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Dedicated Offshore Developers: Guide to Whole Finding and Hiring

Are you an owner, founder, or manager of a project looking to engage a Dedicated Offshore Developer to create the best results for your business? If so, let’s find out more about some steps to hiring and finding them in the post below.

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Who are Dedicated Offshore Developers?

Offshore dedicated developers are an overseas team of IT experts seeking a client or foreign organization to meet their software development requirements.

Who are Dedicated Offshore Developers?

Dedicated offshore developers work remotely for a company in a different country to provide software development services. They are dedicated to a specific project and work as a part of the client’s team, communicating with them regularly to ensure successful project completion. Offshore developers can be cost-effective for companies looking to expand their development capabilities without hiring in-house staff.

When is the Right Time to Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers?

It takes time and money to hire experienced developers internally. This involves time, effort, and overhead costs. As a result, many organizations that build offshore software choose to work solely with offshore developers. A committed development team can be useful in several circumstances, including:

  • When you wish to cut down on the project plan

Due to the vendor taking on all HR, administrative, and infrastructure-related duties and the risks associated with team expansion, the need for remote engineers is growing.

Right Time to Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers
  • When the workload exceeds capability and you need support from dedicated offshore developers

By recruiting devoted developers from any country with lower labor prices, you can limit schedule and expenditure deviations and spare the business from rising costs caused by urgent development needs. 

The developers just require a specific salary for the hours they put in. Additionally, because remote developers give the project flexibility, you may successfully handle any project requirements changes.

  • When you need professionals with highly experienced skills to contribute to your team

If you have a project requiring specialized skills or need to scale up your development team quickly, hiring dedicated developers may be a good idea. 

Or, if you have a long-term development project that requires ongoing maintenance and updates, dedicated developers can provide consistent support. 

Pros of Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers

Cost Savings

Offshoring has the enormous benefit of being highly cost-effective, largely because developers in places like Eastern Europe and Asia demand lower salaries. 

These qualified developers, who could seek lower salaries than engineers working in the US, have the knowledge and experience to create cutting-edge products so that you may balance your investments and returns in a positive way. 

In fact, the remote work paradigm alone will save you a significant amount of money. By using remote teams, businesses might save from 32% to 43% on real estate costs alone.

More Choices

You have a wider choice when picking knowledgeable offshore development professionals. Dedicated offshore developers give company leaders access to approximately 26.9 million software engineers internationally. 

A persistent talent shortage is present in Western Europe and the US. Even the finest recruiters found it difficult to find qualified coders. However, if you choose the offshore outsourcing strategy, it will be simple to look for offshore developers.

Pros of Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers

Highly Flexible 

Businesses can go through ups and downs, so scaling up and down based on demand is essential. When your company expands, you can quickly increase your ability to handle bigger workloads by recruiting an offshore crew. 

By doing this, you can add more resources to the project more quickly and easily than by hiring internal workers. The software development process is the same way. Yes, you might not need the complete team right away, but you can add the required experts as the project progresses. 

Your provider may engage offshore developers, teams, or people, freeing you from managing and administering your staff. Your team will have remarkable flexibility when you hire remote developers, which might provide you with a competitive advantage.

Simpler Hiring Procedure

Offshoring relieves you of sophisticated tasks such as examining resumes, holding interviews, and planning staff training. You only need to specify your objectives, and the offshore web development business will identify people, offer them the necessary training, and set up their workflow to hasten their project adaptation. So, it won’t take much time to sign a partnership contract before work begins.

How Much Does Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers Cost?

The cost of hiring dedicated offshore developers fluctuates approximately from $10 to $25 per hour.

However, this is still dependent on several factors, such as the developer’s skill level, specialization experience, and geographical location. In countries like Asia, hiring costs $10 per hour, and in countries like Latin America or Eastern Europe, it typically costs between $25 and $50 per hour.

Metrics for Hiring Offshore Developers Junior Offshore Developer Experienced Offshore Developer Dedicated Offshore Developer
Estimated Cost (Per hour) $10 – $15/hr $15-$25/hr $25/hr onwards
Monthly Efforts 80 – 160 Hours 160 – 320 Hours 320 Hours and More
Years of Experience 1-3 years 3-4 years 4+ years

However, it’s important to note that the cheapest option may not always be the best, as quality and communication can also affect the overall cost.

What Are the Best Places to Find Dedicated Offshore Developers?

