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Magento 2 Consulting Services

Magento 2 Consulting Services by Mageplaza is provided by skillful and qualified Magento professionals who have over four years experience in cooperating with more Enterprise and Community merchants around the world. We have supported many problems related to technicals, re-platforming, RFPs, and more, which the merchants dealt with in the eCommerce business.

Our team brings the consulting services to solve specific problems while we charge a flat day rate basing on the amount of work. Coming with Mageplaza, Digital Consulting team is confident to help you comprehensively.

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Magento 2 Consulting by experts

Magento 2 Consulting the in-house organization that contributes the huge efforts to solve any problem you are dealing with.

Consulting services for Magento 2

When building on Magento platform, a company who knows Magento in dept as well as have great experience in resolving the problem regarding Magento platform is the best choice for you. You can find these from Mageplaza. Coming with Mageplaza, you are served by multiple services:

  • Magento 2 Hosting Consulting
  • Magento Marketing Consulting
  • Magento 2 SEO Consulting
  • Magento 2 Extensions Consulting
  • Magento Administration Consulting
  • Magento 2 Order Processing Consulting
  • Magento agency / partner selection
  • Magento re-platforming consulting
  • Integration consulting
  • Agency / service provider validation
  • Specific Magento technical problems
  • SEO / paid search problems / strategy
  • Analytics issues
  • Internationalisation
  • Conversion rate optimization consulting
  • Customer experience consulting
  • Magento troubleshooting: missing content, error messages, template conflicts
  • Deciding which Magento platform to use (or whether to use Magento at all)
  • Creating development specifications for optimal business growth
  • Magento responsive design planning for multiple device platforms
  • Magento features and plugin use
  • Magento testing and analytics review

Technical Consulting

Regarding technical issues, a dedicated technical consultant team who is well-trained with Magento knowledge is in a charge of assisting you in the best effort.

Hire Magento Developers

What you need to do is only describing desired features of the Magento website, we will help you to build the store that ticks all the boxes!

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What is it?

Technical Consulting is a service department which will give the clients proper expert advice to solve their current issues effectively. Basing on the requirement of the problem, a consultant joining in the progress might be a developer, an architect or system administrator. After all, the best solution is the feasibility and efficient of the development plan in customer’s business. The engagement is divided into two kinds: either with or without development (advice vs. hands-on coding).

Who is it for?

Magento 2 Technical Consulting can serve a variety of audiences containing both merchants and partners who have difficulties in quality, performance, or timeline improvement. Regardless of the sizes and stages, Mageplaza Technical Consulting team is willing to take care of their status.


  • Get the right either review/advice or hands-on development
  • Reach out the best solution in the shortest time
  • Become a critical team to develop the technical projects


When working with Mageplaza Technical Consulting, you are enabled to assign and manage task with hour-based, time and material engagement. Starting at 50 hours for a technical consultant and a project manager.

Performance Review

What is it?

Performance Review is the special service type you can find at Mageplaza. We can give our objective evaluation of your Magento store’s performance, at the same time, we will find the way to improve it better with the higher performance. From the situation of your web and database servers, it is possible to consider the proper response time to set the limited number of users at once and also the server environment with recommendations to optimize hardware configurations.

Who is it for?

Performance Review Service is provided for organizations which need to ensure the most effective performance of Magento site before launching. On the other hands, the service is also helpful for the live website but they are dealing with bad performance and need smart next steps to resolve the issue.


  • Receive the objective feedback from the specialists to optimize your environment
  • Define the performance fails thanks to our expertise
  • Load testing for stress and capacity


  • Server configuration review
  • Load testing
  • Delivered remotely

Health Check

What is it for?

Thanks to Magento Health Check, merchants can collect expert advice to optimize servers’ configuration and key areas of Magento code in the best practices.

Who is it for?

Health Check is the perfect tool for organizations which want to own the optimal performance of their Magento sites either before officially launching or to drive their online traffics. Moreover, those are organizations which have met unidentified performance issues and require optimization.


  • Make your site comfortable to scale and handle the load
  • Take the deep analysis to find the problem
  • Approach the advanced technology to improve your site’s performance
  • Unique ECG recommendations for faster page response times, optimized queries, optimized resource utilization, and scalability
  • Load testing which includes graphs and data from New Relic
  • Understand clearly key vulnerabilities and potential bottlenecks


  • New Relic Pro tool to diagnose code issues
  • Server configurations evaluation
  • Load testing
  • Delivered remotely
Website Support
& Maintenance Services

Make sure your store is not only in good shape but also thriving with a professional team yet at an affordable price.

