Magento 2 Duplicate Content Issues

Magento 2 Duplicate Content Issues

Duplicate content is always a huge topic when doing SEO. According to the most common on-page SEO issues, pages with the duplicate content takes the number 5. There are some statistics you might not know:

  • 29% of pages had duplicate content
  • 22% of page titles were duplicate
  • 20% of pages had low word counts
  • 17% of meta descriptions were duplicate

Yes, those number can’t lie. Getting rid of duplicate content now is a critical task for any SEO process.

Duplicate content

According to Google’s definition, duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or are appreciably similar.

Basically, It is the similar content which is copied or reused and shown at multiple locations on the website.

Duplicating content is a big enemy of SEO. When there are multiple numbers of URLs which have the same content, the search engine doesn’t know which page to rank on the SEPRs. As a result, it hurts your site ranking badly and significantly.

However, the worst is that your site can be penalized by the search engines, especially Google. It’s a huge problem cause your site ranking will be affected immediately in the result pages or even be hidden. About this issue, Google already mentioned in their articles:

“Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.”

How SEO extension can help?

Once install and enable the configuration, Mageplaza SEO extension will help your site to avoid the duplicate content in:

  • Layered Navigation filter pages
  • Categories pages
  • Different store views
  • Between HTTPs and HTTP page

    and more!

For instance, when using Layered Navigation extension, the filter result page will be displayed follow the form, such like:

  • The XS size filter result page:

  • The Black color filter result page:

Those result pages will direct the shoppers to the same page but it’s different for the search engines. Can you image how many similar URLs will be created and affected to your site ranking?

Another example, those 2 site address below with the different in HTTP and HTTPs also direct to the same site but will completely make confuse for the search engines. As a result, this situation can lead to an unworthy bad result on the ranking.


With Mageplaza SEO extension, by adding Canonical URL Meta, those duplicate content will be automatically prevented and will help to boost your SEO performance outstandingly.


After installing the SEO extension, please go to Admin Panel > Mageplaza > SEO > Settings.


Then, go to Duplicate content tab.

SEO config

  • In the Add Canonical URL Meta field, set Yes to enable the avoiding duplicate content feature and leave No to disable.
  • About the Canonical points to https field, if set Yes, the HTTPs version will be preferred over the HTTP.

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