The difficulty of finding and employing a dedicated offshore team of software developers is one that most large firms eventually encounter. Despite the fact that it is a serious and important work, there is no need to make it a problem. You have a chance to choose to recruit offshore staff from anywhere in the world. 

Nevertheless, there are several online platforms and staffing agencies that offer services for hiring dedicated offshore developers. Explore the platforms in more detail below:


With almost 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, Mageplaza is an eCommerce solution provider using expertise, creativity, and passion to improve the industry. 

Since 2018 and up to the present, Mageplaza has gained recognition as the most well-liked extension builder, having earned the trust of 100,000 consumers.

To help you make the most of the Magento/Shopify/Shopware platforms, Mageplaza provides a variety of services and solutions for businesses, including the creation of unique themes and apps, the integration of third-party tools and services, and continuous maintenance and support. 

Hire Dedicated Offshore Developers with Mageplaza

So, what makes Mageplaza developers your appropriate choice? Let’s refer to some reasons below:

  • Experience and Expertise: With a wealth of experience, Mageplaza is a top provider of reliable eCommerce development services for businesses with a strong background in Magento/Shopify/Shopware development.
  • Comprehensive Services: Mageplaza offers multiple E-commerce services, such as store setup, theme customization, speed optimization, migration, integration, support, and maintenance. As a result, you may deal with a single supplier for all of your development requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: All of Mageplaza’s projects adhere to the highest quality and functionality standards; thus, we follow a strict process to make sure of it. Before we release the finished product, we carry out testing and debugging to find and fix problems.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: Mageplaza values timely project delivery and uses our best efforts to complete projects by the predetermined date. Our efficient development procedure prevents delays and guarantees that projects are finished on time.
  • Competitive Pricing: Mageplaza offers reasonable pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. For free consultations and an estimated price for your particular needs, please get in touch with us.
  • Dedicated Support: Mageplaza offers committed customer support before, through, and after the development process. To guarantee that clients’ eCommerce stores consistently run efficiently and provide a great user experience, Mageplaza always provides ongoing support and maintenance services.


One of the biggest professional networking sites is LinkedIn, which has millions of registered users and more than 250 million active users in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn has developed into a useful recruiting tool for companies searching for connected professionals.

Jobs can be posted, resumes can be submitted, and recruiters can search the site for qualified company officers, devoted workers, and independent contractors. LinkedIn is the best option to use when finding top developers if you’re hiring.


Millions of people have enrolled on the freelance marketplace Upwork. Using sorting algorithms, this portal links clients with distant freelancers, including content writers and JavaScript specialists. 

Therefore, finding a dedicated offshore developer to interview should be doable with Upwork, and you will be able to conduct interviews and participate in the process.


There are millions of individuals registered for jobs on the platform Freelancer, and thousands of tasks have been completed. 

One of the most popular work types on Freelancer is website development. You may use this method to search through tens of thousands of freelancer profiles, screen and interview potential employees, and handle payments independently. If you’re seeking a cost-effective recruiting solution, Freelancer is a great option.


With the initial goal of developing primarily tech talent in mind, Toptal is known as a professional talent matching service. Although it has widened its talent pool to include designers and finance specialists, its developer vertical—including offshore developers and more—remains its mainstay. We advise hiring a developer from Toptal if you want to help ensure that he or she is qualified for the position.

Why? Only the most qualified candidates are allowed to join the Toptal community thanks to an exclusive talent vetting process. Only 3% of applicants, according to Toptal, pass all of the rigorous technical assessments and screening procedures.

5 Steps to Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers

Certainly, hiring dedicated offshore developers can be a great way to expand your team and take advantage of cost savings. Here are 6 steps to help you hire dedicated offshore developers:

Step 1. Define Project Requirements

In order to ascertain this, consider the business’s goals, the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to realize those goals, as well as how a developer might be able to help you.

You’ll be able to attract developers who are more excited about working with your team once you’ve defined what your company’s needs are and how you want your expectations met.

Step 2. Determine Budget

Determining your budget is vital when hiring dedicated offshore developers. And there are some factors you need to consider, such as the hourly rate, project scope, and additional costs. 

By this way, you can create a realistic budget for hiring dedicated offshore developers that will help you achieve business goals within your financial constraints.

Determine Budget When Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers

Step 3. Partner Evaluation and Choice

There are a few additional crucial aspects to take into account when hiring dedicated developers from an outsourced provider, in addition to technology proficiency and hourly rates:

Flexible in Communication Skills

A partner’s well-established processes and communication in the local market have a significant impact on the quality of its services. The more competent and seasoned engineers might be attracted to the organization as a whole, the better the company’s communication system and reputation.

