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How to integrate Canada Post shipping into Magento 2

Summer Nguyen | 12-30-2019

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Have you ever thought about outsourcing your shipping service? Actually, third parties doing deliver is very popular nowadays because of the many benefits for all the participants. In this blog, you will be introduced to Canada Post delivery service, a well-known company in Canada and American.

If you are wondering why you should choose Canada Post for Magento 2 and how can you integrate this shipping method into your Magento stores, keep reading with us!

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Table of Contents

Canada Post services and advantages of use

Canada Post is a Crown corporation that functions as Canada’s primary postal operator from 1867. They are focusing on three services:

  • Courier express services
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Logistics services

Canada Post services

There are some outstanding advantages of using Canada Post as the third party to deliver your products to the user’s hands:

  • Outsource shipping means less time and less cost

  • Well prepare for products stocks thanks to the estimated shipping date

  • Offer an online tracking system so that both merchants and shoppers can check their shipments with ease

  • Shipping area is very large and suitable for almost stores

Advanced features of Magento 2 Canada Post extension

Show shipping rate lively by Canada Post API

Understanding that the high cart abandonment rate results from the unnoticed extra fee at the checkout process, this module allows Magento 2 stores to show estimated shipping fee right at the shopping cart page.

This estimated shipping rate is shown based on the customers’ shipping destination info, which can be customers’ addresses. Thanks to this, shoppers are able to know their total order value including shipping fees. Hence the buying decisions are made more quickly.

shipping rate lively by Canada Post API

Multiple ways to calculate shipping cost

This module is supported with three ways to calculate shipping fees. Admins can flexibly choose the method that is suitable for the typical shipping situations.

For example:

  • Shipping fee based on Shipping destination: In case your store allows shipping in a large area, even shipping abroad.
  • Size/weight of the shipping package: The shipping fee is depending on how big or heavy your shipping packages are.
  • Handling fee: The shipping fee is affected by the handing fee of Canada Post office.

Multiple ways to calculate shipping cost

Backend order using Canada Post shipping

Not only customers can choose to ship by Canada Post, but at the backend, Magento admin can also create order and assign shipping using this method. This helps both parties shopping and place orders more conveniently.

Backend order using Canada Post shipping

Flexible estimated shipping time

Worrying your stores cannot send the order on the estimated delivery date? It is no problem with this module since admins can now set up the time offset for the delivery date. More clearly, the time offset is an amount to be deducted or added to the estimated time so that the time range for shipping is extended. This will create more flexible and improve store credibility in serving customers at the right time.

Flexible estimated shipping time

Create shipping packages with labels

Shipping packages can be generated by Magento admins at backend easily. Also, they can choose which products to add on. Then all packages are sent to shippers at Canada Post.

Especially, for a large number of orders, it is necessary to realize and distinguish different packages. Thus, this extension allow admin to label their orders. All the labels are able to be printed in PDF file as well.

Create shipping packages with labels

Full Features of Magento 2 Canada Post extension

  • Turn on/off the extension
  • Set the title for Canada Post carrier
  • Choose the extension working mode: Sandbox or Production
  • Provide integrate credentials: API Username, API Password, Customer Number
  • Choose agreement type: Contract or Non-contract
  • Fill in the contract ID
  • Choose the language for shipping method name and error message
  • Allow displaying the estimated delivery time
  • Configure the delivery time offset
  • Choose shipping methods to be applied
  • Allow/Disallow free shipping
  • Define the lowest order value eligible for free shipping
  • Choose free shipping ways for Canada, the US, and International
  • Define quote type: commercial or counter
  • Select the print output format
  • Select the reason for export
  • Set the max package weight
  • Allow handling fee calculated as fixed amount or percent
  • Choose to apply the handling fee for package or per order
  • Choose the countries able to use Canada Post shipping
  • Display error message if the Canada Post is not available
  • Debug mode to check the failed transactions
  • Prioritize displaying position for the shipping method at frontend

In conclusion

At the end of the blog, I would love to say thank you for your attention. It is highly recommended that you should take a look at our shipping solution: Magento 2 Canada Post Shipping, which helps integrate Canada Post API to your Magento 2 so that your stores’ products can reach worldwide customers, especially Canadian shoppers.

Canada Post

Canada Post for Magento 2

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