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Are you ready to transform your online business into a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency? Look no further!

Embark on a journey of unparalleled e-commerce excellence with Adobe's cutting-edge Migration Service!

Adobe Commerce 2 comes with far more developed features and security. Migrate from Adobe Commerce 1 to Adobe Commerce 2 now to enjoy those upgrades!


Why migrate your Adobe Commerce 1 store to Adobe Commerce 2?

According to experts, Adobe Commerce 2 can enable:

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more orders per hour

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higher average order value

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support saving costs

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customization saving costs

What’s the difference of Adobe Commerce migration?

Adobe Commerce migration introduces the advanced, mobile-optimized features of Adobe Commerce 2 for an enhanced user experience.


Improved site performance

A faster loading site means much faster checkout time and a faster purchasing process compared to Adobe Commerce 1


Enhance admin workplace

The new platform focuses on delivering the best experience for admins while reducing their workload


Migration security

New security patches are added regularly for the latest version of Adobe Commerce


Guaranteed support & updates by Adobe

Since Adobe Commerce 1 support ended in 2020, now it is high time that you move to Adobe Commerce 2 to enjoy all the security and feature updates


Minimize integration conflicts

As other extensions are built for Adobe Commerce 2, no more worries about the conflicts among modules from vendors


Mobile-friendly movement

Users are moving towards mobile devices, so your store should adapt to that as well. Adobe Commerce 2 allows you to function well on those devices

Why not migrate yet?

What concerns are holding you back? Are these challenges the reason you haven't initiated your Adobe Commerce (Magento) migration?

Fear of Change: We understand that getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes not easy, but it is only a matter of time before you have to do it.
Migration cost: We can discuss the suitable package for your store based on your needs. Contact us for more details.
Extensions and resources availability: Although Magento 1 offers a wealth of features, Adobe Commerce (Magento) migration opens up a world of new possibilities with advanced solutions.
Security risks: Migration may create security problems, but it’s only if you do it the wrong way.
Support: You are worried about the levels of support once you move to Adobe Commerce 2.

Why choose Mageplaza for Adobe Commerce migration service?

Adobe Commerce upgrades can happen every quarter, so why not let our developers take care of everything? You don’t need to worry about data loss, slow progress, or any possible conflict.


Adobe Commerce experts

Our developers have nearly 10 years of experience in Adobe Commerce, fit to help you handle all the work without errors


No data loss

This service by Mageplaza is created to help you avoid all of those migration data loss risk


No downtime

There is no risk, so there’s no downtime happen


Highest security

Our migration process includes new security patches to protect your store better


Quick process

The migration to Adobe Commerce 2 is conducted as quickly as possible based on your store size and our availability


Dedicated support

We standby to support you for 60 days after the migration service to ensure there is no more problems

Still concerned about Adobe Commerce migration?

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How does the Adobe Commerce Migration service work?

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