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Upgrade Implementation

What is it?

Upgrade Implementation is provided for the comprehensive upgrade for customer’s Magento site to the latest release. Upgrade Implementation includes all services basing on Magento ECG resource as Business Solutions Architect, Application Architect, PHP Developer, Systems Administrator, and Project Manager. Magento ECG will send an upgrade path to access Magento development in the best practices and take advantage of new features and optimizations. It will also reduce dependencies on custom or suboptimal code.

Who is it for?

Upgrade Implementation is for all existing customers whose sites need to be upgraded via Magento ECG’s tried-and-true methodology.


  • Provide the detailed plan for the efficient upgrade path
  • Frequent updating more new functionalities to improve the better business
  • Enhance Magento ECG’s expert product knowledge for coding


All phases of the upgrade lifecycle including:

  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Development
  • QA
  • Staging Cutover
  • Production Cutover

Magento 2 code audits

We supply the comprehensive audit reports for your business. Basing on the advanced report, you can apply the fixes either in-house or via your development resource without the need for further consulting work. However, if you need the help to do that, come with us and we can apply the changes for you. We have had experience in working with Magento Community and Enterprise sites on multiple countries as well as have cleared up many Magento problems regardless of simple or complex on websites.

All developers on our team have Magento Developer Certified, have good experience of cooperating with on Magento stores, even support many situations of complex integrations / custom extensions, as well as survey stores to solve the existing issues. Don’t worry that your store is Magento 1 or Magento 2 version, our team can still help you the best.

Areas Covered

  • Full review of Magento codebase
  • Review of changes to core code (and any issues caused)
  • Detailed review of all third party extensions
  • Detailed review of all custom extensions
  • Review of server architecture and logs
  • Review of theme and front-end assets
  • Performance review (highlighting core issues)
  • Review of database performance and issues
  • Review of security patches and known vulnerabilities

SEO Audits

Taking advantage of search engine optimization is a crucial method to conduct regular checkups regardless of the technical stability of your site. Here, whenever we see an opportunity to help you get as natural SEO link as possible, we will surely suggest for what you can do. All things we provide are both obvious without any black-hat SEO techniques. Ignoring SEO technique means you are losing an enormous amount of traffics, potential customers as well as sales.

With SEO Audit service by Mageplaza, you can get the comprehensive report including:

  • An executive summary of findings with priorities (A quick overview)

  • Detailed explanation of findings and suggested solutions

  • Top priorities for your developers and copywriters

  • Review of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

  • Traffic drops checks against known algorithm update dates (Detailed, step by step, penalty removal process)

  • Crawl and index analysis (Sitemap, Robots.txt, broken links, redirects…)

  • On-site markup analysis (URL structure, microdata, HTML…)

  • Speed and performance analysis (HTTP requests, optimizations, expire headers…)

Site Audit Services

Mageplaza offers FREE site health check (15hrs) to help you identify any website flaws & weaknesses and fix them before they start costing you a fortune.

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Site Audit Services by Mageplaza

Magento Migration Consulting

Mageplaza is in charge of consulting global retail businesses who have migrated onto Magento platform. Mageplaza will assist you from SEO assurance and implementation work to back-end development support. No matter what platform or edition (Community or Enterprise) you are applying , we are ready to do it for you with real experience in working on 30 large Magento 2 migrations.

For Magento Migration Consulting Pricing, depending on the amount of assigned task, we always offer the best cost with a flat hourly rate.

Why choose Magento?

  • Magento is 100% open source that is very simple and easy to custom for your requirement
  • Magento supports multiple websites with only single installation without maintaining different codebases.
  • Magento empowers store owners with the full control of upgrading, enabling or disabling extensions.
  • Magento brings the meta information for better SEO including friendly URL, meta tag control, site maps, and great template structure.
  • Magento owns a storage of basic features as well as the out-of-box compatibility, what are important for a scalable business.
Website Support
& Maintenance Services

Make sure your store is not only in good shape but also thriving with a professional team yet at an affordable price.

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