Points Expiration

Points Expiration

Among several programs to raise customer loyalty to a business, using reward points seems to be the most effective one that it is applied widely by marketers. With the purpose to simplify the technical work for online business doers, Magento 2 Reward Points extension is designed. Beside the main function is creating earning rates applied for customers, this extension also enables users to configure expiration date for reward points, which is also a strategy to generate more deals for an enterprise.

The importance of expiration date

When shop admins know how to make use of expiration date for reward points, they can greatly contribute to successful purchases from old customers. Normally, after buying anything from the store, customers will receive a certain amount of reward points which can be redeemable in the next order. Therefore, if admins set an expiration date for these points and let consumers know about it, they can remarkably encourage buyers to make another purchase soon in order not to miss reward points. In other words, this strategy also increases customers’ interest in earning and spending rewards points; consequently, making more deals.

How to configure in backend

With Reward Points system, shop admins are empowered to decide the duration of valid points themselves. That the points can be kept active infinity or just in a period of time all depends on strategic plan of store owners.

How to configure Point Expiration in backend

To start configuration, admins can access from Mageplaza > Reward Points > Transaction. On the result page, users can easily see a grid full of detailed information about all transaction created. Here they can decide set expired date for each transaction and reward points as well.

To set expiration date for a transaction, first admins have to click on Add New Transaction on the right side above the grid to create a new transaction. After that, admins are required to fill in transaction information including Customer, Points, Comment, and valid time in Points expired after fields.

In the field box of Customer, store owners can choose one among a list of previous buyers of the stores. Next, they have to enter the amount of valid points for that customers. After that, they can choose to leave a comment or not, then determine expiration date for these points. The unit used to calculate valid time is the number of days. Therefore, in this field, admins need to enter a number.

Point Expiration

Additionally, with all current transactions, admins can also make them inactive in case they are not automatically switched into inactive mode when expiration date passed. And more importantly, an email notification about the point expiration can be activated to be sent customers before the points are expired.

Point Expiration

Moreover, users are enabled to set expired date for earning rate in general configuration from Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Reward Points > Configuration > Earning Configuration. Here admins can easily figure out Sales Earning Process and Points expired after box. The number filled in this field will be displayed on the frontend so that shopping doers can easily get to know valid time for their earning rates.

In conclusion, Magento 2 Reward Points is a great supporter for any online merchants in making the success of their businesses via the help of loyalty program. Besides, this extension also significantly contributes to enhancing customers shopping experiences by offering point spending slider. This outstanding feature is sure to create a sense of satisfaction among shopping doers. To gain more information about this new feature, explore here:

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