Magento Html Script Extension

Do you have problem with adding Google Tag Manager into your Magento store? This extension will help you do that in few clicks. This is useful extension for every store.

Admin can add HTML, Javascript, CSS such as Zopim, Live Chat, Google Analytics, Google Conversion, Google Tag Management and more to header, head, body (before_body_start), footer.


  • Add HTML, Javascript, CSS to head tag: such as verify Google Webmaster or any special tag.
  • Add HTML, Javascript, CSS to header: such as add new js, css file
  • Add HTML, Javascript, CSS to Body tag
  • Add HTML, Javascript, CSS to Footer tag: for tracking script such as Google Analytics, Google conversion, Adroll , Zopim, Live chat …


For example: store owner can add Google Analytics, it recommends add in Front-end header. Google Tag Manager it should be added body.

In case of adding Zopim, Live chat, we recommend add this script to Footer box. It will optimize your site speed.

Other script can use this extension to add them to your Magento site.


Any questions, issues, bugs, please contact me at [email protected]