Point Spending Restriction

Point Spending Restriction

Reward Points for Magento 2 is well-known for its effectiveness in creating a sense of satisfaction among customers by reward points it provides in loyalty program of online stores. However, this extension is also widely applied due to its flexibility in configuration to meet purpose of individual enterprise. When using this great supporting module, users are empowered to set their own point spending restriction to perfect their loyalty campaign.

Backend configuration

Backend configuration Point Spending Restriction

To start generating rules and regulations for earned points, shop admins have to make sure that they already create earning rate and spending rate to apply for their stores. After that, they can visit from Admin Panel > Mageplaza > Reward Point > Configuration. On the display page, after navigating Spending Configuration, admins can make adjustment here.

Minimum spending points per order

As its name presented, the number entered in this field is the minimum amount of valid points can be used in one purchase. Therefore, if customers want to spend their earned points, they can not enter a smaller number compared to number in this field.

Maximum spending points per order

In the field box, users can enter a number as a largest amount of points can be used by shopping doers in their every order. As a result, when shopping, customers can not spend more than the defined points in this field.

Points spending from tax

In this section, store owners can decide whether to allow buyers to spend earned points on taxes. To configure here, they can simply select Yes to enable this function and vice versa.

Spending points on shipping

Similar to taxes, shop admins have the right to themselves decide if points can be applied for shipping cost or not. If agree, they can choose Yes in the option box, if not they can set No in this place.

Restore spent points after order refunding

When selecting Yes for this area, users allows their customers to take their earned points used in one purchase back if that deal is not successfully completed.

Use max point by default

Once shop owners choose Yes in this field, it means that they enable Use Max Points checkbox to be displayed on the frontend. Hence, when buyers choose this option, they can applied maximum number of points in one order.

In case admins choose to apply Use Value System, default configuration will be put into practice such as enable customers to retrieve their spent points for refunded orders.

Frontend display

Depending on configuration in the backend of store owners, the display on the frontend will be corresponding with that configuration.

Point Spending Restriction

For example, as in the picture above, it shows that the minimum points used is not configured. However, the maximum points can be applied in one ordered is limited to 39 points. Besides, shop admins also allow Use Max Points checkbox to be presented on the frontend. In this case, if buyers want to select this option, they can you a maximum of 39 points for his purchase.

In conclusion, with the help from Mageplaza Reward Points, online Magento merchants can easily earn success in their loyalty program. Besides, admins also have the right to set earning rate for specific store views and customer groups depending on their strategy and intention. If you want to see how this functions work in details, please refer here:

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