Sitelinks Search Box

With Google Sitelinks search box for Magento 2 SEO Extension, from search results. Search users sometimes use navigational queries, typing in the brand name or URL of a known site or app, only to do a more detailed search once they reach their destination. For example, users searching for pizza pins on Pinterest would type Pinterest or into Google Search–either from the Google App or from their web browser–then load the site or Android app, and finally search for pizza.

To make content searches easier for your users, add just one markup declaration on your home page, telling the Google crawlers that users can search your site directly from Search results. Once we scan your home page and after users perform relevant navigational queries for your property, the search box appears in results. If you also have an app that corresponds to your website, add another line of markup so that your app users can search their apps directly from a mobile device following a navigational query.

The following illustration shows a navigational query for pinterest from the desktop, which then displays a Sitelinks search box above the sitelinks for Pinterest. The user can search “pizza” directly in Search results to open content in the Pinterest site.

Sitelinks Search box Magento 2 SEO

Pinterest Query image

If the user performs that same search on their mobile device and has the Pinterest Android app installed, the Sitelinks search box directly searches and opens content in the Pinterest app instead.

Sitelinks Search box Magento 2 SEO

Pinterest App Query image

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