Expertise and Knowledge

Technology, tools, and programming language expertise are required to develop a passable product, but they are never sufficient to produce a fantastic one. Check the vendor’s website, case studies, and client reviews to make sure they have a complete understanding of the project plan and can offer you high-value expertise.

Knowledge of Technology

Higher-quality outcomes will be obtained by working with a vendor who follows internationally acknowledged standards. Before making a decision about whether to choose or not, take into account certificates, acknowledgments, and evaluations like ISO and CMMI.

Step 4. Interview candidates

Personal interviews with candidates need to make sure to evaluate the candidates’ technical skills and competence as well as their personal and professional traits, whether in person or over the phone.

You need to make sure the committed developers you’re hiring have the right mindset for the project and mentality to get along with your in-house team. You are the one who, after all, has the best understanding of the kinds of candidates that would be suitable for your team.

Step 5. Agreement and Collaboration

Here are some things you can do to make the procedure even more straightforward:

  • Describe all of your expectations for new hires in detail to limit any unpleasant shocks or misunderstandings.
  • Give your new developers advanced access to the necessary resources and a list of tools. 
  • Create a step-by-step setup guide for the onboarding first date.

Common Mistakes When Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers

Being Unclear about Project Requirements

When hiring dedicated offshore developers, it is important to be clear about project requirements, and this can lead to possible misunderstandings and delays in the project timeline. 

However, you can require candidates to read detailed documentation about the business plan, including wireframes, mockups, and user stories. 

Then, ask the offshore developers for feedback on the project requirements to ensure that they understand what is expected of them. In general, this is the best way to deliver quality work that meets your business needs.

Not Checking the Developer’s Experience and Skills

One of the most common mistakes when hiring dedicated offshore developers is not checking their experience and skills. It’s important to ensure that the developers you hire have the necessary skills and experience to complete your project successfully. 

So, to avoid this mistake, you need to practice some tips, such as evaluating candidates’ portfolios, testing their skills, conducting an interview with many steps, and more. 

By checking the developer’s experience and skills, you can ensure that you hire dedicated offshore developers who have the expertise needed to complete your project successfully.

Focus on Price Only Rather than Other Factors

Although hiring offshore developers is a cost-effective choice, focusing only on this aspect has its own disadvantages. If money is your primary consideration, you can find yourself employing offshore developers who fall short of your expectations.

This may have an impact on product quality and development and eventually increase your costs. There may also be the following issues:

  • Rework or delays
  • Collaboration difficulties
  • Conflicts involving the principles and culture of the company
  • Security concerns

Therefore, in addition to the cost consideration, striking the correct balance between quality, price, and experience is crucial.

Unrealistic Goals

You want to make sure the objectives of your business plan are achieved when you hire an offshore developer. Your growth is slowed by things that you don’t discuss with anyone.

Hiring competent engineers from all over the world will allow you to save time and concentrate your efforts on your primary objective. How can your team follow suit, then? To produce a quality product quickly, it’s critical to have effective communication with the individuals you recruit.

Businesses shouldn’t be required to sign long-term contracts or meet minimum requirements for the number of developers they employ. Just the individuals you require should be hired. 

You could have to pay more for assistance than you need if you enter into a contract with some people. So, let’s determine how much assistance your business requires and for how long to limit it.

Lacking a Valid Contract in Place

Maybe this is one of the basic mistakes to avoid to protect both parties and ensure that the project is completed successfully. Your company can hire a lawyer specializing in offshore development contracts to draft a contract that meets your needs. 

And then, review the contract carefully and ask any questions before signing it. Make sure both parties sign the contract before starting work on the project. In this way, you can ensure that both parties are protected and that the project is completed successfully.

In general, to help you find and attract excellent applicants, think about working with a recruiting firm or qualified hiring consultant. They can offer insightful knowledge and experience that can save you from making expensive recruiting errors.

Final Words

Overall, the advantages of hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers outweigh the disadvantages by a wide margin. The abilities, knowledge, and experience of the outsourced specialists can be used to your advantage. 

At the same time, you save on development and operational costs, have fewer legal obligations and paperwork, have less trouble hiring people, produce more, and have more freedom.

Because you won’t have to pay for onboarding or legal expenses, which are typically associated with hiring new staff, you can also save a lot of money by employing this outsourcing strategy. This is certainly a great way that you can apply now for your team.

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