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Marketing Calendar 2022: Important days for your marketing campaigns

Promotions during holidays and special occasions can bring billions in revenues for e-commerce businesses. However, keeping track of those dates can be a difficult task. A marketing calendar is essential to help you build better strategies and have more time to prepare for them.

2021’s been a year with a lot of challenges, but you can still make plans for a better 2022. In this event calendar, you can find a complete event list for your marketing activities, all marked noticeably.

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Table of Contents

Key events in January 2022

The beginning of the year is also the time period when customers are eager to complete their new year resolutions. You can consider new year campaigns and create exciting challenges to help them reach their goals. Moreover, they will find ways to spend their Christmas gift cards, so this could be your opportunity to attract new customers and drive more sales.

  • January 1st: New Year’s Day
  • January 1st - 31st: Dry January, Ginuary, and Veganuary
  • 6 January: National Shortbread Day
  • 17 January: Blue Monday
  • 25 January: Burns Night
  • 26 January: Australia Day
  • 27 January: Chocolate Cake Day

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Key events in February 2022

This month represents love and care, when almost all of the dates are for the reunion (Chinese New Year), or showing love (Valentine’s Day, Love Your Pet Day), and respect (LGBT History Month).

One of the biggest events this month is Valentine’s Day. In fact, it is the fifth-largest event in the United States, during which shoppers spent over $21 billion (The Balance). This can be your chance to market special packages related to relationships. However, the tradition may differ in each country, requiring brands to be flexible in strategy application.

  • 1 February: Lunar New Year
  • 1 - 28 February: LGBT History Month
  • 4 February: World Cancer Day
  • 5 February: World Nutella Day
  • 6 February: Yorkshire Pudding Day
  • 9 February: National Pizza Day
  • 14 February: Valentine’s Day
  • 17 February: Random Act of Kindness Day
  • 20 February: Love Your Pet Day

February 2022

Key events in March 2022

In this month, you can focus on women-related content as International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are both available. Note that this is Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, while that in the United States will be celebrated on 8 May.

Other noticeable days in March include St David’s Day, which is a big event for the Welsh, and St Patrick’s Day, a public holiday of the Republic of Ireland. These days, not only Wales and Ireland, but other countries also hold religious services and feasts to celebrate.

  • 1 March: Shrove Tuesday, St David’s Day, Pancake Day
  • 2 March: Ash Wednesday
  • 3 March: World Book Day
  • 8 March: International Women’s Day
  • 10 March: Popcorn Lovers Day
  • 13 March: BAFTA’s
  • 17 March: St Patrick’s Day
  • 20 March: First Day of Spring
  • 25 March: International Waffle Day
  • 27 March: Mother’s Day
  • 27 March: BST starts

Key events in April 2022

April Fool’s Day opens new opportunities for businesses to come up with fun and surprising content. Unexpected discounts and fools can be good tactics to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Just 2 weeks later, another significant holiday comes - Easter. According to Statista, up to 79% of survey respondents say they celebrate Easter, making a wide target market for any business. During this time, it is possible to market Easter gifts for more profits as well as create interactive activities to collect leads and encourage user-generated content.

  • 1 April: April Fool’s Day
  • 3 April: Ramadan Start
  • 10 April: Siblings Day
  • 11 April: National Pet Day
  • 15 April: Good Friday
  • 17 April: Easter Sunday
  • 18 April: Easter Monday
  • 19 April: Bicycle Day
  • 21 April: National Tea Day
  • 22 April: Earth Day
  • 23 April: St George’s Day

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Key events in May 2022

May is a month that allows everyone to relax in different ways. Even it is a Labour Day to be free from work, or World Cocktail Day, World Baking Day, and Star Wars Day, all related to hobbies.

Hence, this month’s spirit could be new and exciting, or chilled and relaxed. Special activities can be made for each occasion; however, they should be relevant to your products, of course.

  • 1 May: End of Ramadan
  • 1 May: Labour Day (UK)
  • 2 May: Early May Bank Holiday
  • 4 May: Star Wars Day
  • 5 May: Cinco de Mayo
  • 11 May: National Eat What You Want Day
  • 13 May: World Cocktail Day
  • 16 May: International Day of Light
  • 17 May: World Baking Day
  • 20 May: World Bee Day
  • 29 May: National Biscuit Day
  • 31 May: Spring Bank Holiday

Key events in June 2022

June is the beginning month of summer, making it be a wonderful time to do marketing with lots of events. Also, you can boost sales by focusing on Father’s Day, which falls on 19 June. Start offering sales from the beginning of the month can give customers more time to find their perfect gifts.

June is also Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community, so you can consider different social media campaigns that last the whole month.

