a certain level of experience in building and developing web applications. You should look for a developer who can write clean code, and test and optimize existing code. A Laravel expert must be proficient in PHP and other web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At the same time, they need to be familiar with and proficient in the databases that PHP works on. You need to test the knowledge of the developers by asking some technical questions during the interview process.

4. Soft Skills

For large companies, integrating IT development with business operations requires developers to have good enough skills to work as a team and collaborate with related departments. Besides being a good programmer, a good Laravel developer needs to master soft skills, including communication, curiosity, critical thinking, and further.

5. Complicate Problem-Solving Ability

A full-fledged Laravel developer must be able to use programming languages, frameworks, and databases to solve complex and difficult tasks and build tailored and optimized solutions for websites. Data from relevant functional groups need to be collected and analyzed, translating them into specifications. A Laravel developer has the ability to efficiently analyze data to make recommendations for problem-solving.

6. Cost Estimation

Budgeting will help you get high-quality service at a fair price. To estimate the cost and cost of the resources required to accomplish the project, divide the project’s scope into manageable components. Then you concentrate on locating skilled Laravel developers inside your price range. Your ability to predict costs will assist you avoid making unforeseen payments in the future.

Where To Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers 

Online Agency

Online agency to hire dedicated Laravel developers
Online agency to hire dedicated Laravel developers

This can be the ideal option for you if you’re searching for a Laravel developer to work on highly customized projects. These businesses team up with Laravel developers with a wealth of practical knowledge and demonstrated excellence. With them, you may unquestionably pick a developer who meets your needs. Large firms also provide clients with a variety of preferential packages when hiring professional Laravel developers, which can help you save money. The hiring of Laravel developers through an agency is also quite guaranteed thanks to agreements on project quality, pricing, and completion time.

Social Media

With a huge traffic base that includes many young and active developers, you can use social media to find a suitable one. Leaving your contact by posting your recruitment information and requirements on mass media sites to gain the attraction of developers who feel they are fit and able to meet the job requirements. The remainder of your task is to choose and arrange interview schedules in order to discover the best applicant.

Forum Sites

Use developer forums to hire dedicated Laravel developers
Use developer forums to hire dedicated Laravel developers

Currently, forums for developers are very active and attract a large number of developers to participate. Some employers have also embraced this trend and joined developer communities to find potential candidates for the positions they filled. In addition to advertising job openings on the forum website, you can also get in touch with developers directly if you see that they have shared a lot of expertise and talents there and you think they would be the right fit.


There are many websites that help connect employers with freelance developers, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer.com, and so on. However, freelance developers can work on multiple projects at once, making their work less focused. Another weakness of working with freelancers is that you will receive less support after the project is completed.

Best Offer To Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers At Mageplaza

Mageplaza offers you the best packages to hire dedicated Laravel developers
Mageplaza offers you the best packages to hire dedicated Laravel developers

Our Exceptional Services

  • Website And Application Development: Our development and customization services are designed to help you create powerful and feature-rich websites, forums, applications, databases, and more. You will receive development services with 8+ years of experience in technology development to lead you to your success. We’ll analyze your business needs, target audience, and competition, and then create a user-friendly, visually appealing, responsive, and high-converting website.
  • Website Integration And Migration: Our migration services ensure that all data is migrated securely and accurately without any loss. We also offer post-migration support to help you navigate your new website.
  • Unlimited Support And Maintenance: Your website is guaranteed to always be smooth and reliable, and promptly fix errors that occur during operation to optimize customer experience.

3 Types Of Dedicated Laravel Developers To Hire

  • On-site team: You got a team of Magento developers and managers working at your location as required.
  • Dedicated team: You got a team of developers and managers working remotely for your specific projects whether it’s development or maintenance.
  • Pay as you go: Hire a Magento developer to handle your work any time you need for as long as you want.



Hiring specialized Laravel developers is crucial and needs to be carefully evaluated by website managers and companies aiming to improve client experience and soar revenue. Hiring dedicated Laravel developers at Mageplaza is the best option to ensure that your website is always in top shape and provides your consumers with a wonderful experience, thereby aiding in the growth of your company’s revenue. Again, take into account all of your needs and financial constraints to choose the ideal rental.

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