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Document Management Software - Benefits of Converting to a Paperless Office

Summer Nguyen | 02-12-2019

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You may be a business owner, or maybe an employee, but do you know, that you are using approx 10,000 sheets of paper in your life. This is almost 1 tree in your life.

However, with the increase of global warming and environmental pollution, it is now crucial to plan more and more trees for the sustenance of humankind in this earth.

Not only it is about destroying the environment. But an average employee wastes 6 weeks per year in searching the documents. So, do you still think in this context, that converting to a paperless office is a bad idea?.

Let us discuss some ways to go paperless.

The best thing you can do to go paperless is to implement a document management software into your business’s internal processes that help keep all your data safe thus, saving time and energy both. Document Control Software helps companies to meet the compliance requirements as well to deliver semantic end results. Research says you can save $3,230 per year if you don’t use ink and toner. In addition, you save $5,600/year on energy and $300 worth of commercial real estate.

Reference source: Benefits of being a Paperless Office

Benefits of Converting to a Paperless Office

Now let you tell the benefits of converting to a paperless office so that you can jump into this business model soon.

To start with let me tell what exactly is a paperless office. This is a business practice, where the use of paper-based documents is reduced or eliminated. Rather, the storing of data is done through different Document Management software, in a process known as digitization.

Keep your employees happy

Don’t you think that paper-based jobs, especially the data entry jobs are too boring to do day in and day out? And doing this same boring job every day, makes the employees lack interest in their daily works. But, if you go paperless, using new technology and working online will encourage your employees more and make them happy. This will ultimately make them more productive.

Save the trees, save life on earth

As already said before, an average employee uses 1 tree in his lifetime for his paper-based work. And 6 trees can reduce the pollution caused by an average car. The statistic may seem too small initially, but just imagine the impact when all the offices all over the world go paperless!

Benefits of Converting to a Paperless Office

Easy for Audit

Keeping all data stored in some document management software can help to keep the documents in a systematic manner. You can access them whenever you want. Also, you will be able to track who accessed your data. By following this measure, you stay compliant with all the government norms and regulations.

Saving a huge time

A stat says that retrieving data from a searchable PDF takes 2 seconds. Whereas, a paper-based file takes 18 minutes for searching. So, just imagine how much time you can save by going paperless. Also, an average of 4 weeks are lost each year for mislabelled, and misfiled documents. So, such a huge time can be easily saved and spent on productive activities. Doesn’t it sound good?


When you go paperless office, all your data are stored in the cloud. As a result, you can access the data from all over the world, and your employees can access the data from home. This gives the opportunity to your employees to work from home. This, in turn, saves the money on renting an office space.


Paper-based documents can be damaged at any point due to any reason like fire, water or any other natural disaster. But when you are using a document management software, and keeping all the data digitally, there is less chance of getting the data damaged.

Limitless storage

Storing all your data digitally helps you store unlimited data. There is always enough space for storing all the data that you generate throughout your life or you have in your office. You need to increase the storage capacity. With Document Management Software, unlimited storage and easy access just a click away.

No clutter in the workplace

Benefits of Converting to a Paperless Office

Do you like to see clutter in your workplace? I think nobody likes. So, if you start going paperless invoice approval system, then the mess of stacked papers will stay away that would else make your office messy.

Everything in your fingertips

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get access to all your data in just a click? Yes, document management software can help in this. Just a click and you get all the data you require at any point in time.

Sharing knowledge is easier

Sharing knowledge with your employees is very important for growing any business. But the paper-based knowledge sharing wastes much of time, energy and money. But, when things go digital, with some document management software, all employees can gather knowledge easily at their convenient time.

Now, if you are convinced about going paperless, let us tell you the simple 5 steps on going paperless.

  • Determine the place to store the files
  • Create folders to arrange the docs properly
  • Scan the documents
  • You should, of course, shred the sensitive documents
  • Upload all the files and save them according to the folders created

Top 5 Free document software management tools for Mac and Windows

SutiDMS software

SutiDMS free software provides unlimited task and subtask management. The users can clock in, clock out and take a break without affecting the record and data. SutiSign e-signature solution is integrated with this to make the approval process easier.

OpenDocMan software

OpenDocMan Application sharing and security are enabled in this free document management software. Multiple languages are supported along with workflow and email management. Users can store a document with proper indexing and this is the best part of this software.

LogicalDOC software

LogicalDOC software is user-friendly and does not require any training to use it. the documents are gathered automatically and stored centrally. There is a central repository that keeps all document safe and secure within one place.

OpenKM software

OpenKM software helps in metadata capture and classifying them easily. Also, they improve the document quality and keeps them safe. High degree of accuracy is seen while searching the documents.

Bitrix24 software

Bitrix24 free DMS can classify documents based on private and shared option. Also, the documents of the same type can collaborate easily. Document lock is the key feature of this software.

So? Are you ready to go paperless?

Gone are those days when we recklessly harmed our environment by cutting trees. Time has come, when we need to be much careful to prevent our environment in a better way for the next generation.

Ok, let’s not be too much philosophical.

However, you will not want to waste your hard earn money, right?

You won’t like to keep your employees busy with some daily mundane work and convert them into non-productive robots.

If you can save money by going paperless, and let your employees work from home, would you not like to grab this opportunity?

So, if you think that all these benefits are what you are looking for, then yes, you are ready to go paperless. Just get some good Document management software and you are ready to go!


Marketing Manager of Mageplaza. Summer is attracted by new things. She loves writing, travelling and photography. Perceives herself as a part-time gymmer and a full-time dream chaser.

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