Refundable Reward Points

Refundable Reward Points

The introduction of Reward Points System is expected to greatly pay the way to the success of Magento online merchants. Among several unique features provided, refundable reward points are widely favorable by both buyers and shop admins due to its convenience in shopping activities. When customers decide to return a purchased product, store owners will get back their points gave to that order as well. In case consumers spend their reward points for a deal, when this deal is cancel, stores’ management system will automatically return spent points to shopping doers. In other words, both sellers and buyers receive the same right in this “shopping game”.

How to configure in backend

Refundable points for store owners

Refundable Reward Points

To start making adjustment to default setting, shop admins can navigate from Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Reward Point > Configuration. On the result page, users have to figure out Earning configuration to find general configuration for this section. After that, store owners can easily find Point Refund on the display page. Here users need to turn on refundable point mode by selecting Yes in the field box.

If Use Value System is chosen, Yes option will be automatically applied. It means that default setting from system allows users to get their reward points back anytime their products are returned.

Refundable points for shopping doers

Refundable Reward Points

If shop admins want to enable buyers to receive their reward points used in an order after cancelling this deal, they can access from Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Reward Points > Configuration. After that, they have to find out Spending Configuration to make adjustment here. In general configuration of this section, it is easily to see Restore spent points after order refunding. In this field box, remember to choose Yes option to activate this function. In case, users want to use default setting from system, they have to click on Use Value System. By doing so, the system will automatically apply refund spent points policy for customers when their orders are not successfully completed.

How it displays on the frontend

Refundable points for store admins

Refundable Reward Points

After customers turn back a purchased product, all points earned for this deal will be taken back. This change is then recorded in buyers’ personal account. To get to know about this change, consumers can sign in their accounts, then go to My Points and Rewards section. On the display page, all transactions history will be stored here including changes in earned points. In the grid, customers can easily find out points earned and points refunded. For example, when a buyers earned 78 points for an order, then he decided to return the product, his earned points will be automatically taken back.

Refundable points for customers

Refundable Reward Points

Once shopping doers decide to spend a certain amount of their reward points as promotion for a deal, if the deal is not completed, all spent points will be give back to customers’ total points. For instance, in case 150 points is determined to use for a purchase, if customers or store owners cancel that order, then 150 points will be remained in buyers’ account.

To sum up, using Magento 2 Reward Points Extension can significantly help business doers to run loyalty program smoothly and effectively. Both buyers and sellers can participate in a fair and interesting game. Besides, shop admins can make the shopping game more attractive by setting point spending restriction as a rule for consumers to follow. If you want to fully understand this feature, please visit here:

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