Magento 2 Promotional Gift extension

Need another powerful marketing strategy for your e-commerce store? The Magento 2 Promotion Gift extension by Mageplaza is absolutely the excellent solution for you!

It is a fact that 90% of consumers say free gift with purchase increases brand loyalty according to retail TouchPoints. Moreover, promotions and discount also are the top reasons why people follow brands on social media. With all these evidence, “free gift with purchase” promotions can entirely bring huge benefit to your store.

Simple but impressive, Mageplaza Promotional Gift extension for Magento 2 create an even more effective promotional gift strategy for your store site to rocket boost your sales.

Who sell Magento 2 Promotional Gift extension?





How it works

To view the case a little deeper, the promotional gift marketing strategy takes advantages of the consumer psychology when most of visitors are interested in getting something for free. Indeed, investing in a promotional products campaign has greater chance to earn profit than other types of marketing.

It is easy to see that advertising via social media ads can not make the users notice your brand unless your banner ads appear in their view for many days. In contrast, with promotional gift, the shoppers will be able to experience your products for a long time enough to make them aware of your manufacturer and come back to you for more.

With the Magento 2 Promotional Gift extension by Mageplaza, store admin will be able to configure several conditional for promo items in the backend. In storefront, the shoppers will effortlessly view the offering promotional gift when purchasing with the eye-catching design. The promotional items will be auto-added in the shopper’s cart when checkout as well after being chosen.


Unlimited Gift Promotions

Merchants have the ability to generate endless gift promotions with Mageplaza Promotional Gift extension. Therefore, you can run many promotional campaigns at once to interest your shoppers.

Unlimited Rules

Moreover, store owners can also set a variety of rules and conditions for the promotional gifts to apply. For instance, your store is able to implement giving free greeting cards while purchasing flowers on Women day and cosmetic products on your store will be promoted by the campaign “Grab any cosmetic items with only $1 if total order greater than $20”. Undoubtedly, nobody can deny such an attractive deal.

Freely Choose the Items for Gifts

No matter how many products you have in your store, which types of your products are, the Promotional Gift extension for Magento 2 can totally manage them all to let you configure your promotional gift campaign smoothly.

Display Promotion on Specified Pages

Do you want to upload your campaigns on Home Page, Product Page, or any other pages on your site? Don’t hesitate, just decide your mind and built your idea with Mageplaza Promotion Gift module.

Auto-added Promo Items

Depending on each campaign, store admin can configure to allow shoppers choose the free gifts manually or auto-add the promo items in shopper’s shopping cart after they add the main products.

Configure the Quantity of Gift

You can control your campaign budget by limiting the quantity of product which is selected to be promotional gifts. Besides, for shopper’s usage, the quantity of free gift will also be updated automatically when the quantity of main product is modified.

Design the Promotion Banners

Every promotion strategy needs to be advertised with a clear and beautiful banner to catch your shopper’s eyes. Hence, the Magento 2 Promotional Gift module bring you the opportunity to design the promotional gift banners right in backend interface with ease.

Pop-up Box for Promotional Gifts

Free gift information will be displayed obviously in the pop-up box on the product listing pages and product pages so that you can eliminate the reloading and redirecting which distract your shoppers from purchasing on your store site.

Report and Statistic

After all, every e-commerce merchants should have a tool which can cover all your marketing activities to publish reports and statistics needed for reviewing the productivity of your business. Mageplaza Promotional Gift for Magento 2 will synthetic the Order total and Gift value in a specific period of time and present in the chart so that you can follow all campaign’s efficiency.

Full Feature List

Key Features

  • Support unlimited promotional gift campaigns
  • Configure your campaigns with various catalog and shopping cart rules
  • Pop-up gift options
  • Choose free gifts manually or auto-add gifts in shopper’s cart
  • Configure the quantity of promotional gift
  • Set the maximum number of gifts that shoppers can choose
  • Auto-update the quantity of free gift when shoppers change the quantity of main product
  • Create coupon codes
  • Set the rules to apply the coupon codes
  • Set the schedule and frequency of promotional campaigns
  • Configure discount gift items by percentage or by a fixed amount
  • Generate a set of items for shoppers to choose as gifts
  • Support all types of products to be promotional gifts: simple product, configurable product, bundle product, grouped product, and not-visible-individually product
  • Allow customers to select and edit options of gift items after adding to cart
  • Allow free shipping for gift products
  • Allow customers to search for gift promotions within a period
  • Create a dedicated Promotional Gift page showing all promotions and products with free gifts
  • Show Free Gift information on product listing pages and product pages
  • Display Promotional Gift ads in different formats (using CMS Block) at shopping cart page, checkout page or any other places.
  • Allow showing Promotion Gift’s top link on site
  • Responsive Gift-selecting slide
  • Report statistics of Order total and Gift value in chart