  • 1 June: Global Day of Parents
  • 1 - 30 June: Pride Month
  • 2 June: Spring Bank Holiday
  • 3 June: Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday
  • 11 June: World Gin Day
  • 15 June: National Beer Day (UK)
  • 19 June: Father’s Day
  • 21 June: International Day of Yoga, Summer Solstice, Beginning of Summer
  • 22 - 26 June: Glastonbury Festival
  • 25 June: Midsummer’s Day
  • 27 June: Wimbledon Starts (ends 10th July)

June 2022

Key events in July 2022

July is quieter than other previous months, giving you time to calm down and prepare for the next periods. However, you can still take advantage of World Emoji Day or the start of school holidays.

What’s more, in recent years, the International Day of Friendship is also becoming popular. Customers are more likely to shop for friendship items, so it could be a good time to market special combos for extra profits.

  • 4 July: American Independence Day
  • 7 July: World Chocolate Day
  • 17 July: World Emoji Day
  • 25 July: School Holidays (differs per school)
  • 26 July: Back to School (ends early September)
  • 30 July: Islamic New Year
  • 30 July: International Day of Friendship
  • 31 July: National Avocado Day

Key events in August 2022

August requires brands to be more specific with their target customers. The days are more tricky and for particular groups. With that in mind, we have seen various brands be creative with their campaign ideas when they make the events relevant to their target. Even if the day is not for your business, take it as an opportunity by creating surprises for your audience. It’s good to be fun once in a while!

  • 1 August: Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)
  • 5 August: International Beer Day
  • 8 August: International Cat Day
  • 9 August: Book Lovers Day
  • 19 August: World Photography Day
  • 25 August: National Burger Day
  • 26 August: National Dog Day
  • 29 August: Summer Bank Holiday

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Key events in September 2022

Students are going back to school, as well as autumn begins - what a nice time to start your holiday campaign plans. If your business targets students, families, or the young, it is perfect to launch marketing campaigns for those audiences. Before the coming back to school day, you can sell school supplies, kids’ clothing, or other essentials. This day could be different per school, hence you should start the campaigns earlier, let’s say, in late July or August.

  • 1 September: Autumn Begins
  • 5 September: Back to School (differs per school)
  • 6 September: Labour Day (US)
  • 6 September: Read a Book Day
  • 12 September: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • 16 September: World Guacamole Day
  • 27 September: World Tourism Day

Key events in October 2022

Halloween is arriving at the end of October, but it cannot stop brands from taking advantage of the holiday throughout the month. Businesses can decorate offline stores and website themes accordingly to create the vibe and engage customers better. Moreover, other days relating to food can also be promoted in case you are in the Food & Beverage sector.

  • 1 - 31 October: Black History Month (UK)
  • 1 - 31 October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • 1 - 31 October: Go Sober for October (Stopober)
  • 1 October: International Coffee Day
  • 1 October: World Vegetarian Day
  • 10 October: World Mental Health Day
  • 16 October: World Food Day
  • 22 October: National Nut Day
  • 25 October: World Pasta Day
  • 26 October: National Pumpkin Day
  • 29 October: National Cat Day
  • 30 October: BST ends
  • 31 October: Halloween

October 2022

Key events in November 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the starts of the holiday shopping season when brands are offering the largest discounts of the year. It is highly competitive during this time, so the sooner you start the campaigns, the better results you will achieve.

  • 1 - 30 November: Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)
  • 1 November: World Vegan Day
  • 5 November: Guy Fawkes Night
  • 11 November: Remembrance Day
  • 13 November: Remembrance Sunday
  • 25 November: Black Friday
  • 28 November: Cyber Monday
  • 30 November: St Andrew’s Day


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Key events in December 2022

December marks a time of the year that demand is very high due to the Christmas Holiday. In fact, businesses can take advantage of this long holiday to launch marketing campaigns throughout the month. Google stated that 70% of respondents still shopped during the final week just before Christmas. After that, the Boxing Day, originating from the United Kingdom, and the New Year’s Eve, are also great opportunities for brands to increase sales after Christmas.

  • 4 December: National Cookie Day
  • 14 December: Christmas Jumper Day
  • 21 December: Winter Solstice
  • 25 December: Christmas Day
  • 26 December: Boxing Day
  • 28 December: Bank Holiday
  • 31 December: New Year’s Eve

December 2022

Mageplaza has prepared a complete 2022 marketing calendar for you that you can download in full below. Let us know if you have other holidays we may miss, and once again, Happy New Year!

Quickly get complete Marketing Calendar 2022!

Helpful calendar to help you plan marketing strategies beforehand!

Download PDF
pdf marketing calendar 2022

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