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Bean Bags R Us

Bean Bags R Us, an Australian pioneer in crafting unparalleled beanbag comfort, has teamed up with Mageplaza to elevate their online presence, promising a digital experience as cozy and stylish as their iconic beanbags.


Journey to Elevate E-Commerce Experience

As an Australian-owned company, Bean Bags R Us crafts the finest quality beanbags globally. Born in the sixties, their beanbags are timeless icons, offering superior support and unmatched comfort. Bean Bags R Us stands out for many reasons: quality craftsmanship, versatility, extensive range of products, and innovative design.

In the competitive realm of online retail, the importance of a robust and versatile e-commerce platform cannot be overstated. Enter Bean Bags R Us, a trailblazer in the realm of comfortable and stylish bean bags. Recognizing the pivotal role technology plays in delivering an unparalleled online shopping experience, Bean Bags R Us made a strategic decision to elevate their digital presence.


Crafting Excellence in a Small Team

Bean Bags R Us, despite its small team, ambitiously constructed its digital presence from the ground up. The global acclaim received highlighted the need for a feature-rich, versatile e-commerce platform. The challenge lay in not just accommodating a growing customer base but also ensuring higher conversion rates and managing increased transaction volumes.

Central to this transformative journey was the emphasis on conversion rate optimization. Achieving this goal necessitated the incorporation of robust analytics & reporting to glean insights, optimization of loading speeds for seamless user experiences, and continuous enhancement of the overall shopping journey. Additionally, integrating a seamless CRM and a sophisticated marketing platform with Magento became imperative for sustained success.


Strategic Solutions for Success

Facing the challenge of rapid global acclaim, Bean Bags R Us implemented a transformative approach. Migrating to Magento provided a feature-rich e-commerce platform, ensuring scalability for increased transaction volumes. A meticulous design overhaul struck the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, aligning with the brand's playful identity.

Prioritizing conversion rate optimization, advanced analytics, swift loading speeds, and seamless CRM integration were key solutions. This innovative strategy not only addressed technological and business challenges but positioned Bean Bags R Us for sustained growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Case breakdown

Adobe Cloud 2.4.6-p2

  • High flexibility & scalability
  • Versatile customization
  • Best security
  • Rich feature set
  • Integration capabilities with other platforms
  • Multi-website functionality

Custom development

  • Custom theme development

Highlight features

  • Side cart & One step checkout
  • 3rd-party CRM integration
  • Marketing automation integration