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How is Big Data Upgrading the Healthcare Industry Altogether?

Every industry in the market has its own significance and healthcare is definitely one of the major ones among them. In fact, the healthcare industry is a huge one which is even equally complex where the patients constantly ask for better care management. Recently, big data has made a grand entry in this sector and big data healthcare is constantly on the rise. Researchers even say that the worldwide big data in the healthcare industry is going to be worth $ 34.27 billion by 2022!

How is Big Data Upgrading the Healthcare Industry Altogether

The statistics also revealed that a remarkable 80% of medical and clinical information about patients is made of unstructured data now. Some of the biggest examples include written physician notes, radiology notes, consultant notes, pathology results, discharge notes from hospitals and so on.

The experts like Schulte, a physician cum ex CMO of Apixio said, “If we want to learn how to better care for individuals and understand more about the health of the population as a whole, we need to be able to mine unstructured data for insights”. And, it is already evident that exploring unstructured data more is the first baby step that healthcare industry can take towards understanding big data.

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So, yes, big data is getting even more huge with each passing day.

Do you want to precisely know how ?

Read on

How is Big Data Upgrading the Healthcare Industry Altogether

Improved Health Tracking

The Big data and analytics in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT) are one of the revolutionizing ways to track various statistics and vitals. There are not only the basic and smart wearables out there which can induce a patient’s sleep, heart rate, exercise, distance walked etc. Rather, some new medical innovations can even monitor the patient’s blood pressure, pulse Oximeters, glucose monitors and much more. This kind of continuous monitoring of your body vitals along with sensor data collection will help the software development healthcare industries to let people remain out of the hospital.

Serving high-risk patients

Big data is gradually helping all the hospitals to maintain digitized records. Doctors can access this kind of data to understand the pattern of patients. While keeping an eye on crucial data like patients who are approaching the hospital multiple times and identifying chronic issues, big data is making the lives of healthcare professionals easy enough. Further, such an observation with the help of big data is helping the doctors to provide better care. Additionally, the integration of advanced medical practice software further amplifies the efficiency of managing and utilizing this wealth of health-related information.

How is Big Data Upgrading the Healthcare Industry Altogether

Efficient diagnosis of patients

The entire chapter of diagnosing patients has become an effective chapter with the help of big data. No wonder, consulting a physician can sometimes be a hassle because of relocation or any alternative opinion. Sometimes, they aren’t able to understand a patient’s response to specific drugs apart from some particular patient characteristics. Here, big data can be a great solution while providing the practitioners with specific insights of patients which would otherwise take some significant time, if done conventionally.

Besides, one of the major benefits of big data in the healthcare industry is that this data which medical professionals will get an access to can be shared with similar health initiatives. For example, fighting obesity, smoking etc. which ensure that these campaigns are delivered to a specific group of patients. In fact, the success of IBM Watson indicates that big data is really managing the diagnosis of patients pretty effectively. The use of a FHIR server in the healthcare industry can enable the seamless sharing of patient data and improve data management for big data analytics, ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care.

Getting rid of human errors

Many times it has been noticed that professionals end up dispatching wrong medicines by mistakes. This kind of error can be easily rectified with Big Data. It’s because this data is often leveraged to analyse the user data and medications which have been prescribed to patients. The smart technology of Big Data can corroborate the data and flag potential out of place prescription to let the number of mistakes go down and save a number of lives. This kind of software can do wonders for those physicians who cater to many patients in a particular day. With the right infrastructure, you can even reduce security breaches caused by human error. For example, Updox HIPAA-compliant and secure eFax options for healthcare lessen the likelihood that private customer data will be seen or exploited by malicious actors.

Cut down hospital costs and wait time

Big data has become something big in the healthcare industry in past a few years. In fact, there are some hospitals in Paris which use Big Data to identify how many patients they might expect in their hospital each month. Also, scientists have started using machine learning to figure out the most potent algorithms which can priorly predict various admission trends.

Moreover, there are some new sensor devices out there that patients can use from anywhere to keep a track on their state. It further helps them to avoid hospitalization altogether.

Also, when it comes to already hospitalized people, the medical professionals can use predictive analytics to improve the scenario and decrease the readmissions. Probably, Big Data is helping healthcare professionals to analyse various healthcare data and gain various useful insights.

Boosted up patient engagement

With the help of Big Data and analytics, there could be a great increase in patient engagement. This smart technology is gradually drawing the interest of consumers towards wearables and many other health tracking devices. It is, in turn, upgrading the healthcare industry with leaps and bounds.

When more and more patients will start understanding the real concept of Big Data then the work of physicians will be simplified up to a great extent. Further, a great engagement boost could be expected through the major big data initiatives.

Aren’t these developments seem to be some really effective benefits of big data in the healthcare industry? All thanks go to the smart science of contemporary times and its innovations that we’ve been blessed with the concept of big data and among various other industries, the healthcare sector is relishing its amazing results unconditionally.

Author Bio:- Maulik Patel is Founder & Director of His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. He is expert in Web marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, B2B Marketing, Online Advertisement of Google, yahoo and MSN.

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